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Somehow I get the feeling that you never had a PS4 to begin with. What about all the canceled X1 games or canceled PC games? Did you sell any of those too if you had them?

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Nice shit-post "bud".

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So much this. I remember back in 2001, all the game mags were going crazy talking about the cloth physics, particle fx, post-process fx and other bells & whistles when ICO came out. Same went for SotC. Those games looked amazing and had the story/atmosphere/gameplay to back them up.

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Not like he's really missing anything significant.

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I call BS on all the people saying they bought a PS3 for Linux. On the PC landscape, Linux users make up less than 1% of the total users. It's a super niche subset of the PC userbase. You might go on forums and see quite a few people using Linux or talking about it, but then you have to remember the fact that even THIS site is a super niche subset of "gamers" if you will, and thus we are just a loud minority.

OtherOS was a niche feature that was there because...

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You can find tons of shit like this on deviant art from Russians, Asians, Brits, etc. Got nothing to do with being a "Western thing"

And sex sells, who gives a shit lol

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This. I remember I used to get attacked on this very site for saying the ending was crap. Some dude wrote up a fucking thesis paper on why I was a terrible person for mentioning the ending was bad a year after the game came out. You wanna see real lunacy, go to the Bioware forums. Jesus.

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Yep. Total misleading headline but as usual tons of dullards bought into it hook, line, & sinker without even doing research or reading into it. The article omits critical information (the actual full quotes from Phil which he already gave at E3 earlier) then fashions an entire new article out of what info they decided to conveniently retain for their agenda.

MS won't be bringing anything to Steam anytime soon, let alone "all" their games. Even after they...

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The Share button is tiny. How could it even be a problem?

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That's pretty shitty compared to the DS3.

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I never understood people who said the DS3 had crappy battery life. Mine used to last ages between charges.

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That wasn't Silent Hills. P.T. had nothing to do with Silent Hills, Kojima went on record saying that multiple times. They didn't even have any real work done on SHs by the time it got canceled.

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But his point stands. You still have to pay $80 (minimum) to play it, regardless.

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RE fanbase, stay classy. Didn't really matter what Capcom would've done, there'd be tons of doomsday rants like this one posted everywhere. Yet the games always ended up selling like gangbusters anyway.

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Scorpio is a machine with an APU that is capable of processing in excess of 6 TFLOPs, theoretically. There's no way that will be cheap, meaning it will have enthusiast pricing. How many console gamers really even know what this deeper-level technical stuff even means? Maybe there will be some people who have more money than sense who will buy them, just because they know on a rudimentary level that it's more powerful, but for the sane and sensible people, for that money, you're be...

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Like seriously... if all first-party games are coming to PC, what's the damn point in having an Xbox? Makes no sense.

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New Tenchu finally?

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If I pre-order it, can I get a collector's edition space hip?

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"We don't really have a clue what we're talking about, but here's a provocative headline to help drive pageclicks to our site."

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Random celebrity #13934101 will make a contrived disposable appearance in upcoming blockbuster AAA video game, more news at 11.

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