ACII Black Edition is finally mine!


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Welp looks like another gift for the GF sorted (does look like a decent pouch anyway).

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To be honest I think it needs to be from it. I'm looking at the future DLC expansions and honestly I can't see much more they can take from the original trilogy (in terms of maps and characters at least) to make it worthwhile.

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Man I was just looking for 2 and 3 on the European eShop this week since I've been in a MP mood and have heard those are the best. Hopefully we might at least get one of them at some stage.

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Online only? Didn't realise there was no offline.

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Happens with the majority of games these days. Battlefield 4 was broken for almost a year heck. I get they should be better than this on release but give the game more than a day for them to fix the issues, yikes.

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What the fuck, I thought this was a joke, I can't believe it.

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All I want is the alternate Japanese cover for the game, I NEED someone to upload a full one so I can print it out.

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Tell me about it, my GF can't get a grip of the camera analogue stick at all and it won't register with her how to use it. Guess it can be difficult going from 2D iOS games to that but I've been trying to figure out the best way to teach her how the two analogues work in conjunction.

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Still can't beat the best:

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I don't even think split-screen was great on Black Ops 3. One of the main reasons I bought it was to try it with my girlfriend but everything on screen is way too small, any writing (on any of the prompts for zombies, for example) is so unbelievably small unless you have an enormous TV that you can't read any of it. Then again perhaps these are the woes of someone without a 50 inch screen.

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And too little time. I got a PS4 when MGSV came out and have only gotten close to finishing all the main missions this weekend. I have Fallout 4 and Black Ops 3 awaiting me, have barely touched MGO, got a 3DS for my birthday and I already have like 6 games to play there, have PS3 games to still catch up on, and tons of WiiU ones I haven't even opened yet. But yeah, this Q4 has been difficult. I've had MGSV, Fallout 4, Black ops 3 and Rodea: The Sky Soldier so far, and Xenoblade Chroni...

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Oh no that's what I mean, I've been wanting to get on since the first day but haven't really had a long enough period of time free for it so I just left it but I forgot how on MW2 for example (on PS3 at least) it was almost impossible to play anything online until 3 days after it came out.

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Huh, maybe I've been lucky that I've been busy with work and have missed it, been so many years since I've played a CoD game that I'd forgotten how long the launch issues go on for normally.

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Well in fairness games do sell for just a tiny bit more than movie tickets do.

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Won't be shut down too quick, but will be left without support from an early stage. I guessed initially with everything going on that it would be left in that state shortly after the new year kicks in so yeah, I'm sticking with that. Not much different from MGO2 though if you remember.

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He posts the same comment on a lot of MGS articles, not as suave as you think.

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Hey now these could be handy for winter.

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In fairness the whole collectors' edition of a guide is a bit laughable but a good example of what the industry is at now. I'm sure soon enough we'll have standard guides, collectors' edition guides and then day one guides.

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The GTA wait was more like 2 months considering how broken it was, and we didn't get heists until about a year later which were advertised at the same time as everyone else.

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Damn, nowhere to buy outside of Japan, no? I might have to find a way to get that field shirt, not too fond of the in-game image on it but I love the rest.

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