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What about the Legacy of Kain series? :(

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Well said.. I never played part of the first 20 min of FF 12 because I was bored, but your comment actually inspire me to go pick it up again...

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Wauw... All i see is some fanboy (probably PC or Mac), who is butthurt and bashing all console games saying they are overrated...

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Whos more badass than Kratos?

Batman lol...

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Now I know that Dead Rising is not a xbox exclusive, but maybe Frank West?

But I know that capcom cant make a character apear in another game as cameo..

They wanna do a whole Capcom vs. Mortal Kombat..

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Now if we could get more awesome things on kinect oposed to those rather ricicoulus sports and casual games, kinect would be more awesome and might earn my moneys...

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Holy shit this is nice...

PS2 was the king of video consoles.. I am going to import this TV to Denmark!

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Why would you need a Xbox emulator anyway... 75 % of the games are already on the PC...

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More lol at World of Warcraft on the list...

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Bubble for you and an agree for calling them PS3 haters and not Xbox fanboys!


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It is and I am stunned no one else busted it..

This is a mod of ME 1 probably the PC verion...

EDIT: Or just photoshopped lol

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Dah very funny guys :D

Gotta critisize others dicks because you feel yours is small...

Dont bash other console because of this... No one mentioned 360 in this article...

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People used to bash HHG 4 shit and now all of a sudden he is a saint again...

LOL... Just LOL

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God plz make Kotickvision loose!

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Me thinks its for PSP Minis...

PSP 2 is where the real shits at

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Great game, but hyped to be an über-imba-owning great game...

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If thats true then I'm going to skip it too...

In my opinion the GOTY was a multiplatform this year.. Dont ask me which, because I'm entitled to my opinion, I can just inform that my GOTY 2011 was a multiplatform title ^_^

Oh and its mentioned in your list of games with no love :P

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Taking Obama down? That would be stamped as both un-american and racism -.-

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Heard of the Medal of Honor controversy?

Well how come everyone wanted it to be banned, but killing of Fidel is okay...

Seriously how sad must it be to see you self get assasinated in a big time best seller videogame?

P.S. I'm not saying he is a good guy...

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In my country the taxes are 40 %... Yeah you heard right 40 %!

But atleast my government pays health insurance and give me money when I'm without a job...

Oh also the goverment gives 500 bucks to studying people who live at their parents..

You get 1k bucks if ur a studying living outside of your parents home!

See you on the other side suckaz! No wonder Denmark is the most happy country in the world!...

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