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It is not failed, it is great cross over.

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Give it a break, people are buying 21:9 screens "just to not see the black bars", man, this is pure BS as any 16:9 tv can display 21:9 and in my country, largest 21:9 display is 35 inch and that mean that a 16:9 tv has bigger 21:9 screen

And you gain wide view, much better than 16:9.

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Won't work for xone, too weak, but the same tech is on PC and the problem is it could but is still using this 720 reconstruction BS, even in 1080, you need 2k or 4k to really up the graphics.

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They really should make games 21:9 (ultra wide) on xone. (and to be honest on ps4 too, it is just better, order 1886 is native 21:9)

Not only it lowers res from 1920x1080 to 1920x822, so you gain performance, 24% less to render.

But you also don't loose quality, it just changes the aspect ratio, so pixel density is the same, yet you gain ultra wide game view and it is just better than standard 16:9, just compare on google the division 21:9 vs 16:9.

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Hah so the disagrees means the wife is not wise.

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It NEEDS WINDOWS 7 SUPPORT, what were they thinking, most people still using win7?

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So you didn't pay for ps+ and you think the dev gave it for free? Oh boy...

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Your wife is a very wise women then. (ha ha now try to disagree or agree, lets play a game...)

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You can simply do 8.1, 8.9, no need for up to 100, it is the same as 10.

But it should not be 10, just 5, like in school.

7/10 looks good, but it really is 3.5/5, not so good anymore, right?

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Average of what, good ratings?

No, you clearly didn't have math or paying much attention to it.

But ok, average should be 6/10, 5/10 is below average, but 7/8 is good.

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"roughly between 75-86. Not bad scores at all mind you, just average. "


50 is average, 75-86 is good - very good.

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If you expectation was judging a game by metacritic then ok.

But metacritic has nothing to do with being some kind of game quality guidance for sure.

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Now that's a surprise, lol...

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And how many pc's are there with the power of ps4? Sure as hell more than ps4s players base, and psvr is not oculus.

And on PC you can even lower settings more than on ps4, so again, more people can play.

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This is BS man, they all have 3 subpixels, you cant make all colors without 3 subpixels YOU CAN'T. PERIOD. You need red green blue to make any color.

BUT, they have different layout of subpixels, in oculus or vive they have pentile screen, it just shares one subpixel per group, so a special algorithm is converting between rgb color data and pentile perceived colors, there need to be correction.

Thus making RGB display superior, bu...

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Would you buy a 400 USD tv? Yes? Then this is it, just another step.

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If psvr works on ps4, then you don't need a pc with specs from oculus, logical.

But, psvr is not on pc, then it would be good option, now i think there are no good options on pc, maybe OSVR, i don't think the price point is good, OR and vive are expensive.

I think it is way too expensive, you better have a good smartphone screen like 5 inch 1080 and googles with good lenses and a 100 > fov, maybe it is "only" 60 fps, but i have play it al...

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True VR experience with fake subpixels on pentile, nah...

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If you have medium or lower gpu it is possible that it doesn't support 4K output, so no 4K screen even at 0 fps.

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Vive/oculus have PENTILE screens, it means that 3 subpixels are not the same size, two of them are probably 0.5 size and one full, but the res is 2k.

PSVR has 3 subpixels with the same size, but it is 1080.

So it possible, but i'm not sure, that psvr could actually have better perceived screen quality despite diff in screens.

960 x 1080 psvr vs 1080 x 1200 in rest per eye

It is only 240px.

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