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yeah, fortunately a lot of these things can be added if there is enough demand for it.

Netflix I have to imagine it would have eventually.

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"Considering the size of this lawsuit, with 2 billion dollars at stake, ZeniMax must have some pretty damning evidence to back their accusations"

Or they just want a piece of the pie. They weren't talented to create it themselves, but since Carmack was an employee at id during the time, they feel like they are entitled to some money.

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Sad, was one of the most promising VR titles on PSVR.

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@EDMIX - yes but you are forgetting one simple fact here my friend.. I also own a PS4.

I too am getting Resident Evil 7, Horizon Zero Dawn, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Remix (all preordered) and possibly Mass Effect. But I am ALSO getting Zelda Breath of the Wild.

So how am I losing? I would say you are losing because you are getting less games than me. You will have less overall experiences than me. I am enjoying the best of both worlds. So try to ...

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fair enough. It seems like their stuff is useful in the VR world. I will rephrase that. Although if you go to their website, you see that they are heavily involved in various VR activities.

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That's an... interesting response from the devs.

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he/she wins the internet for today, come back tomorrow people.

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interesting.. these guys have a lot of experience with AR/VR.

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It would be a pleasant surprise, but I wouldn't expect anything so soon from them.

It does lend credence to the supplemental computing device that they filed a patent for in the last year or so. A unit that can connect to the Switch to make it more powerful. Basically a box with a graphics card and maybe some additional RAM inside.

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right because extra controllers or games don't cost money for the competitors either right?

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heck yeah it would.

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blackbond video? Is that supposed to be insulting? I don't even know what that means.

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I can see that side too, but the game is an old game (even if the Switch is the remastered version, which some analysis points towards). I just meant at least FIFA is new, so there are those people who buy it every year.

I hope people buy Skyrim, otherwise EA will probably yank all support.

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@ocelot07 - I agree, I still hope that this app is only one way to communicate and not the be-all-end-all.

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nah, they just had the bigger franchises, especially in Japan. Vita couldn't deliver many console level games for a handheld (Killzone and Uncharted were very well done though), and they didn't have the big handheld franchises people were hoping for. So it was sort of stuck out in no-man's land. Switch will be able to offer console level style games as a handheld if BotW is any indication. Plus we know it will have the big 3DS games as well.

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yep, but if you count how many first party titles in total the Wii U got, it's a lot. Devs were already starting to abandon the Wii U to focus on the Switch. If Mario is launching later this year then you think they only started working on it 6 months ago or something?

awful support is what MS brings to the table.

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@cha0sknightmare - that we know of, yes

Although we did see Steep from Ubisoft and apparently For Honor is coming as well from them.

I hope to see more 3rd party support for this thing, but that will all depend on how well it sells.

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meh, I enjoy that I can make the switch what I want it to be at any given time. I don't think people are failing to understand the concept like they did with the Wii U. They have made it clear on many occasions that it works on the go as a handheld or on your TV as a traditional console.

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meh, there are obviously audible or haptic indicators of when you are supposed to do something. Obviously in a game like this there is appeal to be watching the other person.

It's a quirky game no doubt, but I could only imagine the reaction you would have of watching your buddy attempting to milk a cow while you stare at his face and try not to laugh. It actually sounds like it could be a funny party game if you are into that sort of stuff.

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@Utalkin2me - why wouldn't it be? It will have all the 3DS devs on board + first party games + possible 3rd party games.

Not to mention it's very powerful compared to other handhelds that have come before.

I plan to use this thing more in undocked mode than docked anyways.

I like how it can be what I want it to be. If I want to play on the TV, dock it. If I want to play it on my lunch break, take it with me.

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