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Of course that's not their value, stocks are just illusions, just look at Netflix and how people keep arguing what its real value is. But I would still think that the increase and higher stock price means more confidence in the company doing good? Nobody would invest in a down spiraling company.

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@starlancer, oh but playing last gen games on your new system is a megaton? LOL

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Games and more games, Sony is killing it right now!

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Yet a feature that is usually involved at a console's launch, being able to play last gen games that you probably won't have time for with so many current gen titles is a megaton?? Timed exclusivity mods is a megaton?

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Judging by the disagrees some people are really hurt lol

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What's wrong with showing mobile, you expect them not to support mobile gaming when there's so much money to be made from it??

The Live performance was poor.

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Don't see the issue with Pele or Jason, it's just about marketing, and Just Dance is a huge game, just like FIFA.

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So basically timed exclusive feature, not as much of a megaton now I guess..

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I love the gritty gory style it has, no fancy races or magical crap.

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Aisha Tyler is very annoying.

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Splitscreen co-op for Battlefront!

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I'm not gonna lie, minions paradise looks good. And Pele!!!!

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Love ratchet and clank, up your arsenal on ps2 was my favorite of the series.

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I want to see some Mass Effect.

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Considering the logic of what a megaton is around here, it won't take much.

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Then we get those annoying "who won E3" posts, so far nothing has gotten me up my seat.

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Other companies haven't even had their conferences yet, and they're saying this, fanboy journalism at its finest. Apparently playing old games on your next gen system and an on the rails shooter means you owned E3.

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You have to wait for these games to be added, you're really going to wanna play your old games when the holiday and spring come around with tons of new current gen titles? Sounds ridiculous to me. yeah let me go replay Skyrim and take time away from playing Elder Scrolls Online...

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MS has their own little free marketing team on here. "OMG Sea battlez!!! I'm Crying!!! Megaton".

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