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Uncharted 2 is at third place now :o)

The goddamn Batman swooped in and took the second place with a 98 metascore.

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-Replied the wrong place-

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But he will miss out on Professor Layton ಠ_ಠ

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Your Avatar. Where is it from?

I've seen that show before!

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I didnt see Hideo Kojima nor any Metal Gear Solid related in that long clip. Screw you.

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Same here. Already got 3DS and I'll know that some time I'll get Vita.

I am waiting for Kojima to reveal the PS Vita Metal Gear Solid before I buy it.

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Then why are you reading the PSV/3DS articles?

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Alot of fanboy is just trying to criticize

"They can instead just emulate them on a PC and play the games Via a DS3. "

"Lol PS3 fans are in full damage control mode, they know what they are paying for can be achieved on PC for free."

Seriously you are both forgetting the fact that you need a i5 or i7 to run this in the so called "1080p @ 60 fps".

Of course according to them ALL PC's have an ...

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I am pretty sure we will see a MGS 5 someday...

Remember when Peace Walker was originally suposed to be MGS 5, but they scrapped the "5", because it was not of epic proportions enough to be a numbered title in the MGS series?

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Yeeee can't wait for it.

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Actually the 3 disc edition is not so limited. It was the standard Subsistence in Europe.

Because the game was delayed in Europe, Hideo Kojima to make it up with making the limited Subsistence in US into the standard in Europe.

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"Why not buy the PS3/360 HD COllections? :)"

If you own a 3DS why not get the 3DS version? It plays in 3DS, its portable, got some new features.

Alot of people here seems to think that MGS 3DS is suposed to be a system seller. It is not.

It is ment for people who have a 3DS already. Its not trying to go tell you buy a 3DS NOW SO YOU CAN REPLAY MGS 3!

When Collections was announced, the role of MGS 3DS changed from a...

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MGS 3DS also got some gameplay mechanics which the original don't have...

Namely the crouch feature from MGS 4 and Peace Walker... YES it is a big deal.

And then there is the biggest fact: You can have it in your pocket.

SHAZAM Argument invalid.

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Mind that they implented new gameplay tweaks from Peace Walker.

They implented the crouch feature which was introduced to MGS in MGS 4.

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Oh snap.

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A lot of people seems to forget mgs started on MSX and NES

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People is totally forgetting why we are seeing MGS on 360....

A couple of months ago Konami made a MGS Survey on Facebook and one of the last questions was "What do you wish that MGS would include in the future?"

And one for the options was "MGS on Xbox 360"...

Also there was a "MGS 3 Remade" and "Peace Walker on PS3" option...

I guess alot of people answered those 3 and Konami thought:...

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Yum Yum.

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Actually if you read over at PSX scene you would know that they hacked PSN through a PS3 disguised as a developer PS3.

So no Xbox 360 fanboy conspiracy here LOL.

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I'm pretty sure that to hack a PS3 you need to own a PS3...

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