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Alive by Ubisoft..

He says its something we've seen announced before, but it got forgotten...

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Legacy of Kain!

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Dont know why someone would disagree with the fact that YOU love Halo... LOL :D

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Hmm how the fuck does this happen?

Killzone and Crysis leaking?

I understand when a game gets leaked, when its already on the store warehouses waiting to be sold...

But these leaked buils are unfinished alpha versions (the crysis was an unfinished non polished build)...

That means it is an employee at EA/Crytek!!!!

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Instead Patcher is not really part of the industry... He is just the lame kid who tries to look like a part of it...

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@The Gamer Bible

Get a girlfriend (or boyfriend)

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I dont undetand why people keep saying "BF belongs to PC"....

Maybe BF had the best experience on PC, but why does it belong there?

Look at sales of Bad Company 2:

Xbox - 2.79 millions worldwide
PS3 - 2.09 millions worldwide

PC - 0.31 million sales world wide -.-

Okay I admit the numbers are a bit wrong, but still...

Now go at Bad Company 2's stat site and look at number...

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100 $ in Denmark...

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Exclusive beta test? Are you stupid?

We already saw what happened with COD: BO when they dont do proper beta test on all consoles -.-

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Nice :)
Cant wait

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@bluwulf Yes I just drag my dumb fingers across a keypad.

Or maybe I dont care about grammar, when english is not my native language?

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Since when is it MS's responcility? If I take my parents creditcard and run wilde around the mall buying all kind of crap for 1000 $ is it the shopowners fault or the one I took the credit card from? Or is it mines?

Its the boys fault and his parents should punish him, but hey MS already gave the money to developers and kept some in their pockets..

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its not about a bunny :D
Its swedish and he is singing that he is a rubberball

Here is the english version of the song:

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The Wii makes me giggle
The PS3 stuns me
The Xbox 360 takes my time

All worth the money that I payed for them...

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XD I was like: "WTF? Should I agree or not?" :S

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"Dissagree if you think killzone2 or Gears of war3 will be better than killzone3."

When I'm done playing both games I'll come back here and reply which is best :D until then I dont know...

BTW The new notification system will notify you when I played both XD

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Why the fuck do you buy a mappack for a game you hate -.-

Did you expect the map pack to make the game better?

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Was I the only one who liked BO?

I hated MW2, but I actually liked BO :I

I mean it had better MP, SP and Zombies...

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"How I Spent Over 700 Hours Playing Grand Theft Auto IV"

By killing off your social life?

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There may not be much hardcore on Nintendos consoles and handhelds, but they still are some LOL

And since does hardcore mean imba graphic?

For me Contra on NES is as hardcore as it gets

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