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I don't like Kinect, but Kinect 2.0 is looking to be something special.

I have no interest in paying an additional $100 for it, but in a few years time once devs get some experience with it, people will be looking at the PS4 and asking "where's the camera?" The 5% of the PS4 userbase that goes out an buys the camera won't be enough for devs to give the same features on the PS4 that the X1 has.

Like with Blu-ray this gen, once devs get ...

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Nope nothing wrong at all. It just needs to be seperate from the gaming aspect.

Microsoft has been moving away from TV oriented since the flak they got after the X1 announcement, but SONY has been aggressively pursuing TV deals for the PS4 and that has me worried.

After Viamcom today, I have a feeling SONY's Gamescon may simply be for announcing more TV deals...

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More than a handful of N4G users have been cancelling their PS4 preorders and switching to the X1 because of recent announcements from Microsoft.

Personally, the price is still too steep so I'll wait and see what other revisions are made by Microsoft. I swore to not buy a console in the first year of release, but Ryse is looking AMAZING! So maybe not.

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Wasn't a big fan of Kinect, but Kinect 2.0 is shaping up to be a beast of a technology. Can't wait to see what devs like Insomniac and Quantic Dream can do with it a few years into X1's lifecycle.

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These are small gaming markets, it wouldn't matter to their total sales anyway, especially in the first year. For example, Russia the largest of the delayed countries has over 1 million 360's sold and about 1 million PS3's sold, and that's 7 years into the life cycle.

NA+GB looks to be Microsoft's focus, which works for me!

EDIT - Like I said, the largest of the delayed countries represents just over 1% of the Xbox 360's total sales. ...

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4 months later, SONY is trying to do the dame thing.

I'll take 4 months over the 6 years I've been waiting for them to copy cross game chat.

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"What they've done is call me a fanboy because I haven't made an entire blog about Sony charging for multiplayer"

Is there anyone who hasn't called you a fanboy? I'd really like to see the 4 people on N4G who don't consider you to be one of the biggest.

And you answered yourself. You find faults with Microsoft, but you ignore SONY's. You repeatedly say the past is the past, yet in the next sentence fault Microsoft for DRM, wh...

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Bungie's last go netted them a cool 3 billion+ dollars, so I don't see why they couldn't do it again.

Plus this time they can sell on more than one console.

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1) SONY showed this gen that better hardware does NOT equal the better experience. For significantly less money at launch, I got a far better run with the Xbox 360 (mostly related to online multiplayer and longevity of exclusives).

2) SONY lacks the exclusives that make me think, wow I need to go out and buy this console (or keep this console). You've got a good game here and there from Naughty Dog, but the multiplayer just doesn't hold up. Uninteresting franchises,...

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SONY doesn't buy exclusives? Ever hear of Heavy Rain? How about Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Wipeout, Playstation All Stars, Heavenly Sword, PixelJunk series, SOCOM, Journey, Flower, White Knight Chronicles, or anything by Insomniac Games (Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance). Some exclusive games SONY buys, just to name a few.

And "First party" exclusives are almost entirely just studios that SONY has bought out. Again, SONY using the checkbook.


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Cool blog. No Sega? I agree that it very well could have been Apple that entered in the home console business. Gaming would be a far more casual activity than it currently is if that were the case. I'm just imagining playing online with people who buy nothing but Apple products, the sheep that fill Apple stores. That would be like 10 times worst than the people you hear/meet when playing COD online.

But I found this part a little funny: "Soon after this Microsoft, in...

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Lmao. You missed a critical part:

" including your profile, GAMES, Achievements and entertainment."

Now move on to the next positive MS article:)

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Disappointing sales from TLOU. Playstation fans need to better support exclusive franchises.

600 mil for June sounds good though, what else typically releases in June?

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" Quantic Dream isn't contractually obligated to make games for Sony"

Yup, they are. The have a 3 game contract with SONY. SONY is a business just as Microsoft is.

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Remember PS2 online? Or PSN in 2006? It was horrible. HORRIBLE.

Xbox Live made online gaming happen on consoles. If you game online, you should be thanking M$ for their contribution. They pushed it and people took to it. SONY entered this gen with no clue that online gaming would actually become the norm. Want proof? PSN is still gimped.

I play a new 10 hour long singleplayer game every month or so. A little longer for the occasional RPG. The other 90% of my ...

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Everyone from fans to SONY head honchos are looking to quickly forget about the disastrous PS3 and get back to the PS2 glory days.

Also, we know from the PS3 launch and every time a new iPhone releases that people will buy regardless of the ridiculous price.

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I had no intention of buying the X1, but I kinda want to just to see all the blogs from DragonKnight.

These things reek of a flaming insecure fanboy. Buy a PS4 and don't look back


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I'm happy the switch to currency has finally been made. Very conniving for Microsoft to have MS points in the first place, it really is a scheme to buy more points.

But man, I have saved so much money with MS points. Literally in the hundreds of dollars. But hey no more math now when I go to purchase.

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If he doesn't play COD clones or sports games then he should be good

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If Driveclub 2 is going to be prettier...I'm gonna be waiting for Driveclub 2

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