Reach through the sky.


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Durrrr how dare u call out blatant click bait with tits, must b ghey m I rite gaiz????

Holy shit the sheer idiocy on this site.

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The game's skill ceiling was non existent because of that, lol. So much wanton nonsense and literally everything was OP.

It'll be hilarious to see MW2 Remastered left exactly like the old game was balance-wise, yet they dogpile a bunch of new weapons and shit on top of it with loot drops just like MWR.

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Twitch chat is very seldom even worth acknowledging. When you have a significant amount of peeps in there, it's just the most low-effort memefest emoji spamming garbage because everybody's egos go wild and they want to get their shit in for a chance of being noticed or whatever. It's stupid and when you have so many people spamming the chat every nanosecond, you can't even read anything.

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BO4? Was hoping they'd do something new. Not really looking forward to more exosuit shenanigans.

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I remember that game. Was tough as nails, although some of the difficulty was artificial as hell.

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Ugh, pass. If it really is WW2 I'm instantly skipping it. Do some new already.

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I didn't like the way X-2 shat all over the bittersweet ending from X.

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Him being fired makes perfect sense. Think whatever you will about his ideological and political stances, but he was an employee of that company and the stuff he said is sensitive and offensive in nature because those are topical issues which are fairly taboo and sensitive in nature. As an employee if you put that type of shit out there, it makes the rest of the company look bad as a result simply by association. That can lead to PR blowback and they don't want to upset investors.

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For anyone who has used these before, what is the audio quality like and how long do they typically last off a single full charge?

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A lot of people will probably pick this up just for the FC3 Classic Edition

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Kaz is planning his retirement. He requested this move. Get a clue, dude

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I don't see how anybody can be like "day one buy bro!" for any game these days, let alone a Bioware/EA game. Andromeda was a disaster and every other EA game has been controversial for all the wrong reasons. I doubt this game will go by unscathed.

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Same happened to me, man. A friend of mine was telling me repeatedly I should play it and after a while I finally caved and listened to her. Then I played for about 4 hours and was done. Was just way too boring to keep going lol.

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I didn't play the games *for* the story but it having a good story doesn't hurt the game at all. THUG1 had a good one and then THUG2 shat all over it (quite literally in some cases.) Oh well.

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THUG1 was great and my overall favorite, THUG2 had great gameplay but had a shitty story and atmosphere. All downhill from THUG2.

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Yeah, this is why I just don't play these shitty games. Why volunteer to put up with this type of crap? No thanks lol.

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Damn even the Vita gets hit?

Reminds me of the 6th console gen when tons of servers for awesome games got shut down anywhere from 2 to 4 years after they initially launched.

Better enjoy whatever games' online components you can while you can before they get wiped out of existence.

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They're gonna have microtransactions in RDR2 as well so there's no need for them to worry about losing their customers lol

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Korea would only offer a change in terms of scenery and aesthetic, most of the weaponry and armaments were the same as WW2.

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I love all the people telling you the game WAS good as if it's an objective fact lol. The campaign was a total joke, somehow more linear than the last games wher if you try to go off the main path in any fashion you get punished for it. A lot of the set pieces were outlandishly stupid (like the derailed train) and the gameplay suffers from the endlessly respawning enemies until you reach some invisible trigger barrier like some of the earlier games as well. Plus the narrative was mediocre...

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