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Fable 4 anyone?

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By Special Ops does she mean Black Ops?

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"But Our Engine Can Be Updated To Those Things"

Then do it mofos!
Show it to us!
Pics or it didnt happen!

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I find it fun that all these review and previews come on the exact same day the pirate edition was found!

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"PC and xbox players don't know about MGS"

Is that so? I've probablye played more MGS games than you... I have plyed 12 of the MGS titles and even red the comics...

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I got a feeling that they didnt make so many ingame cutscenes, but use those drawings to show some of the things that happened..

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Hey man Darwinia was a great game!
Only reason I didnt get it for 360 was because I like to play the game with mouse and keyboard -.-

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Sheez whats wrong with you?

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This guy have not played them aparently..

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Troll no?

If you played Gears you would know there is no super suit...

Also in Gears the enemies is not the usual aliens.. They are a civilisation hidden underground...

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Are you one of those who pirated Crysis 2?

If no how do you know the story? LOL

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"Modern Warfare Needs Frostbite 2.0"

Yeah right like Dice would ever license it to them...

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Why are sales so important anyway? -.-

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"when was the last time nintendo made a big new ip ......-never-"

I remember long time ago when they made a big new ip called Jumpman later renamed to Mario...

LAL it may be long time ago, but dont say it never happened dude...

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Long story short:

They dont want to make a new engine because it take years...

Yes it takes years but for the love of god I would rather wait 2 years to play an all new COD with new engine, rather than played another dumbed down COD this year with reused engine...

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Dont come to N4G then...

Try follow Dice and the official battlefield twitter...
They just posted a new gameplay video today LOL

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Like I said we are not discussing if there are identical in this little ongoing discussion :P

We are making fun of how a fanboy can write the exact opposite of IGN, and then claim they wrote it...


I say that Ballmer said in the E3 keynote, that he loved the PS3 over Xbox 360... Did he really say that? No? Then why would I lie... And people pres the agree button on the liar like a madman!

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he IS lying!

Did you even read beyond page 1? Here is a link to page 2:

On page 2 it is already concluded that someone must have mixed up the footage and that the Xbox 360 footage was captures with Non-HDMI cable to make it look more bad... Some of the pictures of the 360 footage is even taken...

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Wait is those xbox screenshot? Holy shit can't wait to see PC shots then!

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"your quoting IGN, show that you know a much about gaming as a 5 year old. LOL"

Lol he as just proving that GoGoGadge7 was lying in the face of all the people who pressed the agree button...

We are not discussing wether or not that IGN is right, but the fact that GoGoGadge7 writes the exact opposite of what IGN says, and yet all the fanboys agrees and press disagree at JonDiskonected who proves with facts, links and a quote that GoGoGadge7 is lying....

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