Reach through the sky.


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Start with Yakuza Zero. Chronologically it's the beginning of the story (Kiryu's story anyway) and a great entry point to the series.

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Beat this game numerous times and never knew about this lol wtf

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Good game with a really bad title now

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Like the one snow mission which likes to glitch out and let you get spotted no matter where you are on the map even if you're in a disguise?

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They made this much money and the game is still in an alpha state after ages in development lol. What a scam. The studio heads are swimming in money

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This is a good thing. Whoever wrote the title botched it pretty bad. It makes it sound like all three games have cut content that won't be in the remasters when in reality all three games will have none of the content cut out.

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Yeah! Definitely makes sense to NOT allow other platforms to get the games so they make less money!

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Anyone who uses the term "SJW" or "SJW agenda" unironically is a moron.

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The game is all about shock value and being an edgelord's wet dream. Can't way to see idiots bragging about playing it

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Because player skins = a great way to weasel microstransactions into the game.

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And also because most of the people responsible for the BC games left DICE ages ago. EA had even put out a bad press release once stating that they had no idea what it was that people liked about BC, which I'm sure was an inadvertent moment of self-awareness for them.

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Tony Hawk's Pro Battle Royale

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Same. Last thing I ever got there was a copy of Saints Row The Third at its release.

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Drive Club STILL looks absolutely jaw-dropping by today's standards. Imagine what that studio could've done with the Pro or a PS5.

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What a garbage premise for an artical. They aren't even in the same genre, just makes the writer seem butthurt and desperate to put the game down somehow lol.

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Nothing is confirmed yet. Activision and Treyarch haven't commented on any of the rumors yet.

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Good on you, M$. Fans are so passionate about the series that they take it upon themselves to bring the MP to PC, but instead of going "damn, why don't we just release some actual games on PC again?", you try to kill this project and say fuck it. Bravo. It's not like bringing Halo MP to PC wouldn't print money for you or anything...

I guess they're afraid because of how disastrous Halo 2 was on PC (which was 100% M$'s fault as well for anyone ...

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I get that the game's title is a pun, but it's still super fucking weird lol

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So he should be kept in because he cheated to stay on top...

What even lmao

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If the game gets polished enough and some decent marketing, the fact that it's free means it could very well become big at some point.

Also RDR2 isn't on PC so I'm not sure how it would kill this game lol

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