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Chairman is basically an honorary title, plus he is only staying in that role to the end of the year, he hasn't announced any plans beyond that.

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Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku is a great series in general. I've been playing Dead Souls lately and already clocked in 70 hours from the main story + substories and sidequests lol. These games have a ton of content and stuff to do without the need of microtransactions.

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Gotta love these types of dismissive trash tier comments that go "i haven't had any issues period maybe ur just bad huehuehuehue"

You couldn't possibly showcase your ignorance harder when you say shit like that. CoD has had terrible netcode issues for AGES now and it's utterly baffling that it hasn't been fixed yet. It must be something buried deep in the game's code because this sorta crap has been in the series since CoD4. Getting shot aroun...

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People really do love finding ways to get rid of their money. Pay all that cash for a system, the game, and then pay more just to not even play it lol.

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I would love a new Burnout but I don't wanna see Burnout get ruined by being centered around MT's.

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I lost it at "just give me your wallet!" 😂

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LMAO This review tho!

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RIP Respawn. Wonder how many years it'll take before they go kaput.

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Companies do this because it actually does work. Many people will spend exorbitant sums just to get bragging rights or to feel 'relevant' and 'hip' by owning something that has brand/celebrity association - anything to assuage and satify the ego, basically.

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*Literally kills the series off*

"Hay gaiz we made it! Letz celebrate topkek lelelelele"

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Why are Sonic games still being made

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What a great time to be a gamer.

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I remember in No One Lives Forever 2, there was an Easter egg that poked fun at EA. It listed their initials as "Evil Alliance"

That was in 2002. EA still sucks.

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EA has killed off so many of my favorite franchises that I've lost count. They can burn in hell and they haven't gotten a penny from me in years. GG lol

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Early Access on Steam is pretty much straight up AIDS. The amount of absolute trash on Steam is mind-bending and PS4 owners should be glad they don't have to sift thru such trash when they wanna browse a storefront.

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You CAN sell in-game skins for real world money in games like CSGO. Or at least you could, it's been ages since I heard about it. But there was a big controversy over people losing money and whatnot gambling for skins in CSGO not too long ago.

Hell, on Steam in general you can sell virtually anything in your inventory, whether it's games, trading cards, wallpapers, game skins, etc for real money for your Steam wallet. Or even paypal payments outside of it with priv...

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Based Gods Sony keeping their console locked off for no good reason besides being paranoid and arrogant.

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Nothing will beat WWE Day of Reckoning 2 for me. Easily the best gameplay I've ever experienced in a pro wrestling game, yes and that includes all the coveted N64 titles. Fitting since DoR2 was made by the same people who made those titles.

DoR1 was also great and so was WM XIX. Smackdown vs Raw 06 is also a brilliant game. HCTP as well.

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He can have ideas, but that doesn't make them any good. Some people aren't cut out to be game designers and unfortunately many actual game designers have shit tier ideas just like that.

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Blops 1 was the last one I liked and the last one I spent any money on. Didn't care for anything that came afterwards, though I did enjoy the hour or so I played AW when a buddy brought it over.

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