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you mean a game called Detroit couldn't have taken place in Chicago? You don't say... ;)

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different era now, flash memory is so cheap. Quick load times, more durable than discs. No messy optical drive needed in the console (unless solely for backwards compatibility). Bring it on.

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It will be interesting to see how they handle multiplayer if the PC users are able to play against console gamers.

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Shame, I backed this project on Kickstarter. And this is what I get to look forward to?

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interesting, considering this gen has been largely played up as the 900p vs 1080p based on the sheer number of articles we saw. So I'm guessing that power means quite a bit actually. Or is it only when Sony has the most powerful hardware that power matters?

Games matter? Now you sound like us Nintendo fans ;)

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no, but in the case of Twilight Princess they added the motion controls (sort of slapped on) and the upgraded video output of the Wii for widescreen TV's (progressive scan).

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it's a fair point. Those people who aren't familiar with the Rift and Vive are going to be in for a rude awakening when they discover just what VR sickness actually is. It has nothing to do with how polished or finished a game is, more to do with how your own body reacts to VR. Everyone reacts differently, and for some, it's quite severe.

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I have a Rift, so I am definitely in that group of people willing to throw money at early tech. Sure there are areas that could be improved, but for a first stab I am over the moon with this thing.

I was more or less bringing that up because if they get all these people who own PS4's to jump on board a $400+ add-on, only to tell them next year that if they wish to continue enjoying new content on PSVR that they have to go out and spend another $400+ on a new console to...

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shame. Here's hoping they think about relaunching a Kickstarter. The game had so much promise.

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barely enough people and time? The Zelda team is huge, and they will have had over 5 years of development time to finish this game.

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It should still have reasonable specs though Reggie.

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Guys, motion sickness has very little to do with framerates. Don't blame people getting sick because the demo dipped to 59fps or anything like that.

The Rift running at 90fps does not eliminate motion sickness. This has everything to do with people's own bodies and how their brain and eyes interpret something as being real, but their bodies are conflicted with that information because they aren't actually moving themselves. This conflicting information can de...

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That better be the case. Otherwise Sony will have lost their 40 million install base.

We shouldn't be asking if the base PS4 can provide a first class VR experience. The real question is:

"For how long?"

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I am fine with them showing it on the Wii U. Because at least we know that it looks amazing even on that hardware. Imagine how good it will look on the NX with the extra power under the hood.

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actually this looks like their most ambitious Zelda title in a long time.

Love the fact that the game starts, you wake up, you walk outside and the game basically says to you "Go figure it out". No long story. No stupid tasks that need to be done. Just simply go out and explore the damn world. It really takes a page out of the first NES title. Cannot wait.

I wouldn't expect the game to appeal to everyone. Sure Horizon looks fantastic, ...

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yep, it's definitely magic under the hood. Played the demo, very impressed. Will go nicely in VR I think.

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you have to think that if the Neo is launching next year, it's specs are already set in stone. While I understand it requires good games to sell it should be interesting what 3rd party devs will be able to do with all that extra power under the hood of the Scorpio.

@ShadowKnight - milk the same franchises.. as Sony shows God of War 4 and another Gran Turismo.. It goes both ways :P

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Strange how you can play the entire Resident Evil 7 campaign in VR. I mean VR is so taxing on hardware that usually sacrifices have to be made in order to maintain the high framerates. So if you play this game without PSVR is it going to look underwhelming?

Just something I have been wondering about.

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I loved a Link Between Worlds (albeit a tad short). But that is because A Link to the Past is tied with Ocarina as my favorite Zelda games. So a natural sequel to that was always going to be high in my books.

The art style in this game looks so beautiful though. I love the shading and colors. As for the world size, I guess it depends on how they use it. I do love that I can see a mountain in the distance and I can walk there. Rather than just having small hubs off of ...

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why is it grey and not white?

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