I need to make more time to play some Armored Kill :(


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I think you might be better off throwing your hopes at XSEED, the guys who did the localization/publishing of the game in the West. I was going through their FB page and check this out about Legend of Heroes. Someone asked (on Nov 30) if they had any plans on bringing the trilogy over to the US:

"That's a question that we've been looking for the answer to for over a year now. We haven't given up yet though..."


Ya, it came out in 2006 in Japan, and is pretty much everything good about the Ys series. It might look dated to some folks, but it's so much fun. And the boss fights (I know it looks like I couldn't even make it past the first jump let alone, a boss) are pretty creative too.

Like I said, the games is up for cheap on Steam a lot, and there's also a demo to try. Really worth it if you're looking for a walk down memory lane. (That and really, it's a time...

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Ya, I like it so far, though like I said, it can get frustrating some times when you're brand new and just getting blown up by much higher level guys. Gotta juke and jive a bit, but it's still fun when you finally sneak up on a higher level guy and finish them off. XD

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There isn't a guarantee, but from what I've read, the creators are under legal obligation to fulfill everything they've promised. Kickstarter itself doesn't handle the refunds though.

And then there's the company's reputation that would go down the drain.

In Shadowgate's particular instance, here's the little blurb they've put in:

"Here are the key areas we’ve chosen to concentrate on early in our dev...

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Thank you~ My personal favourite is Arcanum. The strings are really beautiful.

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There are two versions; there's the console version and the handheld. I don't believe the handheld plays the games however.

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I'm primarily a PC FPS gamer so I'm used to the big numbers and extra chaos. Really hope that console only folks get to experience the full (or at least an improved) character numbers as well because it really makes Battlefield "pop" as a game.

Really hoping the rumors are true this time.

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Just because you took on the role of Commander, you were not trapped hidden away, nor were people automatically assigned to it (you actually sorta' applied for the position, and you could also vote to kick a do nothing Commander as well). You do not lose your chosen class load out, and there was nothing stopping you from going out there and taking points as well. When things got bad, I was able to juggle between helping to defend a point and also respond to demands from squad leaders....

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I'm not a huge Metal person (yeah, I listen to JPOP)so I'm totally late to the party in discovering them. Better late than never though. Love that Blood Symphony and Gerudo Valley.

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Just remember, it's not an official Square-Enix translation, so don't let your hopes get too far ahead. I'd like it to mean what I thought it meant to but...I'll just give you the original text instead: 『零式』は、今後僕が作っていく新しい『FF』の方向性を示す第 一歩 to do what you will with!

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I most certainly failed on that, and have made the proper correction.

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Oh yeah, all the characters from 7 have gone through a number of major changes. Although, I have to admit, I have a soft spot for their Popeye arms. Hahah.

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Boobs and butt floss aside, is the game any good? I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

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All these cakes are pretty impressive, but I'd probably just end up staring at them and eating like a Twinkies or Devil Dog instead of ruining them. Curse you, awesome looking cakes.

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Actually, it was written for a far different reason if you chose to read through. But I appreciate your feedback.

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Yes, sorry everyone. I submitted this almost 2 days ago when the news was fresh. I had honestly almost forgotten about it! XD But the new game is indeed: Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z.

Gonna' try to get more information and translations done as they become available!

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So tired of DLCs like this. Seems like a lot of companies are purposefully withholding things they know will make them a quick buck now instead of offering them as a simple thanks or a perk to fans who believe in their game. I know that bottom line, companies are out to make money, but come on. It's getting out of hand.

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If the game has the huge battles it promises even at Launch, it will be quite a bit of fun. But during Closed Beta, it's really hard to gauge correctly. I would definitely like to see how it ends up as the potential is certainly there.

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As long as the game catalog is good--under-powered or powerhouse--specs alone won't deter me from buying a system. So just gonna' take any rumours I see with a big heaping of salt, and patiently wait out for official word from the Big N.

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I'm looking forward to this and also CD Projekt's "CyberPunk" game. They need to release more info already!

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