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it will be interesting to watch the PC footage of Destiny 2 to see just how different it looks and plays at 60+ fps.

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@redface - depends on the types of games you like to play I guess, not to mention Rift has been out longer (as a whole) although their touch controllers released after PSVR came out.

I do enjoy my PSVR, don't get me wrong, I just think for that price tag you need to understand what you are getting in to. I mean the releases are coming at a snail's pace right now. Hopefully as this thing continues to grow in popularity we will see more and more.


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fair enough Nitro, thanks.

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fair enough, thanks for the explanation. Seems silly though.. I mean I would have rather 60fps with checkerboard upscaling than native 4K to be honest.

But I lived and dealt with Destiny @ 30fps, so I will make do with Destiny 2 I guess :P

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hard to believe that Destiny can run at 4k/30fps on the Pro but not at 1080p/60fps. That makes almost zero sense. I feel bad for Pro users who have 1080p TV's. They are getting shafted over and over again.

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I am merely stating that the PC world plays with unbalanced framerates and resolutions.

Bungie could easily lower the base games to 900p to hit the 60fps. I have a hard time believing that a game like Destiny can't run at 1080p/60fps on the Pro or Scorpio. But for some reason they chose to go 4K instead.

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obviously it has everything to do with the base versions of these games. Because they can only run the game at 30fps, they were handcuffed. Some blame the weaker CPU cores, but I say Bungie had their hands tied. They couldn't exactly let Pro / Scorpio users run at 60fps playing against others at only 30fps. Would create a total disadvantage for players on the base consoles. That being said, PC has been unfair for a very long time with everyone playing at completely different framerat...

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@redface - I have an Oculus Rift along with a PSVR, so I was more or less comparing it to other VR devices, not consoles.

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I know.. I would have jumped on that price in a heartbeat. Alas in Canada they are selling for $380 (nearly double).

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this beats the hell out of PS Now.

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would have been cool if they included a small plastic stand for the thing to sit on. I can live without a charging cable since I have enough of them lying around.

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@InTheZoneAC - I guess they are giving people the option of purchasing an extra dock if they wish. It's not required, or essential, so hard to judge Nintendo for this.

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god.. Areal. I remember that debacle on Kickstarter.

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yeah it's a little pricey and the library leaves a little to be desired. But more games like RE7 and Farpoint to help flesh the catalogue out and it will be worth it.

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yep, I have docked and undocked mine plenty of times, no issues. I also never had sync issues, cracking, or bending under heat so take that for what it's worth.

Not everyone has been so lucky sadly, but then again, I remember some people having dualshock controllers that fell apart too. Although my 3 are perfectly fine (minus a sensitive R2 on one of mine).

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@bouzebbal - The pro controller retails for $10 more than a dualshock or XB1 controller. Considering the extra tech and superior battery life, I can live with the added price.

This extra dock is a frivolous purchase. If someone really wants to spend the money on an extra dock, hdmi cable and ac adapter, that is on them. I was merely pointing out that you get more than just a piece of plastic with it.

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well I guess you get an AC Adapter and an HDMI cable included too. But agreed, it is too expensive.

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@morganfell - agreed. But I am the type of person who usually doesn't buy hardware if I have no real interest in using it. I just hate when people blindly assume I am lying about owning something, like I would need to come on to some anonymous message forum to spout hate for something I didn't actually own. Would be a strange way to get satisfaction in life I guess. :P

I agree about the turning, I didn't mean to sound so harsh about it. I find myself only u...

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@OB1Biker - actually the resolution on the TV screen is immensely better than what you are seeing in the headset. Considering the headset only does like 1080p and my TV is 4K. It's the same with the Rift and Vive when your PC monitor mirrors what you are seeing in game. Everything looks cleaner on the screen since there is no screen door effect like in the headset.

Look guys, I am not bashing the thing, I own the PSVR and I enjoy it. Yes I prefer my Rift, but that i...

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wait, wasn't this game always delayed indefinitely? You know, since the dev himself has no clue when to put a cap on the game and just release the darned thing already.

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