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How did Islam get thrown into this? As if Christianity and Secular Humanism never had any skeletons in the closet, please.

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I love it how they remove local multiplayer features that previous sims on ps2 and ps3 had, yet they give us like 20 expansions....

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All they did was release new hardware, then come out with the same games, which is hard to mess that up... unfortunately not every franchise gets the same sweet treatment as Mario. When phones get stronger tech, or perhaps not even, the Switch will go into the top shelf of closets just like the Wii, this is why the WiiU was an embarrassment that Nintendo tried to make you forget, fads don't build a strong following.

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Weak leap if you ask me, rather wait a bit longer and get a true gen console, whether it comes from MS or Sony. Anything Nintendo drops will be a good sidekick console, as always.

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@Torpe Big difference between the leaps of PC graphics and that of gaming consoles...

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It's true, not much of a challenge when you're just rehashing the same characters and themes... storylines are not that difficult, but when you're making a sequel to the Last of Us, the margin of error is very thin.

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The market they target responds very well...sometimes. Look at the transition from Wii to WiiU, same thing will happen with Switch and whatever's next, Nintendo is amazing at making great cheap sidekick consoles.

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I crushed world class and then beat 3-1 Legendary mode using ManCity against R.Madrid. I will tell you, the keepers are NOT soft, please do not let EA go back to having gks have the reaction times of cats, it's ridiculous, it takes away quite a lot from the game, and it will force you back into playing that "rudimentary" style of play. I always found myself playing huge possession-passing style game against Legendary, especially in 16. 17 took away a little off that, and I think...

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For now until the kids decide to set them down and continue playing on their phones, until people realize it's the same rehashed games over and over. Just as the Wii, only this time, not as successful, maybe it will hit 2nd place if it's lucky, but nonetheless another lackluster gimmick idea from Nintendo.

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For those still arguing with something that has to continue being explained to you, he could've said "We're all that's left" which is pretty common in movies and shows, the writer confirmed it, now go get irritated and go in denial about something else like the local weather...

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Not even close. Hell even EA had a lackluster showing, I put Sony above them but only by a little, this has to be the worst E3 I have seen in quite a few years.

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I see what you are saying that its not a horrific price point, but yes a mid gen upgrade for that price, and based on what we have seen, just not sure this will be the turnaround MS needs.

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I mean it was a better show than MS, but not by much, it was one of the worst E3 showings for Sony ever. As much as I hate to say it.

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The price would be fine if it was worth it, people went out to buy PS3s at 600, there are cameras and phones that cost more than 600, don't see an issue with spending 500 for a gaming system that gives you a handful of good apps along with it.

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If you say a game will be better than Destiny, it's not saying much, I found Destiny a bit boring, I'm very cautious of this game, even with the great visuals and mechanics.

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Careful, I remember seeing demos of Destiny and expecting one of the best games ever, and it was a letdown. I hope it performs just as amazing when it comes out as seen in the demo, hopefully everything we saw in the demo is a common part of the game and not some setup to excite gamers.

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You know your show and brand is in trouble when the crowd's biggest moment was BC for Xbox games..

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Finally, Crackdown!

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Very true, but Codevein looked nice, bummer, hope there is more.

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The games are surprisingly underwhelming, the "exclusive" voice is starting to become a cringeworthy warning of what is next.

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