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I will be buying this one hard copy not going to make the mistake i did with Titanfall and COD ghost. Bored of those games and cant even trade them in

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"Timed exclusive still coming to PS4' -Sony Fanboys

Just like TitanFall? oh yeah wait........

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Im not knocking it but why would I rent for four hours at $2.99 when I can go across the street to a rental store and pay $3.00 for 5 days or red box it for $1.99 for 24 hours

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The rule about credit cards is learn how to use it to your advantage don't let it use you. I have a Amex card that my wife and I share. We charge everything all month long to it and at the end of the month we pay it off. Just this year alone I have 45,000 reward points for using the card which =$450 best buy gift card and no interest paid to date.

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I dont even know what to say to this

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@TheBUrger stop lying there is no way they offered you a $100 for in store credit

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Does this work if I have a receiver hooked up

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saints row?

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I'm not sure he is lying I could have sworn the buy 2 get 1 free deal through Amazon was only on PS4 games.

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I have worked in customer service and learned that if you are really nice the go way out of the way for you. It could be you had a rep that didnt give a faq. Other people on Neogaf also say that got overnight shipping

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lets see how many will be sending them back

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I got mine from Amazon and it was DOA


On a positive side their Customer service was awesome and they said they would overnight another one for me

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I think the way I'm going to do it is have my Xbox 1 in the main living room and the PS4 in my gaming room.

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As much as I cant wait to get my hands on a PS4 the Xbox 1 UI looks better "TO ME"

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Have you guys seen TitanFall? Here is proof Xbox 1 has better graphics

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Have you seen TitanFall?'

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I cant wait to get my PS4 on the 15th I already have a buyer for $700!

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Except play CDS .....

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It only does everything!!!!!!!!!!!

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I bet one of those titles isn't TitanFall!

Have you seen TitanFall?

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