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This isn't Monster Hunter like you're thinking. It's an MMO that won't ever be localized out of Japan (and has been out on PC and Xbox 360 for years).

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I like it much better than the first honestly. I'm blown away by the game so far.

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I'm pretty stoked about all the Nintendo Direct announcements. It's great that Nintendo directly communicates to consumers, instead of just waiting for big PR-overblown trade shows to sell their games to us like SOME companies do.

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Lol pretty entertaining. Majora's Mask will always be the best of them though :)

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Yeah sorry I'm still just not interested. I wish this market had competition again... I wish all markets had more. Remember when that used to drive innovation? *is now super depressed about the idea that Apple is going to be able to ban all Android sales through the courts*

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Yeah, it would. I like a lot of their games.

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That'd be nice... I don't have a lot of hope for Black Ops 2 on Vita considering it looked so shitty they couldn't even show it.

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I don't think so. I think it'll just be something that becomes a standard sector of the industry.

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Poor Ninja Gaiden 3...

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Yes. Endings are changed in other "art" all the time. Dickens made the ending of Great Expectations happier. Doyle resurrected Sherlock Holmes. Ridley Scott fixed Blade Runner. It's fine, and doesn't detract from the greatness of the work. Instead it adds to it.

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I'm genuinely surprised by how happy I am with the new endings. They certainly exceeded my expectations.

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One of the better reviews, but still too low, IMO. I love the game. It's around inFamous level enjoyment for me, and the best superhero game this side of a Batman game.

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Wow. Awesome score. *is suddenly interested*

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This is a big disappointment for me.

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Most people don't actually play Civ in multiplayer because the games can take weeks, months, and even years (they can in singleplayer sometimes too, but not as often and you aren't going to annoy the other person if you decide to come back and play your turn hours later).

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I'm really psyched for the expansion. It'll be unlocked tomorrow when I wake up, and I'm sure I'll lose hours in it.

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Yay for the Hitchhiker's Guide quote.

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I would have bought it with online co-op...

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I'm kinda surprised this franchise is still going.

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I was blown away by this game. It was among my top 5 games at E3 this year. I hope lots of people are excited.

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