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The wall of lodeleth, on the opposite side of the courtyard that leads to the first boss there.

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The game is designed with a progressive difficulty and shouldn't be messed with. Besides with the way coop and multiplayer works, you would have to split a already small community or ruin the balance by letting people who easily obtained items, play those who earned them.

Not every game needs a difficultly, if you want to play it learn to play it like the rest of us have.

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I'm really happy with the Rift, but with in minutes of putting it on, I thinking much better it could be with the touch controllers. If you need everything right now go with the Vive.

The main reason I choose the Rift was because the touch controllers actually have joysticks, unfortunately now I have to wait for the full experience.

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I feel lucky, received mine Friday.

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Yet everyone is talking about both.

But it sales far better than the xbox or PS brand by themselves. Why is it when the PC is brought into the picture, all of the sudden consoles unite?

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I do, but do you know how to read? Everyone here is talking about individual consoles.

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Fun fact for you little fanboys, the Dark Souls series sells better on PC, holding 40% of sells.

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They paid for overnight shipping for mine. Got to spend some time with it yesterday.

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Only one matters, Dark Souls 3.

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Allowing more people to play games means people are getting shafted. I don't think you realize how stupid people sound saying that, especially to the ones that don't care. Not everyone has or wants a good gaming rig and nothing is being taken away from xb1 owners. This is a step forward for gaming as whole.

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It is open, all it takes is for you to check a box in the options, pretty simple. And oculus gets to cover their butt for anything that happens with third party software. It's a smart idea actually, considering all the possible law suites that can come their way with vr.

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What are you rambling about?

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Got my email saying it'll ship within 1-3weeks. Can't wait!

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Looks like MS is playing it safe for now, though they're not building relations with oculus for fun. I wouldn't be surprised if a future console supports the rift.

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Really, you're going to compare it to Gamestop? Its a digital copy, its not like MS can turn around sell it at 300% of what they gave you like gamestop does.

They're offering to give you credit for something that has no real value, how can this be a bad thing. Its your choice to trade it in.

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Buy this god pack people! If you plan on playing it any length of time you won't regret it, espacially at this price.

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You don't have to repurchase games to play them on the Rift.

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I'm pretty sure you know that's not the case here.

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Price or sells, doesn't make it better, just more affordable.

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Diablo 3

Those two seem to be the games my friends are divided in.

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