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It's almost sad that i've put in more hours into this demo than some retail games. Pre-ordered the day i downloaded the demo.

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Before clicking I was sure Knack would be up there. Knack is my most anticipated as its something fresh but has the look of Jak and ratchet.

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Microtransactions mess with a person's mind psychologically. After the purchase of a game they see they can get said weapon or armor for only 5 dollars and they will think that it's cheap and get it. On the other hand that same person probably wouldn't buy the game for $65 thinking it's too expensive with it all being upfront.

It's dirty but of course business' want everything they can squeeze out of their customers.

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It'd be nice to have a Kingdom Hearts for PS3 but since they're working on the HD remix it most likely wont happen.

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Just finished the game, 70 good hours with some post game at the end. I want more... production of Ni No Kuni 2 with familiar transfers from the first one better be released on PS4 with access to another world.

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Legend of Dragoon 2 with new female character. (Just let me imagine)

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Love this game and pray they make a second. The world it is set in is mesmerizing and the art style is perfect for my taste. The amount of detail they put into this game and the content is refreshing for today's standards. The one thing I have a small problem with was that the constant heart swapping, wish I didn't have to watch the animation every time but other than that i'm having a blast 30 hours in.

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15 hours in and it still has me interested as to what will happen next. I haven't played a game in a while that had me hooked like this.

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I watched part of it and he showed people a game called Kindergarten Killers on youtube. I looked it up and all the videos have about 1-5k views being 4-5 years old, with only about 5 videos. Grasping for straws in a serious understatement with what he tried to pull off that video.

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I watch some anime but have never heard of Toriko. It must be good if its in the same league of dragonball and one piece.

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Gonna try out the new FFXIV, its looking like they made some real changes. That should have been what they released first rather than that horrendous game they released.

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It is especially great with someone to journey with. Helping each other out in difficult areas and helping each other survive is what really made this for me. Journeying with a complete stranger yet we are helping each other and waiting for each other to complete the stages.

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I like the idea that it's not out of the question just put on the back burner for now. I'm fine knowing we might get one down the road.

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Been waiting for another good JRPG. I might be in the minority but I really enjoyed White Knight Chronicles as well, so i'm pretty stoked.

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It will be interesting next generation as Sony might have cross game chat for free as they do with Vita. We will see if that was the true thing missing or if XBL really is a greater online service.

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Man they are already nerfing Sackboy. He was my favorite for his trollish ways.

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Nice Vita sales, should get a little momentum now.

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This really is nothing new. Media and fanboys thrive on doom articles, especially new consoles. When PS4 releases this will be nothing compared to the doom articles it will get. It could make toast, but someone out there will complain that butter doesn't come with it.

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Just ordered, such a sweet deal.

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How big is the download for PSABR? Would think the 4GB would be filled up after 1 download. Think i'll try and get this nonetheless though, and just get a bigger memory card.

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