PS4+PC is all you need now


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When Netflix cancled Marco Polo, I cancled my Netflix account and haven't looked back every since. That's how much I liked Marco Polo.

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Cold, brutal and savage. Would give you bubble if N4G still had those.

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Or when you games look like GCN games and not really doing much.

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What year is this?

AMD CPU-GPU build is the way for gamers right now.

1080Ti is overkill.

Also, 144hz freesync/g-sync > 4K craze.

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I would choose the larger player base and more content on PS4 over resolution.

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"Not only will this be the best place for all multi-plats" No It's not. I can spend $500 on my PC and get a way better experience than I could get on XBOX. 4K 60fps with no restrictions.

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A powerful console with no games for $499. lol Good luck trying to sell that.

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Nintendo is the joke of the industry.

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So your saying PS2 sold 155 million before PS3 was released? If so, you're wrong. Also, that means you expect PS4 to completely stop selling once PS5 is out. PS4 will be very cheap with a great library of games by the time PS5 is released. I don't think it'll reach PS2 numbers but it has a very great chance to become the second best selling console of all time and if that happens, It will be considered PlayStation's most successful console ever.

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I always laugh whenever I see something like this. I've lived in United States my entire life and I've never owned an Xbox console. Am I suppose to automatically buy it because it's "American" made? On the other hand I've owned every single PlayStation console since the PSX.

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I haven't played enough games last year to join this discussion but, I'm looking forward to the results.

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That's funny considering Revelations 1 was closer to the classics than RE7.

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As a long time Resident Evil fan, I have to agree with Foxtrot here. This Resident Evil is a little similar to the classics but the lack of enemy types, third person camera view and slow moving zombies makes this nothing like the classics. It's huge missed opportunity IMO. They did get the atmosphere right, but that's about it.

Edit: This Resident Evil feels like a light version of the classics.

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Switch is feeling more and more like Nintendo's final console.

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Crossfire RX 470 is a waste of money. Save your money and buy a better GPU like a single 1070 or 1080.

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Some PC gamers like myself also own a PS4, so not all PC gamers are port begging. It's been very clear since the beginning of this generation that a PS4 is needed to enjoy some very nice exclusives that wouldn't be found anywhere else.

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@ hirobrotagonist

As someone who owns a gaming PC and PS4. Some games just simply feel and play a lot better on consoles than PC. My PC can do 4k gaming on most current games, but there is still things that a console bring that my gaming PC can not match. I would play Nioh on my PS4 over my PC.

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