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Dark souls 2 seems way easier then before, less enemies in nearly every area. #2
Great game, and it allows you to buy every character in one reasonable bundle, unlike most mobas. #4
No co-op, no repurchase. #7
I agree, I had more fun last night playing then I ever have playing day z. #3.2
It's in alpha. #4.1
Almost all her animations are copied from other characters. #4
Sorry guys, must of been a temp fix, mine is doing it again. #1.1.8
Here's a link explaining it. #1.1.4
I just tried the method I mentioned above and it worked.

Go to settings, PSN, account information, it'll show that your email has not been verified, verify it and you're done. #1.1.3
Try going to your psn settings and re registering your email, read it reddit and people are saying its working. #1.1.2
Not worried about the battery life, that thing is just bright, I can use it as a flashlight. #1.1.3
Actually I've seen one advantage, they can skip cut scenes faster. But then you're waiting for them to load afterwards. #1.1.5
I cant wait for one to release in a final state, with quality of a finished title. Every survival game out is in alpha. #1.1.1
I would put halo cambat evolved on there. #4
Fates are fun for now, just wait until you start farming atma, you'll never want to see another fate again. #1.2.4
Can't wait, I've been tempted to buy a Dev kit. #2
Talk about taking his enthusiasm out of context. #3.1
Im sticking with FFXIV and waiting for this to go F2P. #5
Its not a game platform though. Its pretty much a monitor. #2.1
Dude, it's like a monitor. If you plug it in to play game you'll be doing just that without ads. If you use it for a facebook app you'll probably see ads, just like a pc monitor. It's not a hard concept to figure out. It's a piece of hardware people will make software for, games included. Technically it's like a TV or monitor. If facebook bought out TV manufacturer do you think you'd get ads while you watch a movie? #2.2
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