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seems like a nice improvement. the video would have done better with a side by side comparison

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I guess it really shows how talented Levine is. Rapture seems like a concept that can sell itself, but without Levine at the helm it was not the same experience

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of course its a joke

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Tell me about it. Getting messages telling me I have viruses on my phone. Why can't the mods block this spam site

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Never even thought about oblivion but yea that would be so much better! Maybe there se technical issues. Oblivion did perform like a dog. It may be more than a simple case of adding new textures. The entire engine might need to be replaced with a newer version that skyrim used. Considering the hype fallout had it would have been a good idea to remake both of those titles. There must be a technical reason for it.

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So many ads I can't even view the site on mobile. Site tells me my phone has a virus. How do garbage sites like this get accepted!

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agreed. they are dead weight at this stage

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They will have to review the code for each mod to make sure it isnt doing anything bad. This review will require a programmers time which wont be free, so they will have to get the money somewhere. If people discover that running a certain command will let you inject a file into the OS that lets you run pirated games or whatever it will be a lot of trouble.

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Bethesda already tried to do paid mods for Skyrim. If you read into the discussions on the delay for the GECK you will see that the common feeling is that they are working on reviving this for Fallout 4 but to do it correctly

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we only have ourselves to blame really. i hate these damn things, but the world seems to love micro transactions these days. why would a dev spend millions developing dlc when they can do nothing and make millions

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i am sure he wasnt completely innocent, but the guy has been responsible for some of the greatest games to ever have been released. if you didnt like MGS then that is fine, but check out the average review scores for the MGS games. consistently high with some even earning perfect scores from major sites. He may not have been able to deliver as a publisher would expect, but his work was never sub standard. it was ready when it was ready and this is something we dont see anymore. look at games ...

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it sucks how bitter this got toward the end after the many years of service Kojima gave them

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It has 2 thumbsticks, a headphone port and leaked documents show us that it is a screen on the front. What else would it be if not some form of controller that you put into your hands?

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typically the major companies like this refuse to comment or speculate on rumor. they need to stay neutral. if they debunk false ones then we will know in future if they dont debunk it, it will be truth

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I think sony had big plans for the PS3 controller and messed it up, so reverted back to making a wireless PS2 controller. Thankfully they got it right with the DS4. Trial and error always fixes things like this. Lets just hope Nintendo can see that there is a whole truck load of error with the design of this controller

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Yea that controller was the coolest mistake Sony ever made. I'm sure they will sort it out before the console is released

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The unfortunate fact here is that most games on the 3DS dont even get a release on the Wii U

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Would this end up happening though? It has never been an issue for Nintendo in the past and the cross buy program that Sony have for the Vita is working quite well for them. Surely with the poor performance of the Wii U, someone at Nintendo would have thought that being greedy isnt going to help us shift more units

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The Vita is hardly pushed at all by Sony anymore. Of course its not completely dead as there are plenty of developers still making games for it, but when was the last time Sony did anything special for the Vita outside of Japan?

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that looks awesome!

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