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Lol speak for yourself. I still play CoD4 on PC as do literally thousands of others to this day every now and then. The game may be "basic" compared to the newer ones, but that's a good thing. It's that very mindset of "ooh! so many random things, so much crap, so shiny!!!" that ruined most of the games that came after it.

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Times have changed. Dedicated game handhelds won't be nearly as ubiquitous as they used to be. I easily expect the Vita to be Sony's last venture into that realm -- they already gave up on making any actual software for it and pretty much only push it as a companion piece to the PS4.

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This is literally all it is. Shitfinite Warfare is trash and they know it, so this is just to entice people to pony up the extra dough to get an actual good game instead lol.

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"Every COD by Treyarch has been influenced by the Uncharted games."

Lolwat. Several Treyarch CoD's literally came out before Uncharted was a thing (CoD1: United Offensive, CoD 3) and I seriously doubt WaW and even Blops 1 took any inspiration from UC.

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Anybody who claims they don't see a difference is either completely ignorant to graphical tech or are blatantly trolling.

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People from the future apparently lol

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I wonder why they keep spamming that map in every CoD game. It was never a good map to begin with and then every recreation of it was somehow worse.

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The last game Infinity Ward did was Ghosts, which was and still is widely-reviled for being a huge pile of tepid feces.

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Modern Warfare had nothing to do with WW2...

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Reading this comments, it's hilarious how many people didn't even read the article lol. The author said in the second line that the CoD4 Remaster is the game that everybody was waiting for.

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I remember the constant, copious overheating of the original model, the insane jet turbine-levels of noise, and even regular reports of the power bricks failing or catching on fire. Yet somehow it's the best system according to the author, lol.

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Revolutionize console gaming? Fanboys said that for the Wii U and look how that turned out.

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There won't be any games exclusive to the PS4K, so not sure why this article was even written, let alone published.

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The 1440p mention was just as an option as an internal rendering resolution for downsampling, something a dev could use if they felt like it if they had the extra horsepower to spare. I don't and never personally believed any devs would target 4K for games, but Sony mentioned in their paper that the option is there for the Neo if devs so chose to go that route. Like you said, it'd make more sense and make a much more immediately noticeable impact to simply im...

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There could easily be 4k native games, they just wouldn't be pushing "AAA visuals". There were a handful of PS3 titles that did native 1080p60fps (though one of them used framebuffer magic to do so: WipeOut).

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Maybe he meant supersampling/downsampling support for video games, which would be somewhat plausible if the report of the GPU CU count being bolstered from 18 CU to 36 is true. No doubt the new chip will be die-shrunken down to 14nm LPP GloFo/Samsung as previously reported a long time ago. Must be one of those semi-custom design wins from AMD, of which there are two more (probably the X1 die-shrink -- whatever it'll be, and the NX chip.)

I guess it could work similarly...

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Moore's Law may have slowed down but many engineers have refuted the notion that they will be forever limited by it. GPU's have still been progressing at about the same rate they have been for ages now, with the only recent hiccup being the prolonged stagnation of the 28nm nodes, but that was because various foundries couldn't make a decent-enough 20nm node for big GPU's to sit on.

"Nothing but a cash grab"? That's what the entire business is,...

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You guys should all know by now that Kaleb is the resident contrarian SJW Supreme, so they're either incredibly delusional or just massive attention-whores. Don't feed them anymore.

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Our evolution and progression as a species is in a downward spiral -- a nosedive.

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"another WW2 shooter"

>implying WW2 shooters are even common these days.

Nowadays, everyone is aboard the futuristic/zombie/space bandwagon, and some are even still doing generic present-day ambiguously Middle-Eastern/Eastern-Europea n crap. WW2 -- which was much-maligned back in the day for being too numerous and infinitely ubiquitous -- would be ironically refreshing in today's landscape. I say bring it on.

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