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"Reach through the sky. "


i don't even #7
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I'd love RE5 and RE6 remasters just for Mercs mode. #4.1
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THUG 1 is my favorite in the series. I would love another game like that, and not like THUG 2. That whole Bam Margera jackass thing was stupid as hell imo. #21.1
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MGS V will be the last thing I ever buy from them. #4.1
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I would pay $60 for a Burnout HD Remaster (complete with online play!) because that game was just THAT awesome. I love that game to bits. Such an amazing gem. #4.2
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Not-so-Noisy Slopes #2.3
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What do you mean "finally"? That ship sailed a long time ago. #7
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Season Pass prices have been going up over time. Won't be long before Season Passes will cost the same as the damned game itself. #13
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I'd not seen that before. Before they just said it was on hold:

But that was from 09, most likely it's either canned or perpetually on the backburner for now. #1.3.3
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I used to play the shit out of co-op with friends on WaW. So stupid how no game after that had campaign co-op in the series. #6
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Actually they later came out and said it was "on hold" -- they said the same for The Getaway 3. The truth is, they put those two games on hold to develop stuff like EyePet and SingStar games, because they were really hot and profitable games over there in Europe apparently. Total BS, since both of those games (Getaway 3 and Eight Days) were two of the games I'd gotten my PS3 for back in early '08... #1.3.1
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Konami ID was one of the dumbest shit-tier ideas ever. It was incredibly pointless to make people have one of those ON TOP of the pre-existing PSN usernames on MGO2. #5
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Deus Ex didn't invent the concept of human augmentations. Eidos didn't even create the series. #18.1.1
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This. As much as I've shat on CoD since 2008, Deus Ex isn't the originator of augmentations done on humans, nor many other cyberpunk and dystopian tropes featured in the game. The whole "future warfare" and "evil corporation" thing was done a billion times in the 90's alone. Hell, that sort of thing was literally the 90's version of the "modern warfare in the middle east/somewhere in Eastern Europe killing evil brown dudes and evil russians" clich... #5.1
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Thanks for the heads-up, man. #1.1
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It felt more like 3 seconds in the older games (the 2D ones) lol. #5.2
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Don't underestimate the stagnant population of dudebros and easily-amused peeps out there. #11.1
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This whole "next-gen" thing turned into a buzzword over the past few generations. People don't even know what it means. We're in the current gen now, with PS4, X1, and yes, Wii U. They're all 8th generation systems. They aren't defined by anything else other than the fact that they came out in the same generation.

You can run AW on older PC's running hardware from 5 years ago, does that mean it's an "old gen" game suddenly? No. <... #2.2
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GTA5 is immensely overrated. Huge map with hardly anything to actually do in it besides shittier mini-game versions of real-life stuff (golf, tennis, arm-wrestling? come on lol). Boring story with unlikable and forgettable characters everywhere, and two of the three playable protagonists are inconsistent in character and the other is boring because he's underdeveloped...

Sure, you can have fun playing it, and the game looks amazing, but it's not the pinnacle of gamin... #1.2.7
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You can easily buy one of these and use them as a gamepad on PC for use with games and/or emulators. They work great for such uses. #11
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