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Nope, it doesn't work like that, m$ has paid for that work even if it is cancelled, so if someone wants to snatch it, they will need to pay m$ if they want to sell it, but if m$ is not lying, no one will want to pay for this if there were major problems with it.

Basically platinum is not the owner of that work, it is not their property.

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Pure bs clickbait, Andromeda has official release date, will launch on March 21 in North America and on March 23 in all other territories.

AT this point, only falling skies would stop that release date.

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This is f*** joke.

WTF m$

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Well it became possible only by the display hardware, tvs in the first place and now monitors, any device from that point can use it, be it console, pc, or any other device, the sole reason for this was HEVC popularity in newer tv's and its 10 bit color native support, this in turn allowed for true HDR movies, movies was the reason number 1 for movie companies to make it happen, electronic companies was all in, HDR means new hardware will sell.

It is used also in games,...

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"The answer to Xbox's problems isn't a more expensive system. "

Well why not if this is the case also for playstation, a more expensive ps4 pro and an expensive psvr, both selling good, its not everything and of course ps4 had a way better year even without pro and psvr, but it is a good start for m$.

Lets face it, they need to compete, they need more exclusive ips, but if sony has more powerful ps4 pro and a vr headset, m$ need to have ...

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1366 x 768 are laptops

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Nope, is not about all pc steam gamers, they don't surveuy everyone, you need to agree and even then steam don't tell how many users are sharing data, but from some leaks it appears that it is no more than probably 10% of steam user base.

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Who cares, the sooner the better, can't wait.

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Well for me consoles = exclusives, anything else pc, but in my country you can't get a 500 usd pc for 1080 60fps ultra, maybe for high or high-medium, but the thing is, pc offers everything, consoles are for games only, so pc cannot be cheaper than console, especially when on every component someone wants make cash, when on console for example sony has everything custom, designed just for one purpose, i mean mainboard, PSU etc. and assembled in one custom machine, you just can't go be...

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Well on pc you can be on couch with 100'' projector in 4k, but lets better not compare this, such pc is way more expensive than console.

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Nope, read the twit and it is not implying anything on the xone side, xbox and ps4 were not the only hardware sold that month.

If it was alone that bundle why they don't tell what was the total % sales of any ps4 hardware? It is not logical, and there is the magic words "driven by" and it doesn't mean alone, it was the lead, but not alone.

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Well excuse me, i'm not a native english speaker but i'm pretty sure "driven by" doesn't mean "alone", it was the most sold ps4 bundle, but all ps4 sales were 30% HW that month, not that bundle alone.

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Well you are wrong, hdmi 1.4 is just a standard, the cable i the same as hdmi 2.0, it entirely depends on the tv hardware if it will have the bandwidth needed for 4k 30 fps or not and in most cases it just works, the hardware have some spare power, so the extra 6 fps are not an issue at all in most cases, so if sony blocks it if they don't detect 2.0 then this is a shame and their fault.

And of top of that most ps4 pro games in 4k will be 30 fps, not 60, so they could j...

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LOL, whats pure BS, but this not the funniest thing, the funniest thing is that you people believe a dev that made a paid DLC for an early access game, with the money the people paid to finish the main game not to make paid DLC...

AND of top of that he says now that ARK will work in 720P ON PS PRO IN 60 FPS, 720P ON PS4 PRO, THIS IS A JOKE and suddenly he is an oracle, his right???

Than ask him, how that game works on a 900 USD pc, especially if it is at ...

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Well they have a whole year of price cuts, a year later the performance will be much cheaper for them than it is now.

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Well ps4 is also slow, maybe faster than xone, but still slow...blu ray in ps4 is x6, max 27 MB/s and you cant do s**t about it, so not so fast compared to normal hdd (100-200 MB/s) or ssd ( 500 MB/s)

Installing a 44gb game on ps4 take a MINIMUM of ~30 minutes.

So no it is not seconds, don't be mistaken that you can play the game after minute, it is still installing the game.

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Well martians could experiment on you.

You never know.

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Kinda not their fault, they can't do really anything, bluray has a lot of space, but it is slow to read and copy data.

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I was at ps vr event and playing Robinson (before release) on base ps4 , the visuals was awful, a lot of pixelation, like looking on a painting structure.

Have someone noticed the same? Maybe Robinson had some pre release issues or ps4 is to weak for it?

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