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Gaming on LG B7 since October, haven't had a single issue with image retention or burn in, but have heard of it being an issue when researching. Previous TV was Samsungs best plasma. Highly recommend OLED if you had a plasma before.

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when the ps4 released, that was a great question, all you fanboys had were side by side comparisons

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wait why is the PSU the only thing plugged in? Do you even use your PC that much, or is that even a picture of your PC. If it is yours, bit better wire management them mine.

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So the Pro is the worst amongst the three.

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yeah this article sure is.

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yet the most played games are multiplat

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who promised 4k? aren't first party for both consoles the one that would be able to achieve 4k. guess upscaling looks better then native nowadays.

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killswitch never had an X. what a joke. With the prices of GPUs on the rise cause of mining, how much did you fork out for a GPU for your PC, a GPU that'll at least perform better then an X, and make up for your loss on selling the X?

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ya ps4 got all the remasters, and we're stuck with game pass that supposedly doesn't have any games

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you don't know what 4k is

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into your mouth?

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one day it's there are no games on Xbox, next day it's gamers on Xbox don't support their games. should probably pull your head out your rear end :)

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I guess the Pros worse after paying for remasters then.

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go buy remasters then.

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Supposedly Playstation has all of them. But doesn't look like anyone is playing them.

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