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Lul dat clickbait title...

Well on my pc i play it 60 fps and looks better than any version, yeah, very fell short... still better than ps4. (which i own too)

But the bad optimization is true, it spikes constantly 1-2 fps below 60, some had 50-60, thats worst but still the strange thing is you cant feel it the way you normally do, it is clearly something with the game code that needs fixing. But no way i would exchange my 60 fps ultra wide experience in t...

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Well yes, but hdmi vrr and freesync are somewhat different, not sure with the tech spec but i do remember m$ said that X will support hdmi vrr and freesync so there must be a difference if they use both names. I think hdmi 2.1 and freesync could have different protocols as freesync is formally VESA adaptive sync.

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On pc games go the fps you want it to be, tvs will support hdmi vrr.

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For tvs its name is VRR.

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Well no one complained, it is not only on xbox one x, slim xbox one also supports HDR so it is working like that from the xone s release.

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Yeh ps4 pro 2 mils, but it was cheaper than x1x.

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So now ps players believe what Pachter says? He suddenly is credible?

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Why woudn't they add it to x1 version if it works for ps4, it is the same hdr standard, they don't really need to confirm it, they will add it sooner or later for sure.

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its a remaster, the dev said

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Sony don't need to counter any handheld console.

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No games = no sales

Plain and simple

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Nope, its your BS that is nonsense, you just don't understand anything i said, i couldn't care less about mp in those games, mp is worthless, SINGLE PLAYER is THE THING, you have great story, narrative, mystery, characters, cinematic, cut scenes, this is where those games matters, not some mp for fun...

This is where sony SP exclusives shines and you do not need to pay mp for, yet you get the BEST part of those games, no addition cost, t...

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Well funny you said that, cuz sony great games are like 99% times a single player game so you really don't need to pay for mp.

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WAT It's more like old school fast fps, unreal tournament, quake etc.

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Well it is mostly the same sdk as xone, so no hassle either way, if you even don't change anything it will just work.

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Well, they shouldn't end the game when it was half way thru story, the moment it really got very interesting, but that was the end, i was just WAT, wasted potential.

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Nope, if it was that easy you would have a pirated system with any game available and this chip just don't work like that, if i understand correctly you need to buy, a game and then share with friends, it is nothing permanent, sony can just update the game making it mandatory update, so there would be no way of getting new games.

And the rule of thumb is, if it can be patched, then it isn't proper method so = don't bother.

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But none of that pc games have default 30 fps lock enabled at start and there is not reason to enable it for presentation purposes, 30 fps on pc is a backup option, no one want below 60 on pc. if it was recorder at 30 fps but played 60, then it would be noticeable.

On pc there is just very low probability that someone will lock on 30 not 60.

But i have found a copy of this video and it runs 30 fps, looks like it was xbox one, not a pc.

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If this is a proper pc game then there wont be any 30 fps lock and to lock it in 30 fps you would need to change some options in gpu driver or in game, but most pc games arent locked 30 fps in the default settings.
If it really was pc version and it was locked 30 fps then that would be very strange, but you could not tell if it was pc or xbox one in that situation.

But if it was 60 fps, then it is almost pc version confirmed.

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Can't see the video anymore, but if it is 60 fps then it would pc confirmed.

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