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It's his opinion but his prediction is flawed for two reasons.

1. Europe
2. Asia

You can't win a generation without conquering these two markets.

With all the advantages MS had this gen they still end up last this gen because they can't win in both Asia and Europe.

Come next gen MS will not have the same advantage they had before.

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Super star wars with the blaster and light saber was a blast.

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Or play any Uncharted.

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Perhaps the US but Globally no.

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Only one person got it.

A whole lot of bullshit over nothing.

I'll make it easy for you idiots above.

Candian Turtle is using a Koopa avatar. Mario jumps on his head which should make him mad at Mario.

Get it now idiots?.


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I read it here in one of his interviews. He was interview after the PS4 announcement and was asked why Sony didn't show the actual hardware.

He said there were some features they didn't want to show in advance. There are rumors that it is actually a port that will allow for hardware upgrade of some kind. Not sure. But i do remember reading it here on N4G.

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As they always have since the beginning. Long term vision plus games that caters for everyone.

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You must really hate Mario. I don't blame you.

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For me it was Uncharted. Still remember the opening scene on the boat which i though was CGI and then it transitioned to gameplay. My mother was around and she asked what movie i was watching lol!.

MGS4 though is the best PS3 exclusive for me though. Everything about that game is epic.

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Kaz said they have a certain hardware feature that they wanted to keep secret. I wonder what it is.

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As much as i want the next Uncharted at E3. I also want many new exciting IP's for the PS4.

What i want the most is a Sony first party developed RPG for the PS4.

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Good for Nintendo.

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Yes agree. People with low to mid range gaming PC's is what really is holding PC gaming back as well as piracy. I don't blame them though because not everyone can afford top of the line gaming PC's.

It's like the situation with 4K right now. Not many people can afford it as such devs will not spend much more money developing 4K content for only a few that can afford it.

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Well D3 while not as great as 1 and 2 is still better than 90% of games out now.

Blizzard have been dicks lately to the PC community but they are still wonderfully talented dicks.

Console only gamers are in for a treat.

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For me

MGS4,VC,DS,Infmous,LBP. These are the 5 games i have spent the most time playing this gen so they are the best for.

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The difference will be exclusives

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If they release a Killer Instinct on the next xbox i would really consider buying a next xbox.

Gears, Halo and Fable is not enough.

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There is no question PS4 is getting all the spotlight as far as next gen console is concerned.

This is a big plus for Sony as they will have more momentum and mind share going into E3.

The exposure the PS4 already has with gamers and devs is golden. Launch games like Watch dog for example people have seen will be on the PS4. They are seeing it over and over again that people will associate it with PS4.

I am sure we will see great things as we...

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Consoles are closed systems. If they can do this for some PS3 games i am sure they can do it for most PS4 games. Instead of them looking at 4K they have to at least try and get 1080P at 60FPS first.

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