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Gigafactory next year. Will make more batteries than all factories on earth combine and has the smarest people on earth testing breakthroughs. It still will take a few years before we see any fruits of that labor. I say min 2 years or longer we will start to see amazing things with all batteries. #2.1.1
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Dense Forest? #37
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I approved this because Don't FU%k with the Dreamcast!!!
Not then, not now, not ever.

Nuff said. #2
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Here is the solution http://store.steampowered.c... #227
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some good scores #1
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Ghosts and goblins is so much fun I hardly noticed that it was hard and I died a billion times. Also having great music helps. I don't mind dying lots when the song resets and I can just jam to the beats over again. #1
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agreed very old news. Part of that is hollywood is such a fail these days. Movies are crap. #1.1
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Did I really just approve this? Oh well. Boobs are boobs.

while on topic. Watch my Asian sister in law dancing sexy on youtube

if she gets lots of views maybe she will upload more.... My life is pathetic #1
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Don't sweat it. I have 2 cards. 270x in crossfire and that only gets me 4gigs of V ram. I know the video is only youtube and I can see a difference but not such a super crazy HUGE difference that it's worth it. Just wait a while into the 780 drops price and buy a second card used on ebay like I did and run 2 in SLI and boom you got 6gigs!

Now watch this completely off topic video of my sexy Asian sister in law dancing on youtube :)

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how does this=fun? I like to play games or am I doing it wrong? instead I should be snapping all around on the OS to have fun? OR should I be playing games? #30
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Yeah have you tired turning that advances PhysX on??? It destroys my computer. I run 2x R9 270x in crossfire with 2400mhz ram and a highly oced CPU in a big full tower case with 11 fans and it still destroys my frame rate. I'm not sure if this game is like super future proof or it's just bad programming. I think I will need 2 titanZ in SLI to turn that option on. WTF #3.2.2
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The biggest noticeable difference in the wheel turning part. The tessellation is clearly turn off on Xbox. Look at the roundness of the wheel. Also this is youtube running at 30fps compressed. I play on PC with 60fps always. 30fps is not playable to me anymore. #3
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Best fighting game ever. It was so nextgen back in the 90's nothing came close to the graphics and sound of Neogeo. #4
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Whoa whoa whoa! I agree with what you're saying here mostly but just for my moral duty, I have no other choice but to doc you -2 bubs, a disagree, reported as spam, a letter to the CEO of N4G. A official police report filed at a local and federal level. Tagged you with the NSA keywords, Wrote to Obama about this, forwarded it to Dick Cheney and Phil Spencer. #1.1
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Even without the mods do you know Skyrim has now 11 offical patches and updates? If Bethesda was so lazy they would not have keep working on the game to fix bugs for over a year of updates. Go download the Vanilla version now for PC and look how good it runs without mods. #2.1.5
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Why not Boo the company that tried to destroy video games as we know it? Yes MS really did want to destroy gaming. If they had what they wanted we would be only playing kinect and watching TV, DRM TV, DRM TV, TV, Comcast, comcast, comcast, Sport, sport, sport. #1.13.2
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Stable? Ever try this thing called steam? #1.11.2
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3/10 lol. look at mr review over here on games not even out yet. Hey can you please review God Of War 5 for me please? I know it's not out for many years but I'm sure your insider info will make a great early review, oh and fallout 4 while your at it. #22
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