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@Lex - that remains to be seen. It could very well be true that the One X will benefit 1080p users more. We will see what happens when it releases I guess.

Obviously these consoles are aimed at people with 4K TV's. That's the primary benefit there.

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yeah but this could be Nintendo's new strategy. Not spreading themselves over two pieces of hardware, this might be it from now on. They can have console and handheld teams working on the same projects since you can use it in either form. And as far as a handheld goes, it's pretty darn powerful. I don't care how powerful my Galaxy S8 is, show me a game on there like Breath of the Wild and I will keep quiet.

But when the PS4 released, it's graphics card w...

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Of course it is.. and the PS4 and XB1 hardware were a few years old when they released too.. Nothing is bleeding edge by the time it actually releases.

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I'd say it's more that Ubisoft hasn't really thought about bringing it to Switch, based on the guys comments

"We haven't really talked too much about the Switch, but if that becomes a reality then we would maximise the strengths of the Switch."

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I guess it depends on a few factors:

1. Do you already own a PS4/XB1? If not, then maybe the additional money isn't a deterrent as much
2. Do you own a 4K TV? I find that if you are just running a 1080p TV then the bulk of the console is going to waste as it seems like very few games are giving 1080p owners any sort of benefit. Many are going 1080p or 4K (native or CB).

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True but back in the day we used to just pay for online gaming. So GWG and PS+ at least give you something a little extra.

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Just Cause 3!?!?! Amazing

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PS4 is experiencing success everywhere. Deservedly so..

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you did.. and interestingly enough, I don't see the usual crowd of people who liked to brag about the PS4 across 2 SKU's outselling a supply hampered Switch. I have a feeling there won't be much to say against the Switch here..

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yeah, Splatoon 1 definitely was a slow burner, but I don't think people really knew what the game was like. With the sequel, there is no wondering.

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most definitely.

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lol.. Switch domination. 100K units almost. Look at those Splatoon numbers for 2 days of sales (650K)!

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yeah, it's a very interesting point. It's almost like it's a guilty pleasure that nobody likes to talk about or something. That being said, there was only a choice of 4 items, so the numbers aren't necessarily accurate, it just means people would prefer PSOne classics over the other two choices.

that being said, bring on the PSOne classics! :P

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holy shit really? A CFL game. Hilarious.

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it has all the features. Hence definitive.

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yep, no doubt.

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"college girls"... suuuuuuuure

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can you stab zombies with it?

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glad to see they were able to address that

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have you tried it?

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