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"ACII Black Edition is finally mine!"


Release date was broken like at the start of the week in some parts of the Middle East, I know 3 people with it already. Not surprised. Release dates are hardly ever adhered to these days when it comes to big releases (although the fact that a Witcher game is a "big" game now makes me happy). #10
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The only worry I have for the game is over-expectation. The speed at which the game has been funded and has reached its additional goals is incredible, but at the same time I think it will be extremely hard for the team to manage that because I do believe that a lot of people will expect a full game from this (as in not a downloadable €15/€20 title, not that that necessarily means it will be a worse game but it's just how I think when I look at a platformer like R&C being sold for €50... #2
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The PS2 game was pretty poor, only Leela's gameplay felt fun to me and even then all of the sections were quite drab and annoying. Futurama has gone the way of The Simpsons unfortunately, but at least we can pretend the new episodes after the Devil's Hands' episode never existed and that that was the real ending. #5
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Looks quite nice actually. I wonder what the sound quality is like, doesn't seem priced too high. #2
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Pretty much all Fire Emblem characters were at the lowest of the tiers (I think a list was made a few weeks ago in Japan actually, and Lucina and Marth were listed at or around the bottom of the whole Smash 4 roster). I'd say they got a boost. #2.1
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Well this is a surprise. You've done some wonderful work for N4G over the years cat, I wish you and your family well in the future and hope all goes well for you. You'll be missed (probably mostly by CGN as he'll have to do it all himself now :P). Take care Cat and thanks for everything! #37
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There's nothing "possible" about this. One of the scenes added just for the HD release that wasn't in the original and, well the intent of it and placing of it at the end of the game says it all. #4
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Er why would you buy a headset to listen to the soundtrack and also buy the soundtrack? I think the latter alone would suffice. #2
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YellowBulldog have other official Playstation items: #10
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There's a lot of things to do in Type-0 especially in subsequent playthroughs so I think this would definitely be a worthwhile purchase for anyone wanting it. I'm still playing through the PSP version (130 hours in now and on my second playthrough) but I'm still tempted to see if I missed anything. #3
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Thanks guys it's really appreciated! Congrats to the other winners! #12
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The car is secretly Cor. That's why he's nowhere to be seen one minute and the next is standing proudly defending Noct and co. #2.1
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No they haven't, R&C games have been consistently getting worse over time, especially since the transition to the PS3. #7
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What about Ireland? Nintendo UK don't ship here. :( #4
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lol #17
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Wow that's some serious attention to detail. #2
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The opening scene is probably worthy enough alone for being rated M. Then again there's also Emina's ass so yeah. #2.1
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Yeah it's kind of hard to tell what way Square wanted to advertise it. I mean throughout the game I guess he is shown off a little different to the rest since he uses cards to battle and some people think it's unique (which it is) and comment on it, but I guess it's a little difficult to nail it all down since there's no real one protagonist by any means in the game. #8.1.1
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I actually like it, like the gold theme although it's just another take on the typical "angry-stare white male walking towards the player". #8
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It's not just in the CE, it's in every "day one" copy of the game. #3.1.4
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