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"Just thinking..."


I think this is an optimization joke, according to well known polish site

Dual core i3 can make 30 fps and above 40fps on ultra settings with 30 opponents, and they are using 2 cores for tires?

What a joke, how it is then even possible it works on ps4, such resources waste. #11
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Yeah right, but it is the problem, xone has only ddr3, so Nope you are utterly wrong.

Xone has ddr3, ps4 has gddr5, pc gaming gpus has gddr5.

So sadly xone is not even using gddr, if you disagree just post some official m$ confirmation that it is gddr3, but don't bother you wont find it.

PS4 has additional 256 ddr3 ram for background tasks.

It was all about GPUs memory, so every pc gamer is usin... #4.6.2
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XONE has ddr3, no one is using anymore ddr3 on pc in high performance gpus.

What now? #4.6
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It is 6 x 1,6ghz jaguar cores for game (xone 1,75 ghz), AMD on pc is losing with intel cpus in every game test, so, at most those cpus are like i3 with 3 cores, one less than i5. #3.1.1
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Those countries have lower average wage than us, so it is actually even more expensive than the price diffidence in USD...

But not all of them, in UAE it is at least 5000 usd minimum monthly. #1.2.3
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Yeah but it is ok to downplay great games like GOW because you like ps more. Grow up!

Obvious ps fanboy i obvious. #5.2.5
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The real question should be - why you need to pay for a character that is already there, that was created during the time the game itself was.

They specifically cut it from the game to sell it separately, this is why i will not buy this game and will wait for a complete edition, for 30 bucks tops. #14
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Nah, either way it requires a steam account so you can download it when you want. #4.1.2
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They were basically claiming that such mods will prevent them form making pc games, LOL.

They can take their shitty pc port of this game... #4.1
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Unified GPU memory in dual graphics mode (not sli or crossfire, dx12 has no such limitation) will work only with dx12 games. #11.1
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Then i'm happy that you have found it now - ps4 firmware, no one has the knowledge to modify it or make one beside sony. #1.1.10
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"what else could you be installing on your PS4"

Like... nothing?

Just think man, no one beside sony can make such software for ps4, there are literally no way someone can install somehow anything on your ps4, they can't even modify it, nor understand what is inside. The console is secure, any files digitally signed, rock solid and uncracked, a fortress.

Even game developers don't have that data, only sony knows how to make s... #1.1.5
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I would choose the console with 50% more gpu power, cuz software is just software, but you can't change hardware. #44
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Coward is just running from the truth. #29
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Cut the rope 2 the same, need to wait to play, but no one was complaining. #35
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Is killing amusing to some people? In gta you doing it the whole time. #2.1.6
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So maybe list for us those DX12 hardware features that will make that increase in performance.

You are wrong, the performance increase WILL NOT COME FROM ANY DX12 hardware feature, it is pure software fix, yes fix, cuz dx11 is a broken mess.

Nobody says "i'm rich" nor will buy gtx 680 in 2015, but many people have 680 so there is no point to change it if it is great and will support dx12. #3.2.2
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But the possible 50% increase will come out of lower cpu overhead in DX12, it will have nothing to do with DX12 gpu features, this is the first time that the performance will came from much better software, but to be honest, dx11 is just plain broken, broken hard.

So don't worry, maybe gtx 680 is old, but after dx12 update it will have a second life and great performance. #3.1.3
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First of, it is a year and a half, second one, new consoles version was a year later and, surprise, surprise, no one complained it is full price, cuz it was lot better than old gen version and pc will also be a lot better, but has 100+ more possible configurations, hence, as we see, needs time polishing. #3.1
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There are plenty of better, dedicated sky/cable boxes to watch tv with a much lower power usage than xone, 100W just for a box is way to high, the whole tv needs 100W and another 100w from xone, no thanks. #18.1
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