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Maybe they decided to make more. #3
Good review guys #1
Very interesting podcast guys. #1
Good idea. Parents should be more aware of what their kids are doing #1
Pretty interesting #2
Wow. 10/10 is very high praise. #1
Will have to check this out at some point. #6
Sounds like it would be worth a try. #1
Needs to come to psn #3
7.5s usually show some promise. Might need to try it out. #1
I think it would make it unplayable. #2.2
Somehow I fail to be surprised by this score. #3
I love these games. Always get better with age too in my opinion. #1
I didn't realize GameStop put a gun to anyone's head and said, sell us your used games or we will blow your brains out. Why offer more when people are crazy enough to sell their games so cheaply? Doesn't sound like GameStop's problem. Sounds like a customer issue. #54
Bethesda's games are far from bug free on consoles. #2
Nice. Will preorder this game. #8
Looks pretty interesting. Not sure if ill get it since I only have an iPod touch. #1
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Another vita title I will have to try. Great review. #1
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This game is outstanding. #1
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That feels more like a father and son kind of thing to me. #2.1
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