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Please take a moment to state some of those records Sony has broken left and right?

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Yet before the Pro and X, we wouldn't find tools like you on Digital Foundry articles downplaying zoom eyes for PS. Don't worry though, everyone knows majority play multiplats, and where those games will run better. Like Red Dead Redemption.

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I always said the same thing about Netflix...

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So what other forms of "renting video games" would your say are better?

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Opinion. What's your opinion on Netflix or Redbox or PSNOW while you're at it?

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In reality he goes the Japan and does the opposite of what your saying. Go watch the GiantBomb interview from after E3.

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80 million ps4s is a false number then.

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Only Digital Foundry can verify that, not fanboys on n4g.

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Sonics not smart enough to think maybe some people own multiple platforms. His fanboy thought process thinks people are locked into owning only one platform.

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When it comes to CD, your nobody to demand a game the way you want. Get over yourself.

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XBL was a paid service, PS3 was free.

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Correction, you HAD no choice.

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These fanboys find it really hard to understand that XBL was a paid service on 360 while online was free for PS3. MS didn't think it was fair for their consumers then. Now PSN is a paid service, it's more reasonable. But this is N4G, where fanboys and agendas circle jerk. Stop by PS4 reddit and checkout the top current posts.

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Playstation Now, doesn't make any sense

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So salty

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free beta for a game that's past it's time, good job downplaying another one.

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That's weird, cause Sony got deals on games like COD, and Destiny.

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Takes a jab at xbox controller, then KBM lays him out cold.

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why would you purchase it on xbox if your already playing it on pc?

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