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Blops 1 was the last one I liked and the last one I spent any money on. Didn't care for anything that came afterwards, though I did enjoy the hour or so I played AW when a buddy brought it over.

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Posts factually correct comment, gets downvoted

Never change, N4G

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Lol the only thing Gearbox did with Duke Forever is polish it up a bit and release it. The vast majority of the development was handled by like 500 different studios before they got their hands on it.

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Nope. Only the first two games needed to be remade, and thankfully we got that in the form of Kiwami 1 & 2. 3-5, Dead Souls, and Kenzan + Ishin should simply be remastered and (in the case of the latter two) transliterated for the West. Even if all that doesn't happen I'm just grateful that we're getting Kiwami 2 and Shin Ryu ga Gotoku in the future.

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Shenmue is the best forklift simulator ever!
But I'll stick to Yakuza when I want to have actual fun with a video game.

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Lol @ 'in the flesh' as if that's somehow more tangible and meaningful. I've met tons of fake-ass people in person, and many cool people in person. Ditto for online. You're interacting with human beings, not some bullshit abstract differentiation that exists only in your mind. Some of my closest friends are people I've met over ten years ago online. The reason is cuz our friendship extended far beyond just playing games together and we got to know each other on a more ...

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Pop Tarts lmao

I love how these stereotypical gamer foods are always the most unhealthy trash

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How is this news? You can go on deviantart and find a billion better cosplays of the same character with zero effort lol.

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Nice edge you got there. What's it like having zero self worth and being completely aware of it?

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Nah. No guarantee they wouldn't muck it up. EA admitted in an interview several years ago that the reason we never got a BC3 is because pretty much all the creative directors and talents responsible for those two games left DICE after BC2 came out.

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A lot of people still play OG CoD4, and that won't necessarily show up on Steam charts since it was never a game that outright required Steam to play online.

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PC gamers simply have higher standards when it comes to what their games need to have content/quality wise (not trying to sound snobby as I play on multiple platforms myself).

In essence, why would anybody spend $40 or more to play a game they already have (original CoD4) except with better graphics and no mod support, no server browser, and worse netcode? Makes no sense, so this isn't surprising at all.

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Tells people to respect his opinion whilst simultaneously saying anybody who believes otherwise is under a 'twisted delusion'

Seems legit.

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I feel like if somebody still had their 360 disc for this and had enough money to buy an Xbox One, they'd go ahead and just upgrade the game itself and buy the X1 version lol. Whatever. Guess it's good for convenience's sake...

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"Zero purpose" lol. Also lol @ calling it a cash grab, literally all the MG games were made to make money, this is no different. I've seen a lot of people admit that the game looks interesting to them, so whether or not anybody else thinks it looks bad or whatever doesn't make any difference. I just think it's hilarious how MG has always had outlandish nonsense in it, but the supposed "hardcore" MG fans suddenly draw the line at zombies lol.


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Gameplay doesn't save a game with a terrible plot and story lol.

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Lol I love how you get downvoted solely because you're optimistic about something you're looking forward to. Great community here.

"Oh noez, he's not hating on Konami! Where's muh pitchfork?!?!"

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You talk about getting offended, yet you and almost everybody else in this article are triggered over something that doesn't matter at all lol. CoD MP has never been about historical accuracy. It's always been a mindless arcade shooter with the WW2 backdrop simply there for thematic consistency as an excuse for all the fragging going on. Yet people these days just feel the need to get their digital pitchforks at the ready any chance they get to cry about having "m-muh SJW panderi...

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>Implying on Americans make that mistake.

Get real lol.

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