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Right. I just wish everybody would get along.

((I think some people read into my comment too much O_o))

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This whole gamer gate shit gives me the biggest headache :(

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Different strokes, bro.

I personally didn't like Destiny and enjoyed Watch Dogs, but everyone likes different things.

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Speculation is that her and Arno are a couple.

Hell, even his pocket watch has "E & A" etched into it.

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It's an update to an old article.

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Liberation was unfairly compared to AC3 when it came out, and Liberation HD once again was compared to Black Flag.

If you take it for what its worth, Liberation is a solid game. Plus, Aveline continues to impact the storyline in AC. She's currently helping out Connor while he rebuilds the American brotherhood.

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Oh, no I agree with you. It's just that Ubi has actually responded to this plea, so I would expect them to take it into consideration since they know it's something people would like to see in the future, just like any other feature.

I definitely don't think they should "bow down" and change Unity to include female PLAYABLE assassins if the story does not call for it.

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"There are no women in this game."

Really? None at all? Zero? Don't be so sensationalist. I'm 100000% sure we will see women in the campaign as usual.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to play as a female assassin in co-op, but considering everyone *always* plays as Arno, nobody would be able to play as one anyway.

They would have to completely redo how co-op is set up in this game. I would expect the next AC game to widen th...

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I'm with you there. The BC2 maps were my absolute favorite in any game ever.

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W...wasn't this debunked FOREVER ago?

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If you're hacking someone else, be sure to avoid blowing steam pipes or electrical objects. They can cause damage to your opponent, either willingly or not, and cause you to immediately lose the match.

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Mr. Caffeine...

Thanks for reminding me he existed D:

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I wouldn't say 20 bucks is massive, but whatever!

Anyway, I'm playing AC3 on Wii U right, and I love it. It's so nice to have your whole HuD on the gamepad.

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Well it is a little odd that its missing from both the page art and the drop down list.

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Eight dollars-ish? It's actually a lot of fun. Go for it!

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I've seen some pretty good KH/Frozen remixes. Youtube "Kingdom Hearts 3 Do You Want To Build A Snowman" and you'll be sold on the idea.

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*drags in dead horse*

Here y'go!

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God, you guys are so pessimistic D:

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Freaking loved the Phantom Hourglass online play (at least when people didn't rage quit).

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