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hmm.. well Ubisoft is always quick to pledge support from day 1 for each of these consoles. Let's just see if they actually continue to support it beyond the launch window. But always nice to hear them say nice things about the console. They weren't shy to express their disappointment with the Wii U, so maybe this bodes well for the console.

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Loved the NES version.

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Count me in for one of these this fall. Don't stop here Nintendo. Be sure to release a SNES Classic Edition along with an N64 one as well. With the price of VC games, how could you not want to jump on thi?

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yeah, when we were outside.. doing, you know, outside stuff :P

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everything I have seen of this game has screamed beautiful. No it's not photo-realistic, but then again it doesn't need to be anyways.

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No, but you would assume a little bit of common sense. It's because of certain people that coffee cups have to say "Hot" on them, even though we all drink our coffee hot (minus iced coffee of course).

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sigh.. so because people can't read we have to clutter up our game boxes with these large icons and extra writing everywhere. Shame.

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Don't understand how 3rd party support would be lacking if Nintendo used cartridges or flash cards. Have you seen prices of SD cards with huge storage capacities? Quicker loading times as well. Updates have nothing to do with a cartridge or disc, that's all done via the internet and patches to the game on the hard drive.

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remember the original Zelda on NES? click start, and you are dropped into a world. No opening story, no tutorials, no fishing quests. Just here you go. They didn't even give you a weapon.

That's what I love about this game. Someone wakes you up, you go outside, see this huge world. And the game is basically like "figure it out".

Can't wait to try this.

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well at least they are offering refunds, that's nice of them. Last update I read they hadn't stated that.

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The Wii U version wasn't a stretch goal. This game was pitched as a PC / Wii U game. The PS4 and Xbox One versions were stretch goals. THAT is what is the most sad here. You pitched a game for one console, got a lot of backers as a result, now shafted all those people by not making it for their console they originally pledged for.

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yeah no reason for blaming a developer who pitched the game for a certain platform. Got a bunch of people to back it for said version, then the devs to change their minds and say oh well you can have another version instead.

Amazing how people think nowadays. Devs shouldn't have promised a game for something they couldn't deliver in the first place.

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because it was pitched as a Wii U game. Devs clearly had no idea what was required to make the game to begin with. They suckered in a lot of people with promise of a version that will probably never release. And will those people get a refund? No.

How is this acceptable to you.

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@Errorist76 - yep, those of us who are familiar with VR already know what to expect. I just want to make sure that people watching youtube trailers don't get some false sense of expectation. Yes games still look really good inside, and once you get immersed you quickly forget about a lot of things. But it's still noticeable enough, so I like to remind people in case they haven't experienced VR. :)

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This is another Project Cars. Game was initially funded as a PC and Wii U game. Then the devs now say that the PS4 and XB1 have priority and the Wii U version is now up in the air. Pissed off many people based on the latest comments on their updates. Glad I didn't support this thing. Game was supposed to release almost 3 years ago and now many backers won't even get it on the platform they wanted.

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Don't base everything you see on trailers. Unfortunately everything doesn't look as sharp as that inside the headsets. I have the Rift and can attest to this. I know the PSVR uses RGB subpixeling (so 3 subpixels to the Rifts 2) but it still has less overall full pixels. I have no doubt it will still look nice, but having a look inside the headset and then what is shown on your computer monitor really shows you the difference.

Just something to remember.

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you mean a game called Detroit couldn't have taken place in Chicago? You don't say... ;)

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different era now, flash memory is so cheap. Quick load times, more durable than discs. No messy optical drive needed in the console (unless solely for backwards compatibility). Bring it on.

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It will be interesting to see how they handle multiplayer if the PC users are able to play against console gamers.

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