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Seems like Borderlands with how the co-op and mission layout is set. There is tons of exploration, but this is heavily focused on questing and weapons. As Fallout is a questing game, but more of an open explorative RPG.

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Yes it was. Also Metroid Prime.

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you are not paying for the game.

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They clearly must take away points for having to wait another God-awful 14 days from this lame review to the release of one of the best shooters this gen.

@EL1TE & Fox_Mulder, allow us to partake in a group face palm.

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"Just like my raincoat"

note: bubz to anyone who gets the movie reference.

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Treyarch needs to shut the f*ck up, since they obviously can't man the f*ck up. And in terms of shooters Treyarch, Killzone 2 and Halo Reach had no bugs in them at launch, you crooked f*ckers.

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BitMob your articles are terrible.

"•Halo: Reach pays off on its foregone conclusion (the destruction of a major human colony), but you still stand your ground, refusing to retreat, surrender, or give in. You invite the monsters to come get you if they can...and inevitably, they do."

Although REACH, is a great game, this statement is just saying that it ends like any other game these days: No Boss, waves of enemies, cutscene, end. I don't se...

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It's an over-the-top wrestling game.

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Why do girls have sex with old creeps like this. Everytime I hear of this, it just baffles me.

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DLC or Multiple Discs?

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GT5 came out last year though. Motorstorm: Apocolypse could easily be 2011 Racer of the Year, and this gens best Arcade Racer.

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I should of added the "/s"

Holy heck N4G, you are harsh. NecrumSlavery is my PSN. look me up and see I am not a Sony hater. That was a joke.

KZ3 works great with the DS3, but Move is suprisingly awesome. I figured it would work, but man it works really well. I actually see myself using the Move more than the DS3. I need to get a Nav, cause using the DS3 for the left hand, tho it isn't bad, isn't as good.

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EDIT: Also in accordance to the Playstation Blog, there will be others ways the beta will be accessed but those are TBD. I assume through random emails, facebook contests, or PS+, etc.

Sorry I am out of bubz, hope that is helpful.

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I play the demo off the JP PSN 8 months ago and it was boring as hell then. Maybe I am losing touch with JRPGs, or maybe JRPGs are losing touch with me...I don't know. *goes back to Fallous New Vegas and Mass Effect 2.

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“In an ideal world we would love to ship a completely bug-proof game”

Killzone 2 & Halo REACH had flawless online and no launch!

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This is going to be the best racing game this year.

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Demo wasn't that great. i hope the game is as good as the preview vids, those were impressive.

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Preorders and first copies as far as I know. I believe the first batch comes with the code in the box. It's not like you get the code before hand. I preordered through Amazon and they said the code comes in the box. I don't know when it goes active though.

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Tim Shaffer Facebook friended me. I feel honored.

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