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Or just watch at twitch

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Got my hopes up :(

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Comparing CG trailers to the actual game is so incredibly stupid. As they do with Killzone 2.

That's like expecting World of Warcraft to look like the CG trailers.

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To be fair, the csgo devs at valve reads feedback from reddit all the time, even comments on a thread some times aswell

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You mean you can't wait to watch this, right?

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Like it or not, Battlefront looks pretty amazing.

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Same, but people on this site will keep downvoting everyone who doesn't want nude mods.

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Well obviously it's going to be added because they showed it..? :p

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They should be applauded for trying to fix a game.

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Then you haven't browsed enough porn sites

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Not really, Sony allows a lot of freedom to the devs.

Just look at Dreams from Media Molecule, Sony probably knows it won't sell too good, but they still allowed them to create what they want.

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It's just $30 for 200 hours of gameplay, don't be so cheap.

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I got 150fps, so if you have a 144hz monitor like me, you'll love it.

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Sorry, but comparing VR to a 3D monitor just makes me take you way less serious.

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That's why remappable commands is a thing :D

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The community creates far better levels than the devs of LBP, though. Some people utilize the tools in such ways of the game, the devs never thought of.

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Then you're blind. Both current gen linear and open world games look 10x better than vanilla Skyrim.

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Finding a character annoying is subjective, however, the script was awfully bad. I had lots of cringeworthy moments while listening to them talk.

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Atleast the gameplay in how you infiltrate bases was cool. It has a lot of freedom, which the previous games didn't have.

The story would be better if they made all the important tapes, into cutscenes instead.

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