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When has Microsoft ever done anything related to the Xbox 360 that is greedy and inconsiderate?

And please don't include examples that SONY also does (cough) exclusive DLC.

I'd really like to see one valid point, if you can manage it.

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It takes about ten 10hr long PS3 exclusives to equal the amount of time I'll be spending on Halo 4. Actually...more like 40 PS3 exclusives, going by the amount of hours I put into Halo 3.

And let's not forget about 6 hour games like Heavenly Sword :)

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You're a good poster boy for the internet. Your comment is nothing. You don't explain yourself, you don't provide any links, and you don't state any facts.

Even if you're simply stating an opinion, provide some sort of reasoning.

Again, your comment is nothing.

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Why would Naughty Dog pay him when they can just steal his ideas for free?

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The names of unreleased arcade games was leaked?

I've completely lost trust in Microsoft. I'm switching.

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For not looking at the article summary (let alone the actual article)

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You're going in circles. Sony has inserted its probe so far up your ass you don't know which way is up.

Both of your PS3's have broke. I don't care why they broke (unless you are at fault). You console failure rate with launch PS3's in 100%. Feel free to give me an actual explanation as to why you disagree and not spew more hypocrisy.

Sony hasn't provided any numbers of failure rates. According to your log...

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Dragonknight, you just admitted that your personal PS3 failure rate for launch consoles is 100%. YLOD or not, the PS3 hardware isn't much different from the Xbox 360's.

Xbox 360's failure rate is much higher than 33% and the PS3's isn't far behind.

Personal experience: 3 broken Xbox 360's in 6 years, 2 broken PS3's in 1 year.

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Agreed. Fantastic game for those of us who have no interest playing with a m/k.

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This blog has more to due with Sony's fall from grace. They destroyed with the PS2, but are only just hanging in there with the PS3.

If this gen ended right now it would be a major win for Nintendo and Microsoft, but a loss for Sony. Over 50% of there install base switched consoles.

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PC games being visually better is completely irrelevant to me.

I won't ever seriously game on the PC because where I game simply cannot be the same place as where I work. The PC is fine for finding information, social networking, creating documents, and porn. But that's it.

The online environment and ease of use is what keeps me on consoles.

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Thanks man great info.

Important times for Eastern seaboard folk: 12, 3:30, and 6.

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Sorry wordpress, wrong again.

Online playing L.A. Noire. 7 friends online. Good for 1:30AM

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Fred it looks like you missed a bunch of the points we've made, giv'r another read would ya?

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lol you two should stick to PSExtreme

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Of course Xbox Live is more secure. Being a huge source of revenue for Microsoft means they can put a lot of resources into Xbox Live. Even if Xbox Live was hacked, the issue would be dealt with extremely swiftly. Not because Microsoft wants people to be able to play online, but because that's how they make money.

And people need to stop comparing a network hack to an account hack. Yes, ANY service that requires people making a username and password can be hacked. Live, ...

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lol. The fanboys of both sides are terrible, but Sony's fanboys are far worst, for reasons Creatchee stated.

As for the's not worth it hennessy. People can't let single comments effect them like this. Ignore the stupid people:)

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Come on buddy. You say you've owned an Xbox 360 for years? So do you just enjoy wasting money or are you just unintelligent?

You've always hated the Xbox 360. Your arguments against the Xbox 360 are poor, old, and outdated. If you're going to be a fanboy that's fine. Just do better at it.

I was looking to play some DC Universe this week, but I can't. So instead I picked up DA2. Along with the better version of multiplatform games, the Xbox...

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LOL. It's garbage like this that makes me love N4G.

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North Korean's love Kim Jong-il, despite his past transgressions.

Remember that by keeping companies accountable we keep them in line. As consumers, we needed to give Sony sh*t, that way, all three console manufacturers know what not to do.

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