"I happen to enjoy the Playstation brand - I just despise Sony fanboys!!!" - Barack Obonga


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Well of course. Just like any day.

www.News4Sony.com!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

For all your fanboy needs.

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And this is why all the Sony fanboys and trolls have all the bubbles.

N4Sony.com!!!!!!!!!!!! For all your fangirl needs.

Ok, allow me to retort on your 3rd grad level:
"I know you are but what am I". See how that works sucker???

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Next in line after xHeavyx and Maddens Warriors!!!!!

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Wow you take this stuff WAYYYYYY too seriously. I'm too busy gaming to take note off all the users I feel are fanboys or trolls. And yes this is $ony Nation so don't try to deny it!!!

Fanboy...... now go turn on your 360 and get some gaming done already.

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Truly innovative controller LOL

Now I've heard it all!

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Neither. I'm close to cancelling both next gen preorders and sticking with the current gen for at least 6 more months. Too much to play and it's all better than what's coming out.

Beyond Two Souls
Saints Row IV
NHL 14
The Last of Us
Gears Judgment
Tomb Raider
plus many, many more that I still need to get to.



Edit: ...

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Well yes if they are legit copies I guess it's not their fault for someone selling it to them.

Then again, if you know it's a problem don't go online with the game until release day.

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or PlayStationBore.com

or SameStation4.com

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It's just par for the course around these parts.

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madden and heavy are like broken records. it's so played out guys. really.

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Fanboys UNITE!!!!

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(didn't school start yet?)

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Does anyone even play this snore-fest anymore??

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Looks fun but I already have Call of Duty.

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Right. Because most partnerships are done out of the kindness of their hearts.

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I wasn't buying it anyway so I can't wait for Killzone to fail.

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Nervous? He's the voice of a video game character. It's not like he's on camera - or has to act!


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Saints Row IV is the bomb!!

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Nobody will buy this.

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