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@Jeff - maybe I am just looking for something fun to do in the game.. I dunno. Grinding the same activities over and over gets boring real fast.

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The Wii U is in sights. Crazy that they will eclipse the lifetime sales of their last console in less than a year.

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lol.. the super-duper Switch version. It would only be the 15th version of the game :P

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@maybelovehate - I don't doubt that the game isn't advanced. I am merely saying that they hype up these expansions and then we realize that after a day or two there's nothing left to do except wait for the next expansion. I am a day 1 Destiny 1 player and logged well over 1000 hours in that game.

I am just wiser this time around with D2.

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still.. the Metroid Prime trilogy was amazing. I have the Wii Collection which added motion controls to the other games. I can't say enough good thing about the games.

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I just want more content.. less drip-feed. They keep telling us each update is going to be monumental. Everyone buys in and drinks the kool-aid. Then the update is mediocre. A short story of missions, a couple of new strikes and a new raid "lair". So content you can evaporate in less than a week.. then it's back to grinding nonsense again and again.

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so we just got to the first DLC and already we are using that excuse? Sheesh..

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@GNCFLYER - PS4 fans seemed to be doing just that at the start of this gen. When there was a lot less pixels separating the two.

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nah.. but the more games the Switch keeps getting the less people have to criticize.

I welcome games of all types, I mean it's not like NIntendo is not investing heavily in first party stuff for the Switch. 3rd party is a bonus at this point compared to the Wii U, so I say keep em coming.

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maybe he is referring to making the patches and optimizing them for the stronger hardware. Maybe it takes less time.

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oh yeah.. totally

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Secret of Mana remake.. hello?

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bring Resident Evil 5, 6 and 7 while you are at it.

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yep, not sure what they are on about in this article.

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yeah I enjoyed Rush of Blood. Anything horror related for me in VR is a must.

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@Knushwood Butt - do you really want to compare the Vita and the 3DS? lol

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@TankCrossing - yeah, I honestly never tried the included earbuds with the PSVR, so perhaps they are better than I am giving them credit for. As I said, I just prefer my over the ear wireless golds.

I actually rather enjoy the included headphones on the Rift.

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I am a day one D1 player. Logged well over 1000 hours in that game. Day one D2 player as well. My interest level has dropped huge with this game. I think I am wising up. So many other actual good games to play right now that my time seems to be diverting away from Destiny.

It's another one of those situations where they drip feed us a bit of content. Us hardcore destiny players pour over it for like a week. Then we are left with nothing to do again for a few mont...

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@G20WLY - it was more because his post made it seem like it was a fact that the DS4 is the best controller for fighting.

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