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lol, wow. That's a trailer for the ages :P

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@gamerzero - yes, you are correct. Although I am willing to wager more PC players played SoT than NNK2. I am merely pointing out that with an extra 35 million console owners, numbers definitely will favor one over the other no?

@IamTylerDurden1 - yep, I don't disagree with anything you are saying. SoT severely underperformed, no doubt about it. Huge potential, and then just a massive let down. There is a larger audience on PS4 though, so literally every game will s...

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Well that's cool. Building stuff and creating will be so much more amazing in VR.

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@UCForce - yeah sadly I was one of those Destiny 1 people who bought in to Destiny 2. Got bored.. walked away, came back with the expansion, got even more bored.. etc.

SoT definitely should have had more to do at launch. Would have definitely helped. By the time they get around to adding enough stuff, people will have moved on. Shame because it did have potential.

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well you can get the older Scuf models that keep the thumbsticks to the old placement. I have a Scuf Impact controller, and while it was pricey, I love it.

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sweet deal.

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I mean define flopping. Yes Ni No Kuni 2 sold more. But it was reviewed as a really good game. And the install base was considerably larger no? Plus how many PC copies did Sea of Thieves sell too? I mean MS doesn't care where people play it, it's money to them.

Not disagreeing with you, but let's keep the facts in order.

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did you actually play it UCForce? Just a question. I mean I can read reviews too. But usually it's best to give your own actual opinion of the game once you put your time in on it.

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as do yours chiller. At the end of the day, does it really matter?

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so wait, because someone didn't have the same opinion as you they must be lying?

a little extreme, no?

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Interesting.. they moved the d-pad and analog stick around. Guess they didn't like the traditional Dual Shock layout. Now it's more of an Xbox One layout.

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@CorndogBurglar - some people don't like me on this site I guess.. I always get disagrees for what I say even if it was something like "Go Sony".

It's just one of those "what if" scenarios that would be fun to see how things played out. :)

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@tombfan - very true.. but the game has gone through plenty of changes over the years. I wasn't trying to downplay the game though. I am geniunely interested in it.

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we may never know. But it certainly would be fun to see what the world would look like today had that parternship gone through. Would Nintendo / Sony be the sole dominant hardware manufacturer? Would Sony still have gone off on their own at some point?

Man.. such a strange turn of events.

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lol, I remember the commotion when this game first released because all the kiddies wanted their blood. Obviously when MK2 released fully intact, this became a non-issue and the SNES versions became the preferred release.

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let's hope they were right by doing this. A very ambitious title, but I need to see more.

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@TomatoDragon - sure it is. How does your game look and perform when you aren't glued to your TV?

... oh right

Accessibility is a huge factor for many. Not all of us have the luxury of gaming whenever we want sadly. Life has a knack for getting in the way of that. So being able to play the game say on my Switch in handheld mode is a god send.

But for you, it's all about looks. That's cool. To each their own though. Yo...

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sure why not? It's a great game. And for those people who only support one hardware (still cannot understand this logic), they are stuck with their decision.

To be honest, if you are only going to support one hardware period, why you would choose MS over Sony is a little bit of a head scratcher.

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Looks awesome. Well done.

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"At the end don't defend MHGeneration Ultimate because is on Nintedno"

says the guy who defends the Sony MH games.

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