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Good Read #1
wii u is as dead as a doornail. #1.3
really? #1.1.5
tomb raider was awesome, sooooo cool. #1
old article #2
haha foolish gullibility in the masses #1
heavy rain hit moms dads teens republicans democrats, free thinkers, atheists, capitalists socialists ect. #1
welcome to the darkside. #5
mouth sores

face hair

different color/shade of tan white or black.
wrinkles #5
ps4 port would be nice #2
im good with that.

D #4
i hope it has an offline switch just like gta 4 #1.1
nice name. it flows well, very exotic no hmo. #5
i believe in buying products that dont get flashing red lights and break on me the first day i buy it. i always buy sony headphones and consoles, thats where i'm loyal. i shopped at walmart and got $10.00 sony speakers that performed better than the other expensive brands. i am not loyal to any other electronic company because i have no reason to be. but sony is an acception. #3
resistance 1 rocked, 2 was ok, 3 was real good #7
best game for the move. #1
its customized in a way that if you bought the parts you couldn't make one.

hence the word tweaked. #5
thats like saying my honda civic with added 20hp will hurt a ferrari. #1
i think there scared that they cant fool the masses anymore with small maps and 60fps. and bf3 has em shaking. #1
catherine was pretty challenging, i cannot wait to play this with or #3
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