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Totally. Wish I hadn't forgotten about the Capcom character rumors that started back in 2011. #2.1
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Wouldn't be against that. They've done what they can to insert her into every other media orifice. #1.1
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It's not just about the quality of the game. It's the fact that Gearbox farmed the project out to TimeGate, lied about it, charged full price for a piece of trash and still have yet to come forward with any semblance of truth about the whole affair. It's not a matter of production so much as it is culpability. That's why it shouldn't be let go. #1.1
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True, but last year saw some reasonable capitulations here and there to fan demands. This year, there's been little to no attempt at reparations in most of the big snafus. #1.1
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Phantasy Star Online was on the Dreamcast and GameCube. Everquest Online Adventures was on PlayStation 2. PSOU isn't an acronym for any game, nevermind an MMO. Free Realms is on the PS3.

Article's title says Xbox, implying the original Xbox and 360. Well read, bro. #7.1
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Might want to fix that "it's," should be "its." Good on The Free Bundle for helping CBE out, after this Lace Mamba debacle. #1
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To be fair, playing the original more than five times will dull the scares as well. I'm still looking forward to the update. #2
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