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"Oh boy."


No, it brought it back. DaS2 was what lost it. #9
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Those Monster Hunter sales make me so happy! #5
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Because QTEs most commonly take away from the gameplay itself, you don't really need cinematic breaks between gameplay when you can have just pure gameplay in itself.

Compare Bayonetta 1 with Bayonetta 2, for example. Bayo 2 has almost no QTEs in its entirety, especially not between gameplay, unlike Bayo 1. This is also one of the best improvements they did for that sequel.

QTEs aren't inherently bad, but developers need to learn how to pace them prop... #3.2
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The P2 story was far better written and far more fleshed out than what you see in P3/P4...

This seems like a mix between P2 and P4, and that's a great thing. Plus, the unique Gun equipment slot (different from the standard weapon slot) totally makes me think about SMT and P1/P2 at first glance. #3.1.1
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The character designer is the same as in Xenogears and Xenosaga Ep. 1...

Actually, the characters themselves look like Xenosaga Ep 1's in HD. http://statici.behindthevoi...

Same big eyes and long mouth. It's the designer's style, and he was chosen for this project to bring out the "Xeno-ness" in the game.

... #2.1.1
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It's not connected at all, if anything, it'll connect (or have similar themes) to Xenogears and Xenosaga instead. The Zohar was already shown in the E3 story trailer. #6.4.1
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There's nothing to "fix". The designs harken back to the Xenogears days, they're intended to be like that.

It's like asking Nomura to "fix" the NSync boy band in FFXV. #6.3
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I played it...the story was cringeworthy and the dialogue made it almost unbearable.

However, the gameplay had some pretty nifty ideas, it's just a shame even its characters were badly balanced (Viola is so broken, oh god). #4
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What? Letterboxing forced into the game due to it rendering at a lower resolution than normal give it a "powerful cinematic vibe"?

C'mon, dude... #1.1.3
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Eh, it'll easily live up to Xenoblade Chronicles, the real question is wheter it'll live up to its Xenogears pedegree (and inspiration, from what we've seen of it) or not. #2.1.1
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The combat looks to be more or less the same with more variety and a few changes, and you get giant robots now.

Giant robots make everything better. #1.1.4
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F-Zero with a cockpit mode would be the best thing in my life.

Like, nothing could ever really top it. Nothing. #9.1
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It's always worth playing Nier.

Go ahead and try it, expect okay gameplay, one of the best soundtracks from last gen and an undoubtedly fantastic story. It's not without flaws, but it's a memorable experience nonetheless. #1.3
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Any fan of point-and-click games cares. YU-NO is one of the best in a genre filled with magnificent experiences.

That you're too ignorant on the subject is another thing entirely. #2.1
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Pikmin 3's cutscenes are kept to a bare minimum in comparison to all the gameplay the game has. Plus, they're easily skippable if you're replaying the game, and a big part of Pikmin 3 is its mission mode- actually, I'd say that's where most of my playtime went to while playing it.

Iwata isn't saying cutscenes are bad anyways, he's saying TOO MANY CUTSCENES (enough to interrupt the gameplay or become the main draw of the game) isn't exactly a go... #22.2
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I guess I'm too old, but I grew up with games that allowed you to make your own stories instead of tell them. Things like Wizardry II and Ultima IV didn't give you a story, the games (and what happened within them) WERE the story. It's pretty much the same with Nintendo's games, especially as of recently, and it's something I really appreciate. It's also why I love Demon's Souls, that was like a glimmer of hope for me in the last generat... #1.1.2
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In most Nintendo games I've played, cutscenes are there to complement the gameplay instead of the other way around. That's why they're such a joy to play, it's gameplay first and cutscenes second for them. #1.1
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I don't think the acting in Nier is terrible- it's serviceable, with some voices done better than others. Kaine and Weiss in particular have fantastic voice acting, and I didn't hear anything coming close to that quality throughout my 40 hours in DA:I. And that's not even touching the fantastic writing, translation included, or the story itself. Why can't we have original stories like that for once? Expressions of art that go beyond a generic roadmap featured in "How... #2.1.4
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That's the only thing you can come up with? "You've never written anything so you don't have the right to criticize other people's work!", is it?

I can have an opinion on the subject regardless. While I haven't written anything in my life, I still can see quality products for what they are. I can appreciate good ideas, concepts and execution- none which DA:I has.

It's not that bad of a game, but people treat it for something... #2.3.1
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Yes, I did. Switching between bad attempts at comedy and a semi-serious tone back and forth every two or three events doesn't really make the script feel anything but inconsistent and all over the place. Characters, too, act as if they came straight out of a fanfiction instead of a high-budget game.

I guess that works for Bioware's fans, but not for me. Believable dialogue is one thing this game doesn't have. At all. #2.2.1
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