Reach through the sky.


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This makes no sense. The game isn't that far away from release.

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Okay, fair enough. I can agree with that sentiment. I think some of the criticism has been overblown myself as people definitely have this tendency to hop on any bandwagon they see, whether it be a positive or negative one. A lot of people most certainly did it just to get site hits.

The game is demonstrably flawed but even Angry Joe pointed out that underneath all that, if you like Mass Effect, it's still worth playing and not a "bad" game overall.

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As opposed to monotonous grinding against trash mobs and braindead spamming of mini-bosses ad neaseum?

"Oh look, there's a new raid boss! Let's play the same map we've played 500 times already with only a minutia of difference for a 5% chance at getting any good loot!"

*rinse & repeat*

See I can do that too.

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"Everybody else does these scummy practices, therefore it's okay for Activision/Bungie to do it too."

Have fun being a brainwashed conditioned sheeple.

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Love how your username is "justanopinion" but yet you and all the others here are so insecure about somebody else's opinion and review score. I don't see why people can't just get over the fact that others won't like the same things they do as much or at all. And a 5/10 is pretty much "Average", not "Horrible".

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Looks great if you don't see it in motion... or one of the many horrific screenshots out there.

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One of my favorite PS2 games. Was a nice change of pace from the wacky GTA games at the time. I literally bought a PS3 because I was expecting to be able to play The Getaway 3 at some point, but alas that time never came.

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Why would it be? No way Rockstar/Take Two would just randomly axe GTAO, which is a huge revenue stream for them. They've been making mad bank off the Shark Cards for years now.

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Illusion of choice my ass. The games never had that motif as a thematic element. Prior to ME3's release the devs kept repeating ad naesuem that everybody should hold on to their game saves and that every plot thread and loose end they'd expect to get tied up and resolved, would. Then the game came out and all of that turned out to be a lie with a bunch of blatantly rushed "endings" that were filled with obvious plot holes and inconsistencies.

At least the...

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How is he the problem when he literally finished the game? You don't even need to play the game to see how bad the AI is.

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"Call of Duty World at War did WW2 long before Battlefield. "

Battlefield 1942, anyone?

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WaW was WW2 and it was basically CoD4 set in WW2. Even CoD3 had little bonus perks you could unlock on a round-by-round basis by performing well.

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Kyro, everything you said was exactly what I was saying when that game first came out. I think it went over a lot of peoples' heads because they simply couldn't comprehend those criticisms and could thus only retort with "u mad cuz u bad" even though I was pretty much always at the top of the scoreboard in that game, lol. Or some other inane emotional comment, which shows that they simply never played any shooters that required actual skill and autonomy to excel in.

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None of the games were ever like that. You always had to go out of your way to even develop the romance to the point where the super-brief sex cutscene would even happen. I'll never understand why insecure people complain about things like this even existing when at no point the game forces you to experience it, lol.

"I have a personal aversion to this thing, therefore nobody else in the universe should get to see it!"

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Even if one uses the full 10 scale (which they should), this score implies the game is above average... Which I think is actually being too generous to the game. The game is definitely a mediocre wasteland of a product, and with a $40 mil. dollar budget and 5 years of development time, this type of release is completely unacceptable and critics should be shitting on it and letting publishers like EA know that this type of thing shouldn't be happening.

But I've been...

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Rendering a game at 4K res doesn't magically invalidate all the issues it still has.

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All three games had their moments. Good memories of me and a buddy going thru the split-screen co-op in R3 on the hardest difficulty you have from the start lol. Was disappointed with the ending though. We sat thru those long-ass credits only to get sent back to the main menu lol

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Holy fuck @ the second one. It's horrible! Looks like some pre-alpha footage filmed right after they just got through testing to see if a cutscene would even function properly.

And the first one... Is Ryder meant to be getting fucked there? What even

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I remember that. The excuse they gave for why they canned that beta didn't even make sense to me. I had to re-read it like two more times and was like "huh? why is that a valid reason to can it?"

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Why does it seem like the character models/graphics look last-gen in terms of poly count and textures? And why can't Bioware ever make good faces? Everybody looks weird as hell, lol.

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