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"Reach through the sky. "


Capcom didn't "switch to Nvidia" at all. Capcom already said in a press released late last year that just about all of their upcoming PC games will run on the Panta Rhei engine which has Mantle support built in.

This rumor literally begins and ends with this blog. I have no idea how this got approved. #9.2
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MGS5: Hygiene of the Patriots #10
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"Stage Kit support" rofl at that random Rock Band reference. #2
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"(even though they aren't financially doing amazing as Sony)."

wat.avi #2.2
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"There's absolutely nothing to indicate the order is smoother than other 30fps games."

You clearly didn't even read the article, since the dev explained precisely why.

"A 30fps game" is a very vague descriptor, since many games that "run at 30fps" do so with plenty of dips under said framerate, which introduces lots of frametime variance, which in turn introduces extra input lag and visual tearing and other artifacts, wh... #1.3.3
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I think the same. All trolling aside, he most likely isn't in. #1.4.1
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As someone who played Gold Edition on PS3 and played Vanilla RE5 on PC years back, yes, I care. A friend and I have been discussing the idea of getting the PC versions of RE5 to play thru it again and have a blast in the Mercs mode, but I was always miffed that the PC never got the DLC that the consoles did. Capcom said that they were gonna port the game from Games For Windows Live to Steamworks, so I guess this is when they'll do it -- with a full re-launch. And I'll be waiting with... #1.5
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Yep, Tekken 5 DR on PS3 had a full 1080p framebuffer and the game ran at a locked 60fps. And that was back in 2006, lol. #2.1.1
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"Many people" is relative, actually I'd say it's more shortsighted. For every pritzy enthusiast you see bragging about their 4K monitor on the internet, there's probably 1000 others who either don't have one or have no interest in getting one. 4K is far from mainstream today and it'll be a good while before it's mainstream for gaming as well. When 4K becomes mainstream, it'll be obsolete and the same people who were hyping it up will be talking about 8k o... #2.1.1
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"But wait!.... JUST TAKE. A. LOOK. AT. THIS." - Barry Burton, Resident Evil 1 #4
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You're just talking pure nonsense at this point. How can you sink 100+ hours into a game and then claim it "wasn't great" because it had flaws? Every game in existence is bound to have flaws. Hell, one of my favorite games of all time was the original Killzone on PS2, which I spent a solid 5 years playing because of the friends I'd met on it. Sure, the multiplayer and game overall had flaws, and lots of people bashed the game and wrote it off as mediocre, yet none of tha... #4.4
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He was his own worst enemy. I can't say I hate the guy though, he was just over-enthusiastic about the stuff he was doing, and had a tendency to overshoot the mark by going above and beyond what he and his team could actually achieve. At least he finally realizes this and sees that him keeping away from the press will leave people less salty. #12
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Probably because there's nothing remotely exceptional about the game in the first place. #1.3.2
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It was a virtually impossible task for him. Xbox in Japan has never been crazily successful as it was in other markets. It's a cultural thing mainly -- they can be really nationalistic over there, so they'd gravitate more towards Sony and Nintendo, two Japanese-born companies. Plus Xbox doesn't really have a lot of the types of games most Japanese tend to prefer, so there's that.

Hope he can rebound from this. #4
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Heists will be free, too bad no one will ever get to experience them because they'll never be released ;). #3.1
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The People's Champ, cuttin' an epic promo for the Xbox of all things. Maybe he was a fan of the system, or they simply paid him because of his immense star power at the time, lool. #5
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We are many, you are but one! #5
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It definitely wasn't an accident. This is far from the first time Nvidia have done something scummy like this. Or something as embarrassing (go to google and type in "Nvidia wood screws", for example.)

Not too long ago after mass attention was brought to this issue, Nvidia tried to claim the VRAM issue was a "feature". Now that they were called on that nonsense, they're admitting that they fudged it up. Pretty pathetic to lie to consumers rather t... #4.1
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Didn't Randy P. say that they wouldn't do Borderlands 3 for a while because they're not sure if they could top the ridiculousness of the second game? #6
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Forced? R* hardly ever even publicly speaks, they're not gonna cave in to random SJW's lol, at best they will laugh in their faces and mock them even harder. #5.1
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