Reach through the sky.


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Tells people to respect his opinion whilst simultaneously saying anybody who believes otherwise is under a 'twisted delusion'

Seems legit.

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I feel like if somebody still had their 360 disc for this and had enough money to buy an Xbox One, they'd go ahead and just upgrade the game itself and buy the X1 version lol. Whatever. Guess it's good for convenience's sake...

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"Zero purpose" lol. Also lol @ calling it a cash grab, literally all the MG games were made to make money, this is no different. I've seen a lot of people admit that the game looks interesting to them, so whether or not anybody else thinks it looks bad or whatever doesn't make any difference. I just think it's hilarious how MG has always had outlandish nonsense in it, but the supposed "hardcore" MG fans suddenly draw the line at zombies lol.


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Gameplay doesn't save a game with a terrible plot and story lol.

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Lol I love how you get downvoted solely because you're optimistic about something you're looking forward to. Great community here.

"Oh noez, he's not hating on Konami! Where's muh pitchfork?!?!"

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You talk about getting offended, yet you and almost everybody else in this article are triggered over something that doesn't matter at all lol. CoD MP has never been about historical accuracy. It's always been a mindless arcade shooter with the WW2 backdrop simply there for thematic consistency as an excuse for all the fragging going on. Yet people these days just feel the need to get their digital pitchforks at the ready any chance they get to cry about having "m-muh SJW panderi...

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>Implying on Americans make that mistake.

Get real lol.

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Buying a digital game on a console gives you nothing more than a license to download and play the game for as long as you want* (*for as long a distribution platform is online and/or has its servers functional, barring things like outages and DDoS attacks where if you don't already have the game installed, you're SOL)

I own many digital titles for various platforms on PS3 and the PS3 actually tells you what the expiration date is for any title (IF there is one, and ...

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"Uncharted 4 is Uncharted 3 is Uncharted 2 is Uncharted 1.... "

Way to expose yourself as never having actually played any of them, lol

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She's super fun to play, too. The only games she missed was Tekken 4, and Tekken Revolution. It's bullshit that they left her out, and they can't use the 'clone' excuse because after Tekken 3 she didn't play anything like Nina.

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Tons of people bought the game just BECAUSE it had mod support, just like GTA IV and San Andreas before it. So yes, once prospective customers read these negative reviews and see that modding is basically dead, they won't buy the game, and thus that's less money for R*. The only reason Cockstar doesn't see killing mod support as a bad thing is because of the insane money they get from microtransactions, which are only relevant due to the absurdly inflated virtual economy in the ga...

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SP-only games aren't a problem at all. I honestly can't imagine how a MP mode of any sort would even work in this game.

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Weak CPU haters? Lol come on, you fanboys are ridiculous. The Jaguar CPU in the modern consoles is a weak core comparatively speaking. It's a physically small core and wasn't ever designed to stack up to contemporary big cores on the desktop landscape. Destiny 2 is one example of CPU bottlenecks prohibiting 60fps even on the X1X.

Path of Exile is not a demanding game. I used to play it a few years ago with a friend and it was super easy to max it out and maintain a...

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It's 30fps on all consoles, yet someone the Xbox One X will run it better than all the others, lmao

You people have no idea what you're talking about. The reason the 30fps cap is there is due to CPU limitations. The GPU might be stronger but that doesn't magically alleviate the CPU bottleneck.

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All of this. I just love how they all have such strong personalities and aren't hindered by bullshit obligations to shill out for various publishers and companies. It's nice that they're 100% impartial and honest. Been a fan pretty much since the site's inception.

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I used to play the SHIT out of that game, lol. So many awesome mini-games. I only played a demo of the sequel and don't remember much about it. They definitely need to bring that back.

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Here in a first-world country, bandwidth caps don't exist as a form of practicality, they exist purely because it's a classic form of captialism where it's all about the companies making as much money as possible. Introduce an arbitrary data cap and then charge users extra fees for going over it just because they can. It's even more absurd today when people are looking more to digital entertainment than ever before and thus are doing tons of high-resolution video streaming and...

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Unlimited sprint has not been in the game for over a decade. The sprint feature itself has been in the series since CoD1: United Offensive, the 'sequel' to CoD 1. The first game in the series to have a way to sprint forever was MW2, which was only available via the Pro version of a perk. The first game to have a way to extend the sprint duration was CoD4, with the Extreme Conditioning perk.

The vast majority of CoD games have not had unli...

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It was a damn good run. I have no intentions on parting with either of my PS3's (an old 2nd gen 80GB Motorstorm bundle model and a SuperSlim from 2012) anytime soon. Still useful systems for PS1/PS2 Classics and other PS3 games I've still yet to get around to playing.

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