Oh boy.


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No, actually, it wasn't. The game feels a lot better now than it did in the beta, and it's great that the devs actually listened to the community's feedback for once.

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Goddammit Ruggarell. Not here.

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The original DOOM levels show exactly what's wrong with this game, the default speed for Doomguy is too slow.

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King's Field 3 4lyfe

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"Dark Souls 3 is predominantly gray and black"

Did this guy never make it into anything but the starting area? The game has tons of color, especially once you reach Irithyll and onwards.

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How is this postmodern in any shape or form?

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God forbid people enjoy games some critics didn't.

I've been a fan of Remedy since the first Max Payne and this game checks all the right boxes when it comes to pleasing people like me.

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Having played it for long enough, I actually really like the combat. It's somewhat reminiscent of Max Payne, and I love that it encourages going out in the open and dancing around your enemies with the time powers, once you get the hang of it, it's really fun.

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It's the complete opposite, actually. It's undeniably fun, but it's a casualized and butchered version of what an arena shooter actually plays like. Loadouts don't belong here, but I guess Id doesn't want to scare scrubs away.

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The story being the way it is has nothing to do with Konami...that was Kojima's pure intent.

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It does work, though. Your mileage may vary, but the silent protagonist in this game feels closer to a somewhat dumbed-down version of a CRPG protagonist (as in, the concept is the same, it's only that you generally get from two to four dialogue options rather than eight or more). I mean, your options even affect the outcome of certain quests and all (including the death of many, many generic NPCs), and you can't really have that with a voiced protagonist in a JRPG.


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"It's still huge, beautiful, and tons of fun but it seems like they left out the story so they could have an avatar instead of letting you create your own MC"

Wait until Chapter 5...

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I was pointing out the simplification and casualization of every system based on RPG elements, but if that's what you want to believe, sure.

For example, character building: the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system is now a joke. The perk system only makes variety less present, and previous builds less viable. Skills got removed, the point allocation got simplified to hell and back, and now you have a total of eight character statistics instead of the 18 y...

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"Fallout is 100% an RPG bud"

It's actually fallen quite far into the simplified, barely-even-a-RPG category right next to games like ME2/3, or even worse than them.

Fallout 4 has about as many relevant and complex RPG elements as Sunset Overdrive or inFamous. Character building is a joke, dialogue stat checks are a joke, weapon and build variety are a joke, dialogue options and the voiced protagonist are a joke, the writing is a joke, and overal...

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"how they gave each weapon it's very own identity with perks"

Perks that broke the multiplayer irremediably, making level advantages an actual thing to the point you saw only the high-level players with the same weapon ending as MVP. It broke the balance of the game, at least in a mildly competitive level.

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I love how you don't remember the state MGO2 launched in- which was more or less the same. I don't see anyone complaining about classes until they get to MUH STEALTH CAMO, which is far less broken than people like to think. And the netcode? It's the same as MGO2's! The very version you're praising!

Get real.

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Time and/or objective completion, mainly. Combat alerts and kills really don't deduct enough points to make S-rank impossible by killing a bunch of people, or even the whole base.

So long you're either fast or thoughrough, at least.

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Come on, from special weapons onwards it's nothing but one-hit kills, maps are designed badly enough so you'll never truly have control of all of the special and heavy ammo, and then you factor in supers like the golden gun, the arc blade and the nova bomb it just becomes a ridiculous standoff of "who gets one-hitted first".

Time to kill is also way too low even without factoring those in, it's 3 headshots with an exotic h...

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"Destiny is one of the best shooters out there."

It's a worse, casualized version of Halo: Reach with enough one-hit kills to make CoD proud.

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Well, Bethesda can't write. They couldn't write a decent story even with a gun to their heads. So whatever.

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