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I couldn't take Ezio seriously until Revelations. Flaunting around like a peacock in a giant white cape is the exact opposite of stealthy. Especially at night. He turned out pretty cool in the end, though.

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This card game has been at Hastings since the release of Uncharted 3.

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Jay2 - What's the May 2nd announcement? I haven't heard of that.

I'm thinking two games in two days. I'm hoping IGN knows about a Quantic Dream title.

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Did this writer even PLAY Heavy Rain? Talk about kids dying...

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I wonder if the Spanish voice actor for Drake is as good as or better than Nolan North, (as well as the other characters). In a game like this, voice acting is a HUGE deal.

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I can't pinpoint my disappointment for the game either, but it didn't have me hooked enough to finish. Now I'll have to, though, because I want to know how it ends. Arkham City looks amazing.

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They say it starts off with all the weapons and skills from the original. This worries me. Am I the only one who didn't like Batman AA?

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B: AC > AC: B

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My friends and I are having an Uncharted Party. We did the same thing with Uncharted 2. Treasure box cake, chocolate gold coins, anything else Uncharted related. Eat sweets and take turns throughout the campaign. This year some are even coming as characters.

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