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Yep, Luigi's Mansion 2 (3DS) early 2012. Look out for it!

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Have you seen the game running on 3DS? It looks great, plus the 3D can't be seen in screenshots. Try youtube hands on videos..

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I wish a chain chomp would eat critics. :)

"Regardless, critics will continue to bash the champ, but what else is new?"


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Nintendo has the success of this game lined A movie promoting the game? Cha-ching.

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Everybody does. My bets are on nintendo pulling ahead.

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Damn right!

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Exactly! An Apple website predicting Nintendo sales? Man please. The funny thing is, despite any decline...they are still ahead of the big 3. Apple is not in this. Nobody ever says, "the big four" at

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The only thing that makes a bit of persuasion is the U in Universe and Wii U. But Nintendo always have code names then change the name so just wait and see.

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She's pretty though, I'll give her that.

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"Overall, Super Mario 3D Land looks set to take the world by storm by offering another complete Mario experience. From what has been displayed, it looks amazing: the sound is brilliant and, through its use of 3D visuals, it adds a refreshing twist to the Mario set-up. This WILL BE an absolute must buy for 3DS owners, AND (dare we say it) one of the best handheld games of all time… Ok, yes, we said it."

Great preview!

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Yet again. Watch 3DS weekly numbers quadruple this November. And December, the system will be completely sold out.

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Great games win in the end and 3DS has far more with way more appeal than Vita can dream of. Please don't list that vita launch game list. Cause save one or two it reads like a kinect or Move list....irrelevant.

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3DS has better games period. I go to youtube and most aren't even impressed with vita's launch games and they look average at best. Nintendo has this in the bag. Nintendo doesn't have to worry about handheld versions of future releases like resistance or killzone so I don't understand where this confidence is even coming from.

Nintendo has all the first party and third party games that sell 4+ million all the way to 25+ million. Vita needs a GTA or somethin...

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vita has a bunch of no name games nobody will even buy. The few that are branded don't even look great. The trailers for monkey ball look like psp. The vita launch games look average at best save one or two. Overhyped and overrated as usual on n4g.

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Comments like this is why sony will lose. :)

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While i'm trying to look up TGS videos on youtube, people are saying gamestop is sold out of different colors of 3DS even all colors and asking where to go to find them like best buy. 3DS is SELLING. And Vita better get marketing quick! iPhone is iPhone, it will sell just fine.

Call gamestop or whomever and stop being internet analysts!

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November hurry up!

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"Mario 3D plays out superbly."

Nintendo does it again. Can't wait!

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A fake article written by a sony fanboy who is jealous MH will sell a million in a week in japan.

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shhhhhhhhhhh, you are ruining their overhype. It's common place here on N4g for anything Sony. First Move, now Vita. lol

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