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coca-cola is too over-priced, they are already costing more than Carlsberg per bottle.

-Foxtrot Maybe it has relevance in Fallout 4 huh? Maybe it's an in-game promo?

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Sorry I totally disagree Carlsberg is my fave lager ever. Hell 10yrs ago I built a Carlsberg Xbox 360 chair if you google it.

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maybe an add-on though like the Atari cartridge selector had?

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Joyful Joyful Joyful. The more Treyarch make COD like Titanfall, the more the real developers of COD can make Titanfall more like the original COD. They can just call it fall and we'll shove the Titan's in the garage.

Nobody made COD as strategically war-like than Vince Zampella. Now the 'I'm pinching this' strategy has come into play. One thing Vince could do was create a simplistic creative flair. It didn't need to be over-rated. It had it's litt...

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I heard that started back on MW3 but if it's true I'm damned if I've seen it xD best game since cod4 was bops2 so far.

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it's actually this eerie thing called buying more games to play pmsl

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Great little post bro really enjoyed it and I have X1

Just a little typo near the end

and because I'm passed the warranty period 'passed' should be 'past'

nice one. I approved your blog keep writing really liked it.

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giant yes from me

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PES 2015 is also first being shown at PlayExpo in Manchester Oct 11th

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Iron Wolf had a lot of us fooled eh

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expected from Treyarch not SH although Black Ops 2 was a resounding success I still play it to this day unlike Ghosts which is the biggest pile of garbage ever. I wasted money on both the 360 and X1 versions never to play them.

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or not

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WAW sucked big time it was like a clunky grandfather clock after COD4 the masterpiece who would want to revisit that pile of tripe?

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Sony don't even go to Indie conventions trust me I know cos I do. Microsoft go there though. Meh!

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lol amazing hope you recorded it.

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I know it has its issues but this game is still worth every penny. Anyone agree?

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thanks man

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how am I desperate. Behave dude!

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can we get some approvals please?

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Gaikai has yet to prove itself and if by some miracle, Valve are snapped up by Microsoft like Skype was, I think Sony could potentially be in big trouble. Who knows though? That's going to be all down to our future consumer trends and choices isn't it, regardless of all of this.

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