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"ACII Black Edition is finally mine!"


Yo Gamestop better bring the Irish one down to €400 at least now considering all you've done is increase the price. #7
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Absolutely, I mean I've seen and known of a lot of MGS2's themes and the things it touches on but there are a lot of things (many smaller things and subtle touches) that I never noticed or even thought about before reading thing. #9.1.1
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Wonderful piece, I love when Eurogamer do articles like this. #9
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I know but I still feel like October was the worst month for it. But yeah August would have been perfect I think with it being relatively quiet at this time of year. At this stage they'd be better off waiting until February or so even, I mean I want it but for the sake of the title and further localisation efforts I'd prefer to see it do well and wait longer for it. #2.2.1
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True enough, but any further sales they hope for are unlikely to come until a price drop presumably. Then again with the rumours of this NX coming soon this could be one of the last bigger first-party titles for all we know on it. #2.1.1
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I thought this was confirmed about a week ago? Maybe it wasn't said officially. To be honest I think it's better for the game, an October release could be horrible for it. Not that November is hugely better but still. #2
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This is the West. I know it's not coming to North America and it sucks for you guys but you don't = the West. #1.2
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Kojima wasn't involved much in Portable Ops, not Peace Walker. But yeah PW was shit. But in relation to MGSV it is the most important title so the article isn't wrong. #4.3
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The question is about the timing of what he said in this article. Unfortunately, what he's working on with Kojima might very well not be a video-game. I suppose I can't blame him, he has tried a number of times to get a video-game up and running (with a good bit of help obviously since he's not experienced in this medium) but issues have always arisen and maybe he's just given up now. Still, when he said that he is working on something else with Kojima I obviously hoped it'... #4.5
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They actually look really nice and I love Puma. Will probably be mad pricey though. #6
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You said it has Adam Sandler so unfortunately I think you do know, and very well. :( #1.3
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I managed to nab an order from Amazon France recently but am hoping a store here in Ireland will manage to get it at some stage so I can receive it on day one, not missing out on MGSV when it comes out. For the rest of you wanting to import, keep an eye out here:

But it's gone up by €100 in the p... #15
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How are these cryptic? I mean they literally say that they will show something small off and it will be on Monday. That's pretty darn clear to me. #7
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Still got nothing on Game of The Year Edition. #14
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Sure was better than some of the awful English trailers that's for sure. #12
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I actually bought this about 2 years ago from eBay, everything inside the box was sealed which was surprising too. Never had the heart to open any of the stuff up though. The book really does have a neat metallic look though, and damn does Kojima look young in those photos. #6
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What sort of a question is this #2.1.1
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Yeah I thought we got a release date of August 26 or so in Europe. What happened to that? #4.1.1
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It would be nice, but Team ICO (or whatever I should call the team working on the game now since I'm not really sure right now) are well capable of making another brilliant unique world. If they all have some connection though? That would be pretty cool. #5
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Release date was broken like at the start of the week in some parts of the Middle East, I know 3 people with it already. Not surprised. Release dates are hardly ever adhered to these days when it comes to big releases (although the fact that a Witcher game is a "big" game now makes me happy). #10
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