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"Reach through the sky. "


Yep, headphones > headsets any day. I love the high sound quality and clarity of some headphones I use like the Sony MDR-ZX600's and MDR-V6's. I never really bought into any of the "gamer"-branded nonsense, like gamer headsets and soundcards. I'd rather go with a much more neutral, accurate sound with a natively flat frequency response. I'm an audio purist, not an audiophile, so I'd rather use an analog pair of cans with a clip-on mic or a mic on my neck or si... #9.1
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You can't stop me, you busta Carl! #7.2
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Much truth. Back then, the only thing that mattered was whether or not the game was fun. None of this trolling on the internet complaining about how this game has 50 less pixels in the framebuffer than this game, or PC vs. console BS. Everyone was just happy to be a gamer. Nowadays, it's just a nonstop trollfest. I really don't know how that came to be, but I'll never forget the 90's. #1.1.6
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Dude, Romero was fired from id before Quake 2 even came out. So no, lol. #6.2
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They're the minimum specs, not recommended. #4.1
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They want you to buy the PC version so they can try to milk you for the DLC easier. #2.1.2
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Only the naive and overly-idealistic would disagree with you.

Remember GTA IV? Game was hyped beyond high heaven, and got nothing but 9's and 10's when it came out. This was clearly due to hype, as that game was immensely flawed, and it was clear that on a gameplay-level, the game was inferior to San Andreas. Most people didn't wanna admit this until much later. Those reviewers clearly were right aboard the hype train just as the gullible fans were.
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What's it like talking to yourself? #1.1.1
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I hated that fat bastard Big Smoke right then and there.

All you had to do was NOT SUCK ASS AT AIMING, BIG SMOKE! Lost count of how many times I had to restart that mission because Smoke couldn't hit shit. #4.1
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Gotta love clickbait articles. Yeah, post some high-resolution, super-low bitrate screenshots. That'll definitely show the step up in quality. /s #5.2
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Wow... that was cringe-worthy. This is Tekken in name only. #7
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Doesn't take a genius to realize this is nothing more than PR trying to hype the game up. Every year these games get hyped to infinity, then people buy it and then bitch about how garbage the game is and how little it innovates. AW will be the same. No point in trying to pretend it'll be "game-changing" when it's the same goddamned thing as has been done before.

Titanfall was supposed to be a revolution, the best FPS ever made acc... #6.1.2
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It's not innovative if it's been done before. This shit is literally the same stuff that's been in the series already, just re-named. #2.2.2
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WTF @ that image, man... #3.1
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Hardly anything is known about this, yet people threw their money at the kickstarter anyway? Wow... #3
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Don't be ridiculous. You're throwing a tantrum because PC gamers want more games? Why would you be happy that the game gets released on LESS platforms, therefore generating even less revenue than it potentially could? Fighting games enjoyed a boom a few years ago when Tekken 6, Street Fighter IV and a few other titles came back, but has steadily declined since then. It's mostly just the hardcore/faithful fans that play them now. There's no reason for them to not try to bring t... #10.3
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Funny that you try to pull the "PC Master Race" card, when in reality, as tee_bag said, all of the Tekken games release in ARCADES first. And Harada is a noted PC gamer and has expressed interest in bringing the series to Steam for some time now. #8.2
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Yeah man, it's only this site conjuring up false propaganda to make EA and DICE look bad. I mean, the fact that DICE themselves came out and admitted how screwed up BF4 is earlier this month was just a coincidence. The fact that tens of thousands of players have been voicing their annoyance that the game is still broken over half a year after launch across multiple platforms doesn't actually mean anything, right?

Seriously, damage control harde... #2.1.3
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I hope so. I don't feel like buying a PS4 just yet, would be very convenient to have T7 on PC, especially considering other Namco games are on Steam, T7 is on Unreal Engine 4 which would make a PC version no problem, and lots of other modern fighters are on Steam as well. #6
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All very true. One thing that is sadly ironic is the same devs who will possibly berate DooM for having linear level design are the very people who give every Call of Duty game 9's and 10's every year. It's hypocrisy at its finest, really.

No health regen and being able to carry all weapons at once were FPS staples back in the 90's and early 00's. Glad to see these conventions returning in the new game. #5.2
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