Reach through the sky.


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Do you ever say anything that isn't braindead stupid?

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What was that event or whatever? Context I mean lol. Sounds bizarre.

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So Nintendo is actually insane...

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Nintendo continues their long-standing tradition of being that annoying contrarian hipster who deliberately ignores all time-tested trends and ideas, even if said ideas are blatantly superior to their own.

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Get a load of this guy, LOL!

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A comment like this is just emblematic of the sheer depths of insecurity so many gamers have lol. You want somebody to be banned just because they post legit factual information that you don't like because it paints your console of choice in a bad light? Grow up lol.

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This is a completely arbitrary definition of what "art" is. I guess by the same token we can conclude that a painting or a sculpture isn't art either because after all, it's just materials and colors, right?

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While it'd indeed be awesome, the game wouldn't sell well most likely. The first three games were critically acclaimed and beloved by fans, but didn't have mass market appeal. At least there's the fan project called 'TimeSplitters Rewind' to look forward to.

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WaW was a good game with an epic campaign, and was the game that started the whole Nazi Zombie craze. Black Ops 1 is my favorite CoD in the whole series and had the best campaign due to its dark narrative and psychological thriller elements. I know CoD3 received a lot of shit, but they literally made that game in less than a year under orders from Activision, and the game itself was fun as hell. I liked the multiplayer more than CoD2's... Never really understood why people acted like Trey...

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Even though I played the game and didn't really enjoy it, I gotta give props to Treyarch for continuing to support the game with new content over a year after it released.

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Lmao holy shit

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This. Xinput wrappers ftw.

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Real life Islamist extremists have been known to use female fighters for freaking ages now lol. Russian Ultranationalists would do the same, in fact there have been numerous female Eastern European terrorists IRL as well. So it's not even out of the norm, and the game is in a fictional setting anyway, so they can do what they want.

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If you ever have ISP issues or the Ubisoft servers go down, you have a SP game that is a complete doormat and has no actual purpose anymore. It's unnecessary and it's stupid.

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CoD4 is hugely populated on Steam to this day. I play it regularly with a good stable of friends. Tons of populated servers of all gametypes. Most guys I've seen on various servers treated the reveal of MW Remastered with either indifference or outright antipathy, mostly because they don't care about the prettier graphics when there is no custom dedi server support, no mod support, matchmaking-only, and tons of other nerfs from the original CoD4 PC version.

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The co-op was awesome. The campaign itself was good to great until it got to the Cuba missions at the end. Those totally blew.

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You are way too insecure about a little review score. This may blow your mind, but maybe, just maybe the reviewer played through the whole game and simply didn't enjoy it that much. That's how the world works, not everyone will like the same things. I doubt any site could be so naive to believe a "clickbait review" will cause mass disruption when as we can clearly see, most gamers are insecure fanboys who make their minds up well before a game even comes out and before they ...

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Just because it might be the norm doesn't mean everybody should bend over and accept it.

And it's only the norm because idiot gamers keep buying into all this nonsense.

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Tell me about it. Seems most gamers are insanely insecure as people, and need some arbitrary authority figure to agree with their sentiments and ideals in other to feel validated. It's pretty pathetic. People are acting like a 7/10 means a 3/10 or something. I almost forgot that these days if a game doesn't get a 9/10, it's trash apparently.

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