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well.. Sony has the marketing deals with Activision for Call of Duty and Destiny along with EA for Battlefront. So maybe they don't want to promote the Xbox version as being the best since all the commercials are tied to the PS4.

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well it would seem silly if an Xbox One X game didn't at the bare minimum get the PS4 Pro treatment.

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I guess it depends on the level of effects and what else is going on. Resolution isn't everything. Plus I think Remedy is a very good team but not to the likes of Naughty Dog.

Again, while this may not impress you, it is still running at 4-5x the performance of the base Xbox One. Sure it's not native 4k, but the game definitely looks a lot better now.

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that's a no brainer. It continues to outsell much newer games over there. Clearly the most popular Switch title, until Odyssey drops next month.

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seems like many devs are still making improvements though. From what we have heard.

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@Waqar - that has nothing to do with the conversation. We are talking about 3rd party games being able to be played by everyone at the same time. Look how "accidentally" easy it was to get cross play up and running. So clearly it's down to Sony flat out refusing. Good on them I guess, giving a gamer less options and less people to play with. Really #4TheGamers

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Sadly this is the generation we live in now. Self entitled brats who are allowed to walk all over people. Kid needs a good throttling..

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@Nyxus - at least we can see a legitimate comparison between the two. I am curious to see what will differ between the X1X and Pro verisons of games moving forward. Some games might be minor or exactly the same, other games may show significant gains for MS. Time will tell.

But you can't even compare a Pro to a base PS4 or XB1, it's in a whole different league.

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I don't own an Xbox. I have a Pro and a Switch.

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@DivineAssault - you are going to be surprised when you see that Japan is the largest market for this game. And PS4 only has 5 million consoles there.

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@Venom - Monster Hunter X. New game. Keep up.

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@EDMIX - it's one thing to suggest the game will be visually downgraded, we all know that. But to say they are "heavily downgraded" when we haven't seen any real footage of one game and we have comparison shots of the other is pretty silly and shows that he is not interested in having a reasonable discussion about it. "on an unfitting console"??? Sounds pretty salty to me.

Yes the Switch doesn't have Mass Effect, it doesn't have Call of...

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? It was a joke. I was merely referencing the idea that these enhancements come with an extra burden. Game sizes may get huge with the XB1X.

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we are talking about Destiny here..

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I would love to see DF articles between the Pro and One X. But as it stands currently, making a video and saying that the Pro offers the best experience is sorta silly. We don't need a video to show us that. At least with the Pro vs One X videos it might be harder to spot the differences.

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@2pacalypsenow - except there is 2 generational differences there between the PS2 and PS4. The PS4 and Xbox One X are designed to be compared to each other, otherwise what is the Pro meant to compete with? Sony just showed their hand earlier and jumped to the next step before MS could. If the base PS4 and XB1 are compared, then the One X and the Pro will be compared. The Switch is the newest, and it isn't better than the PS4 / XB1 (factoring in portability, size, etc) so the argument ...

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more quality gamers? I didn't know we were rating the people playing the consoles too. Nobody is saying that there aren't more people playing on PS4. But people act like suddenly 25-30 million Xbox players don't count now.

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why do you have to sound so salty in your "opinion". Show me the downgrades you speak of. First off nobody has seen anything of Wolfenstein 2 on Switch and from what was shown of Doom with direct comparisons to the PS4 version the game still looks very close with only differences in texture resolution and depth of field.

You haven't played it, you don't even own a Switch. So why don't you leave your fanboy pants on and leave the conversation to peop...

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PC will always win every one. But if we are comparing consoles, then PC's are not part of the equation are they?

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