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Yes, I actually thought it's stupid that direct Youtube links are not allowed. Youtube allows embed, so why not use it? Oh well, this is just my personal experiment to see how people will respond now... If I find it on Youtube, why not use it like that? #1.1
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I wouldn't call it desperate. It's more like dissappointed. #2
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Never trust a guy that folds his hands like Jezus but has a pointy haircut.

Trust me, I got this from a very reliable source.

I know I've never done anything to prove my liability. I've never had a big rumor or scoop, but I know this guy... or girl... who knows a person that is the friend of another person that's near the source.

So trust me! #24
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quick translation:

- she doesn't have much time to play anymore
- used to play The Sims and Super Mario
- has played the game, but has not been able to play with herself yet
- her face became part of the game via a photo shoot (so no motion capture) #5
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Her ass > her boobs
To be honest, she has an awesome ass. Her tata's are normal. Sweet girl though! #2
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Video of the interview

Maybe for the people who want to watch instead of read. The video interview doesn't cover the whole interview, as the text does. #1
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No no people, she's quite known. Seek her out on YouTube. She signed a deal with Sony (I think) after Justin Timberlake "discovered" her. They also recorded a song together. #3
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Yep, I haven't read the interview but I can imagine. I found out about this thanks to a releaselist. For some reason people report the message as "fake". Kinda sad to report a rumor as fake. (Aren't most rumors?) Probably Xbox 360 fanboys ;) #2.1
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How can this be news? This boxart was released during Capcom Captivate at least a week ago. #3
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This kind of pisses me off. There are supposed to be people who check these stories, because this is just bullshit. This story was run on an online mailing list in 2003. 2003! That's six years ago people.

When you are giving a thumbs up on a story, please check the source. That's the way N4G works and not - I repeat NOT - click 'yes' because the story seems funny.

Useless story, no news. #13
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I am pretty sure about that. Formerly the license was a Sony property, and there's no way Codemasters will keep this game a PlayStation 3 exclusive. They will probably use the Race Driver / Colin McRae approach; PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. #1.1
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In the interview on GameRush you can read something which goes like the following:

"The stuff we've shown is mostly open areas with lots of action. I can promise you there will enough narrow areas with scary moments in it."

(something like that...) #2.2
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Meaning Of L4D (to those who don't know)
L4D stands for Left 4 Dead #1.4
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You have to be impressed by his strong will. First he is messing up movies about videogames, and now he's even trying to make his own movie together with his own videogame. THAT's what I'd call character.

I can't imagine what will happen when the media will show no praise to his work. Will journalists have their asses kicked once again? haha #6
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Wasn't 360 cheapest in EU before price cut?
No, Wii and Xbox 360 would both cost €249 - i guess. Correct me if I am wrong ;) #1.1
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