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Sarcasticgamer. The Fox News of gaming.

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explain please`?

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Nice try digg user.

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More and More people are stealing news from Reddit these day


Another redditor!

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Me 2 :D
Been out on the Wii have it not?

BTW I'm surprised they did not mention Final Fantasy III for the iOS :O

Would love to see it on PS3 and XBLA

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Dont understand why they dont just put it out as free DLC

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I actually never owned a PS2 my self :(

Always borrowed my friends for completing games like MGS3...

I had the redesigned Playstation One though:

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"This could be the first good Spiderman video game in a while."

People say that every time a new spider game is announced... Its kinda like Sonic..

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I thought sales were not everything?

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At first I was like: Oh shit RE4 in HD?

And then I was like: Oh wait, I played this on PC... ALREADY IN HD

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I'm surprised no one here even mentions milking...

Imagine if both games he announce is in the MGS series...

With MG Rising on the way that would make it 3 MGS games on the way... ... ...

I propose that they terminate the Rising development AND GIVE US MGS 5/MGS 6 (if PW is 5)

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"MGS4 alone outsold the ME 1 & 2 combined. So MGS 6 (PW is 5) will be a PS3 exclusive"

You just stated why they would be interested in multiplatform...

"MGS4 alone outsold the ME 1 & 2 combined."- And thats just the PS3 sales.. Now imagine if making it possible for the xbox only dudes to buy it too...

= Even more sales = More cash to the genius Kojima = Bigger budget for MGS 7

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COD is just a shooting fest and IMO its getting boring soon...

MW2 was an okay action game(Come on guys? It was like a game directed by Michael Bay), but IMO the era of COD is over... I like BF BC2 alot more over COD: BO

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I have a friend who pirated the leaked xbox edition.. He tells me its a really great game...

Have to wait for tomorrow release to find out

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Guess his mother never learned him to not trust strangers...

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"when people become sexual attraction to their respective game consoles"

Upvoted becauese of this

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I want it in Japan :D

Imagine the Assassins as Ninja and Templars as Samurais

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LOL a Pirate!!!

Quick someone give me a stone!

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"If he claimed his new game would give me a BJ I still wouldn't buy it."

Milo anyone?

Then I will continue laughing solo over in the gutter...

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Love the fact that I mention Fable 4 and so many people disagree with me...

Moments later this arrive:


And dont forget this is made by Lion Head Studios... Peter Molyneux old studio...

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