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"Reach through the sky. "


Left 4 Dead 3, aka Left 4 Dead 1.3. No thanks. #6.1
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Think about all the HL fans out there in the world that literally died before they could see the resolution of the story. I mean, really. That's how much time has passed, that probably hundreds, if not thousands of HL fans have died from various causes before they could see how the series (or at least HL3/EP3) ended. All because glorious lord Gaben wants to take his sweet time because he knows for a fact that no matter what they do with HL3, it won't live up to the insane expectations... #5.1.1
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"Look at Kamiya; he doesn't care if people criticize Bayonetta, because he's proud of it and wouldn't change a thing about it."

Hideki Kamiya has done TONS of rants on twitter railing at dumbass fans and insulting the shit out of them, rofl. Worst possible guy you could've used to support your statement. #6.1
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It was a legit fun game if played in co-op, and the Mercenaries Reunion mode was friggin' sick. #2.2
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The Gold Edition moves over to Steamworks. #1.1
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Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty 3, and World at War already had vehicles. #2.3
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Did you see The Evil Within? Not exactly a masterpiece. #8.1
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I remember back when I'd put a disc in my system and it'd just boot up with no BS. And rarely did they even need patching because the devs tried their hardest to make sure the game was as stable and technically sound as possible before shipping. #1.5
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Correction/amendment: Mainstream modern music sucks. #5.8.1
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Harmonix > every other rhythm game dev (although I still love DDR...) #4.2
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Outside of shadows being omitted or understated and some particle fx and stuff being removed, they look almost identical. Wat. #2
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The denial is real #7.1.1
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SH2 was nice, but it's pretty overrated. SH1 is still my favorite after all these years, with 3 being a very close second.

Even if those guys came back, there's no guarantee they'd necessarily make a great game. It seems like people just want another SH2 rehash rather than something new and progressive. #2.2
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Only in year 2, loool. I recall PS3 actually launching with video chat. #3.1
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It's like being competent is a sin or something.

Tecmo Guy 1: Well we're gonna bring this newest iteration of DoA to PC. To save time and money, let's port it from the console.
Tecmo Guy 2: Okay, we're gonna port the current-gen console build right? I mean it's already natively coded in x86 just like modern PC games, and uses the same type of GPU tech found in modern PC's as well. Should be a snap right?
Tecmo Guy 1: What?! Are you cra... #3.2
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Only a month after getting married? Goddamn, that's beyond tragic. R.I.P brother. #7
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GG, went to the page and my avast blocked some malware. Don't visit. #2
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How could it be difficult? Gearbox, you already brought all the previous Borderlands to PC, and you made them in x86 by necessity, and since the consoles have CPU's that run on that same ISA, I don't see what the problem is. Hell, even the graphics in both of the consoles are using the same commercial graphics IP that anyone can buy for use on the PC. It should've been a straightforward porting process.

This seems like propaganda to try to get more people to buy... #6
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I remember playing the original BiA on PS2 back in the day. Great game for sure, very brutal in terms of realism and difficulty. A fresh take on the WW2 genre, would be nice to see a new one. #5
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I don't care what the Sony guy said. What matters is what the actual devs, the people making it said, and they never said it was in-game, so get over it. #3.2
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