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I respectfully Disagrea #1
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you guys really need to take the time to read the actual article instead of taking the title and making your own assumptions.

He is referring to the growth of Xbox Live and their own platforms, not saying that they have more gamers than Sony. #1.2
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I do agree that an in-game map would be nice. I mean when I am on the dreadnaught, I don't know all the shortcuts yet, so it would be nice to know the quickest way to a certain area from where I am.

Matchmaking isn't a huge deal for me because I can easily find a group on reddit or LFG, but I understand that we shouldn't have to resort to something like that.

Overall I am very satisfied with The Taken King though and it has definitely renewed my... #1
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@Abriael - Pretty sure the DQ series on the 3DS sells more than every other Vita JPRG combined. #4.3.5
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lol, nice call DiaperFace. And basically every previous week this year the 3DS has trounced the Vita in sales.

Wow, one week. Call me when they can do it consistently for a month.

One of the top 3DS games of the week usually sells more than all the Sony games combined on the chart.

Don't get too excited. #4.6
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so I guess GTA V, TLOU, Mario Kart 8 must be overrated too. Since review scores were off the charts for those games huh? #7.1.2
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I remember someone else did this in the past too. Interesting way to do it. My wife would have never played through the game far enough to get to the end though, lol. #9
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at the end of the day you need games for these things. And Nintendo seems to have the stranglehold on the top selling handheld game series.

Interestingly enough the price of these two units are almost identical now. I mean the New 3DS XL I believe sells for the same if not a little more than the Vita. #1.1
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Kind of a weird thing to say I guess. #4
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this would have been perfectly suitable. Instead of doing it as a one-off as a contest prize. #1.2.1
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Halo 5 and Forza 6 are themed consoles... Sony releases generic black consoles with a game too. #1.1
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Review scores indicate that Splatoon is in fact a good game. #7.1
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Sony had a much better first half lineup though. The only problem is, Holiday Season is usually deemed as an important time in the industry. So maybe MS was wiser to push everything to the end of the year. #1
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While Until Dawn is a great game and fits perfectly for the type of game / story it has, I still wouldn't ask all games follow this mold.

To me personally, there isn't enough actual game play in this game. Too much is watching dialogue mixed in with a choice here and there or a QTE where I have to press a button at a specific moment.

It is like watching a Choose Your Own Adventure movie mixed in with moments where you get to control a character. But... #2
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it's one guy, relax. Just because someone doesn't share your opinion doesn't make him wrong or you right.

If you think these games deserve an 11/10 then let it be that. You can't please everyone. Some people said that TLOU was boring. Or that GTA V sucked. #19.1.1
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wow, that isn't too shabby considering how few people have Xbox One's over there. #2
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that's a shame, the gamepad may have something internally wrong with it. Unfortunately it could require some work to be done on it. #7.1.2
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still comes with a game though Sciurus.

It's not like they couldn't adjust the dollar amount to reflect that.

Release the bundle in Canada for $449 then. #6.1.2
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At the end of the day, MS made a decision and a business investment. They are banking that a few people who love the Tomb Raider franchise might want to play it sooner rather than later.

Like others have said, Square-Enix / CD are the ones who accepted the deal, Timed Exclusivity is not a new thing here.

Sony has flexed their financial influence this year with all the 3rd party partnerships on games like Destiny, Call of Duty, Battlefront, etc.
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wait, so it shouldn't have been exclusive unless it was for the PS4?

Come on.. you can't have it both ways here. #1.3.1
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