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this is what i discussed in the article. i wasnt claiming that it was fair. You should at least read it first #24.1
I think Sony went a bit too far with the cost of the original PS3 though. It might have needed extra hardware but the hardware was old and it only needed 1 chip. That chip didnt cost $100 since thats close to what an entire ps2 cost. It may have helped them cut costs but the real reason for it was because they didnt want to slow down the sales of the ps2 #16.1
i see where you are coming from and i think this is where i found enjoyment in ps2 hd remakes. It just seems a letdown at the moment because the game isnt really that old just yet #1.3.2
some times the remakes are ok since the developers have clearly gone to a lot of effort to make it better such as completely redoing textures and models. Resi 4 is the king of remakes though. most of the remakes arent even in hd. The wii version springs to mind #3.2
if you read more than the title you wouldnt have had to leave this comment #4.1
you gotta remember that most of this is written in a way that relates to the other character. Raiden was awesome in rising but compared to ryu he doesnt seem to be as impressive #1.2
isnt qwark already a grown up? #1
the product is good. thats all there is to understand. not only is the product good but sony have been very clever with the marketing. They have clearly learned from the terrible mistakes they made with the ps3 #2
this is to be expected i guess #1
Sorry guys we got hugged bad, we didn't think the host would crash that quick we only were getting about 400 hits on the post and it melted, we will try our best to get it back up #4
Yes this sale wasn't the best example, but we do it for other sales and PS plus as well if you want to check those out. #1.1
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