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That's basically how N4G works. Agrees and Disagrees is kind of like a poll: do you like Vita or not? And of course, the same thing happens with all the other systems as well.

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Patience you must have, my young padawan.

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Agreed. PS3 emulation will happen soon in a good way as PCs advance much past current gen consoles.

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Good choice! I loved ZombiU

Such a refreshing take on survival horror. Much better than wherever Resident Evil is heading these days.

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People weren't interested in putting in a concerted effort towards emulating Xbox. There weren't so many exclusives that weren't also on PC. Look at Dolphin, for example. People wanted to emulate GCN/Wii because Nintendo games don't show up on any other system or computer. So if you didn't own a Gamecube but still wanted to play a couple of the really good Nintendo games you'd be interested in tracking down an emulator.

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Hacking is more risky but emulation and downloading games is much more common and hard to stop. It mostly affects the sites that host the games, not the ones who make the emulators.

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Cuz you don't like adventure games, right? Well, guess who the list is for. People who actually like adventure games.

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Monolith would be perfect. They would capture the atmosphere really well.

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Actually, Alone in the Dark was the specifically the reason when writing the article I made sure to never say that Resident Evil created the genre. I tried to say just that it popularized the genre and the term survival horror came from its loading screen. Meaning, the industry adopted the new genre because of Resident Evil. But you are right that it really started with Alone in the Dark and maybe Realms of Haunting.

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