Reach through the sky.


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Rez's unique visual style doesn't need to be ridiculously revamped. The game looks good already.

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Didn't even know this game was a thing. Literally never heard about it until now :/

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Nice job demonstrating your immense ignorance here lol

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Well of course there will be. They sell like gangbusters every year, so why not?

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16 maps in the base game of MW1, and then the DLC pack added 4 more.

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Lol he probably voices like half the characters in the game or something

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Pretty sure this is a re-post. I literally commented on one of these submissions a little over a week ago.

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This. The hardware wasn't the Vita's problem, it was Sony unceremoniously abandoning the damn thing not long after they released it.

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A great campaign? So they played the full, complete game already?

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The confusion is the fault of the users on the web too stupid to do any research or use critical thinking skills, as well as terribad "journalists" who have no idea what it means to be concise and accurate with their reporting.

It's simple:

1) Devs have to use money for the patches because it requires manpower and time to create them (manpower + time = money), as well as potential DEV charges for hosting the patches (this has been a thing f...

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The Ryders are the Hype Family. They don't GET hyped, they STAY hyped!!!

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They compressed the skill gap as hard as they could ages ago in the series because they knew that was the key to their success. CoD isn't popular because it's inherently good or something, it's popular because it's super-duper easy to play and get kills. Somebody's mom could hop on the game and get some kills.

The fact that they've added so much bullshit into the game to where the element and general concept of balance was thrown out the window is e...

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I agree man. VF is definitely the most balanced fighter out there. Tier lists are meaningless when it comes to VF. I really like that aspect. You can pick any character and be confident that you can win a match without worrying about meta-level bs.

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Yeah Yakuza is so bad that they keep making sequels even a decade later lol. Meanwhile Shenmue could never come close to recouping the insane development budget costs.

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TTT > T3

TTT had everybody from T3 and T2 except Gon and Dr. B, gave them updated movesets, new outfits, with an optional tag feature. Fantastic game.

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Shenmue is super over-rated lol. When it comes to gameplay and even story, those games are trash. Why would a young adult male in real life want to voluntarily play a video game where they have to have a menial boring-ass job of driving a forklift around, going back home, going to sleep, then doing it again the next in-game day? Come on lol. There's a reason those games didn't sell well when they first came out.

At least the Yakuza games are actually fun to play.

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Actually they have. They did Battlefield Vietnam back in 2003 or so, and also payed homage to that game with the BF BC2 Vietnam expansion they made back in 2010/2011.

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When has Mafia ever even attempted something like that, i.e. pandering to "SJW's" as it were? And why would they irrationally decide to do that? This fear seems unfounded honestly, because the Mafia series has always subverted not only story-telling and narrative cliches and conventions, but also video game ones. E.g. you just cannot call either game a "GTA clone" because in spite of having a big world that is fairly open, a sandbox, the actual gameplay and progression...

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When was there a PR disaster? Literally every Sony console ever made has gotten a Slim variant at some point (PSone, PS2 Slim, PSP-2000 & PSP-3000, PS3 Slim and SuperSlim, PS Vita 2nd revision) and now PS4 is getting one. Sony hasn't done anything wrong at all lol.

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Dunno why you got so many disagrees. That was one of the first things I noticed about the trailer, all the terrible emblems and accolades popping up constantly. It's like everything you do somehow has its own "reward" now. And then they put them in the middle of the screen to block your view. 10/10 UI design lol

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