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That would imply that skill was used to pull this off. Seeing how easy a DDoS attack is, and how little effort has to go into it if you have the right programs, I don't think this qualifies. A quick google search, money for a VPN, and a decent sized group of people willing to do the same thing is all you need. #1.4.3
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The G25/27 not working on the Xbox 360 was completely Microsoft's fault, so it stands to reason that they should get some blame for not having the wheels work on the XB1 as well. #11.1.1
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I spent hours building a stand for my G27 that can collapse down and still be extremely sturdy when in use. It even has a little arm for the gear shift. I had looked all over the place for news on if the G27 was going to work with the PS4 but found nothing before the PS4 came out.

I will never go back to playing racing sims with a controller. Arcade racers like Need For Speed, or The Crew, sure, but Driveclub was looking so tempting. Now I'm not even sure I want a PS4... #7.1
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And what was the big focus for the beginning of their presentation? Oh, that's right, yet another Call of Duty. Sorry, if they want me to feel that they care about exclusives, maybe they should focus more on their exclusives. I'll get CoD on my PC for the SP campaign just like I do every year. I'll get the new BF on my PC for the MP, and I'll get all of the exclusives for my PS4. The only thing the XB1 has that I'm excited about is Forza, and Microsoft's decision... #2.1.2
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Except, of course, that the WiiU is on par with last generation's hardware, so it's doubtful they'll be improving on the visuals too much. #1.2.2
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Skyrim is only 3.8 GB because it is all compressed on the HD. It also uses a very different system for generating a lot of what you see in game, which is why it doesn't take up much space.

GTAIV, uncompressed on the PC, is over 14 GB. That's just for the base game, not including stuff for EfLC. #4.5.1
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Part of that large file size is also due to the fact that BD games do not need to be compressed, which speeds up loading time. Unfortunately this is offset by the fact that it takes longer to load from a blu-ray disc. It also allows the developer to store multiple languages on the disc so they don't have to press several configurations before shipping worldwide. Not saying that PS3 exclusive games aren't actually larger in size, just that it's not always about content. #4.1.3
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If anything they would just split the story dialog and event scripting between discs, and have the entire world map on each disc. The problem with that is that you require a lot more space on each disc, meaning you could be looking at 3+ discs instead of just two, depending on the size of the game. #1.9.2
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No, the Blu-Ray Disc Association is the developer and licensor of Blu-Ray technology. The BDA is a consortium of several different companies. Granted, Sony is a part of the BDA, but they are not the sole controlling party. #1.1.9
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Hey, Michael Ironside was a pretty awesome good guy in the War of the Worlds TV show. #1.2.2
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I'm going to say no, this isn't legit, simply because there are too many things missing from this "poster." First off, there is no rating listed, be it RP or M or 16+. Second, any time a game poster lists a platform, it lists all platforms the game will release on. The only time this isn't true is when it is detailing something that is exclusive to one platform, which is not the case here.

There is also the wording for the "Premium" section.... #2
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Bravo, good sir.

Seriously, though, this article is really nitpicking a bunch of stuff that isn't even an issue yet. Pretty much all of these things will be addressed in the coming months. Complaining about this stuff now is like complaining that there hasn't been a trailer for Avengers 2 yet.

And I don't see the problem with the triggers on the controller. You can easily tell from the photo they used in the article that... #3.1.4
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I beg to differ, sir. I know more than a few women, and know of several more, who weigh no more than 120 lbs, if that, can lift twice their body weight, and would look amazing in cargo pants and a tight tank top. A woman doesn't have to be ripped to be able to kick ass. #1.1.4
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So your argument is that it is perfectly fine to be handicapped in your reaction time by the limitations of an analog stick because it prevents you from doing unrealistic things like spinning a full circle in under .1 seconds? Never mind the fact that in real life I can turn a 180 and fire, hitting my target pretty much dead center, in less than a second, but it takes twice as long to turn in every console shooter. But it doesn't matter how much it hinders your ability to move as long a... #2.1.2
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Have you ever used a gun before? You don't point the barrel of the gun where you want to shoot, and then quickly center your body in the direction you're aiming. You point, and you shoot. Pretty much the same function of aiming with a mouse. You point, and you click.

But by all means, handicap yourself into a slower reaction time with an unrealistic way of aiming, especially if you're going to be playing on a PC. Just let me know what servers you play on so I... #1.5.3
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I'd actually have to agree with Hufandpuf. The simple fact that you don't even know the proper vernacular for the control scheme suggests to me that you haven't spent much time playing games on a PC.

With the average person's hand size, it is actually fairly easy to rest your fingers on the A, W, and D keys while keeping your pinky on shift and your thumb on the space bar. I see nothing uncomfortable about this at all. #1.4.6
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"You CAN compete against a K&M user with a controller even if you likely won't be as fast or precise as a simple point and click."

Yeah, and you CAN compete against a Lamborghini with a Volkswagon. Doesn't mean you're going to win.

I'll agree that an analog stick for movement gives a better control over the precision of movement, but a mouse will always be more accurate for aiming. A mouse requires you to move the crosshairs to... #1.1.10
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I think you're missing the entire point of what Valve is trying to do. The biggest drawback to PC gaming for all of the uninitiated who cling to consoles is the accessibility. PCs cost a lot, there are a lot of hardware configurations to pick from, and when building your own system you have some configurations that just don't work. For that matter you have a lack of cohesive software to tie the experience together.

With the Steam Box, Valve is throwing all of that... #5.1
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Considering the fact that there is no HL2 Ep3 anymore, I'm seriously hoping that isn't the case. I'd be fine with it releasing with HL3, though. #4.5
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I've only put in 156 hours on the game. I'd play more, but one of my mods is having an issue with Dawnguard, and I'm too sad and grumpy about having to give up any of my mods after spending weeks getting all of the things I really wanted to even bother with it. But the Dragonborn DLC will be out soon enough, so I think it's time to figure out where the conflict is and get it resolved. Perhaps it's already been fixed and I just need to update. /shrug #1.1.1
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