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Pay to get access to something in advance, to be there to witness it's evolution, and potentially have your say in how it changes. We ended paying to exclusively watch it stagnate

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no other reason someone would want to play games like clash of clans

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these look cool

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Sweet Cyborg of Mine!

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Well as I mentioned in the article, I thought he wanted to do it for power. Kidnap the princess and take over the kingdom with force or by creating a power void that he can then fill now that she is gone. I didn't know it was a love story

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He has a woman chained up and is forcing her to marry him. Doesn't sound like your typical bedtime story

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who would have thought! a console that has been out for like a year has more games for it than one that has not even been released yet

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i would imagine to be battle ready for the next raid you would need to grind the hell out of the existing one until you had enough gear to take it on which still leaves us all in the same grinding scenario

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Maybe they will reveal all the amazing new micro transactions they have added to the multiplayer

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This is why I have still not beaten the story in GTA 5. It's annoying when you get into a character and then have to switch back and do some boring missions with someone who isn't Trevor

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Is this referencing destiny 1 because the new game is awesome

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it also thrived with it. the 2009 release was the only game where it sucked. the multiplayer before that was really good. enemy territory is still quite popular

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Never, but he looks like a plastic toy now.

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It's kinda turning into Fortnite

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It seems crazy that Nintendo refuse to acknowledge the insane demand for these things. They shouldn't really be selling out consider how cheap they likely are to manufacture.

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I've such mixed feelings about this game. Part of me wonders whether it will even get released.

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I don't think they will be able to rival breath of the wild until they release the next Zelda game. Still it will be interesting to see what is in store

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I've never played any of these games before. Really looking forward to playing this one

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No one bought the game expecting multiplayer, the devs made it really clear it was solo. People were let down by a lot of other things, the lack of any real activities and UI issues were a problem. They have worked on adding new content to the game and this new update is further pushing this. Just because the devs don' take a personal interest in your opinions like your mommy does, doesn't mean the game hasn't improved significantly since it has released.

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It's starting to look that way

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