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not really, stop comparing totally different things
console only for games vs pc for everything including games (at 60 fps if u desire with ultra wide, there is your cost) a pc for 30 fps gaming is a lot cheaper, but... it doesn't matter really as i noted, pc is for everything, thus the price, console is only for games
not to mention u dont even need a dedicated gpu on pc, there are plenty of non gaming pc out there and the only thing that will make them run latest games...

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And? Sony is also way more than PlayStation brand, they produce ton of things, electronics etc.

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PS4 cpu is even weaker, but that didn't stop it from running HZD almost perfectly and it is very beautiful game, so if any dev says that the even overclocked xbox x cpu is weak then i say time to step up your game and learn how to optimize games, as Guerrilla Games has no issues with it even without an overclocked jaguar.

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Oh man, thats sadistic from sony xD

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Sorry, but u lie, stop it, it is enough just to see the official 2018 trailer https://www.youtube.com/wat... to understand u have done a misleading comparison on purpose.

In the original 2018 trailer faces has all the details, but it is clearly also that official trailer it compressed too much also.

So what was your source for the 2018 trailer u pathetic lair? AS your footage is no...

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Agree 4k is totally overrated, ppl with say otherwise only cuz they need an excuse for wasting money on it, hey, they bought it, they don't want to look silly now, they need reassurance.

Well it is totally worth for media, movies/series, not really games, the amount of power needed makes it so they just forced to downgrade visuals from 1080p by a lot. (im no talking some fake 4k, but real 4k)

There are no miracles, either u have the best visuals on 10...

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But it is not about the prey its about the hunter, animals are animals, instincts, not compassion and intelligence, they are not civilized, they don't need to, but a human or a vampire are intelligent, they understand things, understand repercussions of their action, a sharks don't understand they are killing a wife, daughter, part of family and what that means, animals don't understand all that concepts it is not their fault.

But for a vampire it is the same as...

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Its a micro transaction service.

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PixelOmen, well but this is what you stated yourself

"Framerate, shaders, post, and textures all def look noticeably better"

and yet impossible on current gen consoles right? If it was they would do it. Thus this is next gen for them.

And you thing what new gen of consoles will bring? It is just more power, nothing more.

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Well if "Framerate, shaders, post, and textures " can't look the same noticeably better on current gen consoles then guess what, it is generation ahead of them.

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You dont need a decent rig, most of games give you 60 fps even on i3, especially on the new i3 with 4 cores.

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Majority? LOL

All of publishers won't be on board, no one will sell a new AAA game for 10 bucks even if it is only one month.
The truth is, only m$ games will be there for such price and rules.

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Horizon zero down cost was about 45 mln EUR to make, yet it was a success.
Just make good game, thats all.

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Well but m$ wasn't first, sony pushed them first to make that 4k console, they followed sony in the first place.

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Not really, its practically the same. The best version is on pc, 4k 60 fps, better textures, shadows, effect, everything.

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Lol, then check comment history of any ps4 owner, the same story, everything ps4 is a masterpiece, that hypocrisy.

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But pc supports hdr all the way, if they didnt do pc hdr update then it wont have hdr, thats not pc fault.

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You don't need an pc monitor with hdr, you can just play on the same hdr tv you would use with console and there is absolutely ZERO HDR issues on pc, everything works just fine, if it something its devs fault.

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Its probably some laws/taxes/licenses outside US issues.

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