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If Nintendo can pull this off it could be one of the biggest comebacks ever! #2
id say they might add a lot of cool ships considering firefly is a lot less well known than star trek, star wars or battle star galactica #3.1
id love to have the money to be able to build a pc that could easily handle 3d gaming. #3.1.3
3D on the ps4 is even better. Uncharted did have great moments but the drop in visual quality was quite steep. Imagine how good uncharted could have looked if it looked just as good with 3d as it does without #11.1
It might be unlikely at the moment, but not impossible. Sony have a financial reason to push 3D gaming. In the past the PS3 delivered an average experience with the exception of a few good 3D games. Trine 2 on the other hand is by far the best piece of 3D media i have come across and if this can be replicated with other games I dont see why popularity wont catch on. The 3D experience from Trine 2 was brilliant, I want more! #1.3
i think this applies to all consoles this gen. they are just PCs with the same hardware #1
its good news and bad news. i like that this game is being remastered, but id much rather new games #1
i wish there was more love for the wii u #2
the smell would knock a horse! #1.1
i guess they dont see the pc as competition for whatever reason #2.1
sony have tried to explain it before but never really made much sense but its meant to be to do with publishers. europe covers a lot of countries so its more work with languages and rights rather than what the usa have. never explains why they dont sync up together though #3.1.2
It would be good if the 2 regions had similar updates every month. It sucks when 1 region gets way better games than the other #3
It has been well received so you should enjoy it if you like those kind of games :D #1.1
I cant wait to see some live gameplay to see how this game is going to actually look #1
I think the cover is quite cool #1
Its hard to say. The first game i ever played was Ocarina of Time and ive been in love with the series ever since. Wind waker would probably be the better game to get people attached to the series now though since the Ocarina of Time might not appeal to many people visually #2
sucks for console owners though #2.1
i couldnt find anything about it going gold yet but fingers crossed they are ahead of schedule. im sure they want it to be out before christmas more than anyone #1.1.2
has the game gone gold yet? #1.1
what about nintendo? #5.2.1
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