Reach through the sky.


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It's google translate lol.

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Hardline wasn't done by the same DICE who did all the main BF games, Star Wars was literally rushed out to coincide with the release of the movie, and BF4 got its issues fixed and the game continued to receive new expansions and support even a year after launch.

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Except... they don't? There are tons (TONS) of people who literally don't play games, they just watch others play them whether it's on twitch or youtube. And there are also lots of people who are just abominable at games, even ones who shouldn't be. Have you already forgotten the Kotaku (or was it Polygon? Don't remember) controversy where the so-called reviewer couldn't even manage to move and shoot/aim at the same time? Come on.

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Well yeah I get that. The first thing I thought of when I saw the PSVR labels is "that's nice, but there's still gonna be idiots who manage to get confused anyway." Sad world we live in, lol.

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Eh not a big deal. Do you really spend a lot of time staring at the boxes?

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No it won't lol. You're just throwing around statements hoping they stick. Video games aren't at fault, it's peoples' various choices that are. Nobody is putting a gun to anybody's head forcing them to over-eat and eat nothing but garbage. Some people also have fast metabolisms and can eat tons of crap without gaining any weight. There's lots of factors that go into it, but I still don't think these Go! players will be losing tons of weight just from walking ar...

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Still not really that impressive.

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This "smear campaign" has nothing to do with MS's Win 10 Store, which has already been around for several years. Your last paragraph makes no sense anyway. MS can't do shit to force Valve to make devs do scummy shit like charge for online multiplayer. There will be no paradigm shift. MS tried this years ago with GFWL and it backfired horribly. The current Windows Store is literally GFWL 2.0 in terms of gaming and gamers once again will not fall for it if they try that.

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I know critical thinking isn't your strong suit, but nowhere did I say PlayStation could play Xbox *exclusives*. I said you could play all its games *either* on the PS4 or the PC, which is true. If it's not a console-exclusive, it's third-party which most games are, and thus can be played on the PS4 and/or PC.

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Xbox is... now nothing more than a brand name with no actual meaning. A brand name that really just means you can buy a closed-off set-top box that has no real inherent appeal because you can play all its games either on the competitor's closed-off set top box or on your Windows 10-powered PC.

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Why would "homos" be against this? There is already same-sex VR pron. Get with the times.

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"Yeah he just complains when things aren't the way he wants. Like, he won't stop with the "sam should have been the villain." he will never accept that things are already great the way they are. "

He'll never accept that things are great the way they are? Wow you're literally saying "he'll never join the club and hivemind and agree with us!" He's allowed to express his opinion and even if he's been regurgitating it f...

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There's no point in even paying attention to the comment votes on this site. I've repeatedly seen people 'disagreeing' with people offering their condolences on articles where the subject is someone who passed away. People will even click disagree when someone states a literal 100% objective fact with no bias.

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Capcom said there won't be any "New Editions" of SF5.

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That's an odd sentiment seeing as how L4D2 literally recycled all of L4D1's content.

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Yeah people are stupid. It's been boggling me for the past few months in regards to peoples' reactions to the issue of female soldiers being in BF1. DICE stated ages ago that this game is an alternate-timeline version of WW1 -- hence all the ridiculous things you can see in the trailers and gameplay already. It's automatically not "authentic" because it's based on a non-existent history to begin with. So people are just going on anti-SJW tirades to make themselves fe...

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Female soldiers DID exist in WW1, they just were very very very few in number and not every nation involved obviously deployed any. The only element I can recall off the top of my head was an all-female regiment that the Russians had, but they were deemed ineffective in combat for various reasons.

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Impossible to ascertain a even a rough figure, but I agree it would probably be shocking if we could somehow get a real number of how many passed.

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Imagine all the hardcore Half-Life fans who have literally died since that cliffhanger at the end of EP2. That was almost a full decade ago. Jesus. HL3 will never come out.

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Dance Dance Revolution is great for getting in shape. The cardio is fantastic. They even implemented workout modes in the games since DDR Extreme at least, or maybe it was DDR MAX 2. I know the PS2 games were awesome if you could deal with the soundtracks (some in the fanbase get real pissy over the lack of the original Japanese soundtracks.) Played the first DDR game that came out on PS3 and it was terrible. My cousin returned it almost the next day, lol. They've been including DDR in so...

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