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Actually, they're both right. The PS4 and XB1 do not support the wheel, but it has nothing to do with drivers. As esemce said, it all comes down to the security chip that is required for high-polling devices (and in the XB1's case, certain hardware protocols). The driver issue is a simple matter to resolve, and would be resolved already if not for the lack of a security chip.

I keep annoying Logitech's customer service with update requests for when a security c... #1.1.3
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The Pay What You Want option is there for people who don't want to charge anything but instead want to give people a chance to donate. Maybe YOU should read the article. This doesn't change the fact that mod creators can still charge whatever they want for a mod.

Also, 25% is NOT way more than they would make working for a game developer. You really need to get a clue and stop riding so hard on this "everyone deserves to be paid for their fan-made content"... #8.2
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Mods ARE one of the reasons PC is better. PAID MODS however, are not. That's just DLC made by third parties. #10.1
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Any modder who expects to be paid for his or her work should not be making mods in the first place. Donations I can handle, but if a modder is good enough to sell his work, he should be getting a job with a game developer. Leave fan made mods in the hands of fans who just want to add to the game, not greedy little pricks who think they should be allowed to make money off the hard work of others. #3.1
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You are so far off the mark. The modding community is about creating and sharing content. The good modders use those mods as their portfolio to get hired by developers. Look at Desert Combat, the mod for BF 1942. Completely free mod, one of the highest (if not THE highest) played mods ever. Most of that team was hired by DICE and was put to work making BF2. One of my friends used to make custom maps and models for Counter-Strike, he now works for Rockstar. Cha... #1.2.5
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That has got to be the lamest excuse for a misspelling I've ever heard. You have the time to copy and paste on your phone, but not type 6 letters? Just admit you didn't know the character's name was misspelled. #3.1.4
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No, I just expect more from yearly sports titles. NHL 2014 showed a lot of improvement, while keeping important features intact. 2015 took everything that worked from previous versions and dumped them in the penalty box. Be A Pro was the most requested feature for several years, and they finally added it a couple of years back, but it was flawed. Introducing the ability to simulate your time on the bench made it feel more realistic. Ice time is earned. The be... #3.1.3
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Did we play the same game? Phenomenal is hardly the word I would choose to describe it. Looked pretty, but the commentary team got old really fast, and the career mode was awful. Too many steps backwards in my opinion. #3.1
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Not trying to be offensive, but that seems like a rather dumb statement. Computing technology is always going to advance. By the time the next generation of consoles are out, CPU and GPU technology will make current gen consoles look like crap. Graphics and game engines will continue to advance and push available hardware to its limits, requiring newer, more advanced hardware. That's like saying you're ok with VCR tapes, despite the fact that we are getting into ultra HD now. #6.1
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2189 continuous hours
91 days,5 hours,57 minutes
of gameplay to complete your Steam library

Watch the Star Wars original trilogy 346 times #7
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As a parent, I would totally want to know if my son was behaving like this behind my back. I feel pretty confident in saying you're not a parent, so I'm sure you have no understanding of what it is like to want to raise your child to be a decent human being. If my son was threatening to rape someone, you better believe I'd want someone to "tattle" on them. Better to inform someone's parents that their child is misbehaving than assume that the... #1.1.4
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I'm right there with you. Controls out of the box were horrid. I managed to get to a point where it was at least close to NFS level arcade controls by fiddling around with the settings, but even then I feel that's rather unforgivable. I was really hoping to use my G27 setup once I get my second gaming PC put together (that one will go out in the den with my big screen while my primary remains in my office), but given the way it handles with a game pad, I don't think it will be... #14.2
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I dunno, I was enjoying the beta up until you reach the content cap, which only takes about 30 minutes. I was not a fan of the random upgrade boosts from winning events, and feel that could be tweaked to give a better experience. (New brakes give me an acceleration boost? Really??) I also hated pretty much every song available, but decent rock and metal seems to be pretty difficult to come by as far as licensed music goes in most recent games.

That being said, the "re... #1.3
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I've never cared for CoD, but Battlefield and Assassin's Creed are two of my favorite franchises. They aren't perfect by any means, but they are fun to play, and that's what's important.

That said, there is no excuse for a game to be released while being buggy to the point of unplayable. Publishers need to stop stressing release dates and follow the "we'll release it when it's done" rule #2.1.8
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Then it's a shame they didn't just rename it and continue with development. The first Prey felt very gimmicky and lost my attention pretty quickly. The concept for Prey 2 sounded great, and I'm sad they canceled it. #1.3.1
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Perhaps you should learn how to do your job better. I mean, if you can't put together a decent gaming PC that you don't have to spend hours trying to figure out how to make it run games properly, you probably shouldn't be working on other people's machines. I say this speaking as a person who gets paid to fix computers.

The more likely scenario is that you've never played games on a PC before, and are trying to use the same boring excuses that other cons... #1.4.7
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I am really tired of that excuse against PC gaming. My PC defaults to 1080 for just about every game. If it doesn't, it takes 5 seconds to change it, and it stays that way. If my PC can't handle all of the graphics set to their highest settings, I adjust them and move on. Most of the time I don't have to mess with anything, and it looks way better than my consoles. #1.1.10
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Probably by adding gameplay changes and making the experience a bit different. For those rare people that haven't played the game, it's still the same great game it was when it was released, but with better visuals. For those of us who have played the game, it's still the same great game it was but with better visuals and some subtle changes to what we're used to.

Personally, I don't care if they never follow through with heists... #1.1.7
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That would imply that skill was used to pull this off. Seeing how easy a DDoS attack is, and how little effort has to go into it if you have the right programs, I don't think this qualifies. A quick google search, money for a VPN, and a decent sized group of people willing to do the same thing is all you need. #1.4.3
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The G25/27 not working on the Xbox 360 was completely Microsoft's fault, so it stands to reason that they should get some blame for not having the wheels work on the XB1 as well. #11.1.1
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