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Until devs figure out what to do with vr or really invest in it, expect a lot of these "vr experiences" that you'll try once and never touch again unless you're showing vr to someone. The rift and vive have a ton of them. I enjoy some of them for what they are, as long as they're free.

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The author apparently doesn't know the difference between the s and the scropio.

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That thing is ugly, glad i still have my sharpshooter, if I decide to get a PS VR.

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Sadly this will have to be explained thousands of times over the next year. Wish Sony would of just announced the neo so people would just shut up.

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Why don't you quote the whole paragraph, instead of just the part that suites your anti ms agenda?

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He said might build a PC.

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Didn't know ms was lacking in the game department. I see plenty coming out.

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So, your point?

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Not everyone wants to play games on PC, there will always be a console market. Funny how everyone wants to spin MSs open minded view on gaming into something bad. I cant count the amount of times I've wanted to play a game on PC, but got it on a console because that's where a majority of my friends play.

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Not everyone wants to play games on PC, so being console exclusive is enough. And now I can play games on my pc, while playing with my friends that are on a console. In no way is this a bad thing.

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As A Rift owner, I'm hoping its just Steam exclusive, but still playable the the Rift. Otherwise, I may be selling my Rift.

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I'll be holding off to play it all in vr.

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Unlikely, because the ps4 doesn't run fallout at a high enough frame rate.

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MS has been talking to both of them, I hope its both.

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I would rather buy one high end card that works with every game, than sli two cards that may not work with every game.

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You're joking right? PC has far more games than any console.

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Sadly this is why I bought the PC version, even though I have more friends on consoles.

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I know right, nobody has to buy these. And if you don't plan on buying any, be thankful for the people that do, because they're the ones funding the free content you'll get later.

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Maybe console players, but on PC this will live for years, if not a decade.

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Considering its blizzard, it'll have great support. And free from what they've said.

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