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good news i know im getting one as soon as i can #70
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only thing i see sony losing is this delusional hardcore fanboy who tries desprately to convince others that the xbone is worth it lol how sad and blind he is #62
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wow your sooo far up microsofts a$$ its incredible lol your fanboy stench makes me sick . any sane person will see the dirty and greedy tactics ms is using to try and take away our freedom as gamers . borrowing and selling used games is part of gaming culture and dont let me start with all the monitoring and check ins reqired to play your sp games dam you are blind boy #1.10.4
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OMFG sony just shat all over ms seriusly lol im glad they didnt follow ms greedy tactics F"'#%ing HEEEELLLLL YEEEEESSSSS true gaming machine right there folks ooooh im soooo happy they didnt follow those greedy bastards dam i was scared for a moment there but then again they offered free online this gen when ms robed their loyals blind lol #172
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im not dissapointed one bit lol because for me to be dissapointed would have to mean that i actually cared for the xboner lol and i honestly dont give a rats a$$ what ms or the xbox brand are doing im all for sony have been for years so there hehe sux for the ms fanboys tho allot of negative crap comming from ms #33
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what a dumb old man lol just talking nonsence so guess what gramps ima get a ps4 and i dont care what ms is doing so there haha maybe his words would have mattered in 1980 but now ? atari is washed up and this delusional man is just talk nothing more. #38
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his games are "meh" lol . dont care what this washed up dev thinks hes just bitter that his games didnt cut it on consoles so he went mobile . what matters to me is that i was impressed and that i will have the ps4 day one no matter what a bunch of idiot haters say lol. #54
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what an idiotic article lol this is actually bad for ms and good for sony. its funny how the article thinks ms has something good up its sleve lol how stupid #76
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no. im with ps4 #11
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this game is no less than a 9 period #26
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if you love god of war then GET THIS its awesome i dont get these reviews ? wtf is up ? it brings many combat changes . it feels fresh to me and OMG the visuals are amazing. i just dont get all the hate ? i guess its the cool thing right now huh? hate on god of war but trash like call of dudu or modern borefest come along and they get great scores even though they are running on that old tired a$$ game engine with nothing new. it baffles my mind gentlemen so to these reviewers i say F#CK YOU... #25
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sux that this game is getting these reviews cause judging by the demo its awesome but since its a ps3 exclusive its "just more of the same" and "nothing inovative" dam idiots its only the second gow game on ps3 but then the next black poops or modern bore fest comes and its nothing but 9's across the boards all i gotta say is F#CK reviewers #10
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daaaammmm cant wait for this god of war you truly do forget how spectacular the franchise is until you start playing it then you realize its in a league of it own absolutely nothing can match it i truly believed that santamonica would not dissapoint man that "from ashes" trailer is f#king awesome too cant wait #8
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black poops 2 the best shooter out? f#cking rediculous haha what a joke they are joking right ? same crap every year sorry just NO #27
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noooooooo dont let this crap dev touch gow nooooooooo sony needs to get rid of this garbage dev asap #7
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well im loving crysis 3. maybe because i love scifi games im sick of military shooters but crysis 3 has aliens and their pretty cool lol loved crysis 2 also not so much the first crysis but yea crysis 3 is awesome for me it looks really good too and im playing on ps3 and yes i own all the bad ass ps3 exclusives and im saying crysis 3 looks amazing to me cant stop playing it . #72
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your comment reeks of nintendo fangeek lol. what an idiot #3.1.8
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lol server upkeep? enhanced security? yea buddy tell yourself what you need to hear to make throwing away 50 bucks easy on you . i can afford 50 bucks too doesnt mean im dumb enugh to pay it tho . #79.1
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thats one really BIG reason why i to this day dont get a 360 because i already buy my game for 60 dollars and pay my internet another 40 a month and now i gotta pay ms 50 or 60 dollars to play the other half of my game that i just bought? fu*king rediculous and anyone convincing themselves that its ok is a fool plain and simple . #82
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he forgot to put "selling" in there then it would be believable #18
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