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Mega Man 9 says otherwise. #2
I'd think the developer of the Super Mario Galaxy games should get a mention... #4
They're both at the bottom in the didn't quite make it list. #2
There was a 1st party list! That came earlier: http://www.negativeworld.or... #13.1
I recently bought an N64 cartridge (BlastCorps) so nah, consoles can never get old for me. Good games are good games, some age better than others, but every console has games that have aged well. #4
When you think about it though Okami has two games in its series... Okami and Okamiden, and both appeared on Nintendo consoles, while only Okami appeared elsewhere. #9
Somehow I knew what #1 was going to be before even clicking on this. Good job! #3
"Snake would appear in All Stars Battle Royale before he ever shows his face in Smash Bro's."

Um... you do realize that Snake is already in Smash Brothers, right? He is in Brawl.

Which also explains how other franchises that started elsewhere could work... #8
How could anyone possibly disagree with Shulk!? Andy too, for that matter, Advance Wars needs some respect. #3.1
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How is this at 110 degrees and still not live!? #3
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1. Little Inferno
2. Everything else #10
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Why would anyone write a non-controversial article about trains just for hits when "TOP 10 REASONS *insert popular thing here* SUX" would instantly get like 1,000x the hits? #1.1.2
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Who said anything about "journalism"? It's a top 10 list. #2
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Reviewed by Matt from Brawl in the Family fame! #1
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