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How about bring in backwards compatibility.

If all you rich fanboys want to buy your same games 3 times over (and fill up your HDD) you still can. I don't need to, and shouldn't be forced to. Ps2 friggin had it. Remember the motto "Believe" well that's the only thing I believe it.

inb4 all the people come in saying "o ur acting like ur entitled to a copy of da game!" No, a NEXT GEN console should be able to play their lesser ev...

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I can tell you who shouldn't be in the game:

Wario (too many mario chars already)
3 Marths (all low/mid tier)
A useless Corrin (had potential, but nothing combos and every move sends the opponent to the top of the stage but doesn't actually kill due to KB growth VS base knock back gimmicks)
Bayonetta, a stupid slut that doesn't even fit into the game that's completely broken and ruins the fun in the whole game.

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Last gen PS3 was the way to go. So many exclusives, hardware advantages etc.

However, I don't feel much lure towards the PS4, considering my PS3 died and now all of my games are pointless (I'm not buying another PS3 when the PS4 should be more than capable of playing older games).

Wii u can play all of the wii games, and use wii remotes. Playstation? Not so much. Don't get me wrong, it is still my favorite brand but Nintendo is kicking it up. Smas...

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I knew when everybody was saying bs about this game, I just thought "half of these idiots are going to change their mind when it actually gets close to coming out." I also thought "the other half are going to pretend like they weren't the ones talking sh*t about it."

I'm glad it surprised everybody so here's a big middle finger (or two) to all y'all.

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It would be cool if I could actually get an amiibo besides Bowser, Mario, Luigi and pikachu.

I've been driving all over because all of the local shops are sold out constantly. All of those stupid soccer moms trying to make 10 bucks on Ebay keep buying them in bulk or the overweight dudes with a pungent smell who have nothing better to do. Gets me sick.

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Bayonetta feels to weird for this game. She's over sexualized (which in the new smash they already have sexualized a few characters a bit much) I'm looking at you bikini zero suit and pole dancing taunt Palutena

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I don't see why Snake wasn't brought back. They have Rob who hasn't been in any game in forever, wario who is disgusting and stupid as a character. They have 18 clone characters (Lucina could have some different moves. Sword tip difference is insignificant so sush). Snake was a great character and Hideo Kojima even gave Sakurai a thumbs up. But no, Sakurai is too busy nerfing Greninja to low tier , leaving diddy and bowser over powered, and boosting Zero suit to be even stronger z...

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I'm thinking, (this is just a feeling and wishful thinking) they're just toying with us and telling us it's not going to happen or whatever... But they'll actually reward us with Fallout 4 for putting us through it.

I gotta say I love fallout so much, I'm playing new Vegas again now. However, they gotta do something about the HORRIBLE bugs. I'm not talking about eliminating everything thing. I'm talking about WEAPONS DISAPPEARING IN THE CASINOS be...

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when 3 out of 4 experiences are completely sour, I very much prefer to go somewhere that isn't completely inept in doing their job and don't charge me more for absolutely no reason.

Grow up? How about you shut down.

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GameStop is a POS company that needs to go bankrupt already. Everytime I order from them they jew me out of my Pre order bonus. What they did with deus ex was disgusting, and resistance 3 was the last straw.

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let me convey what your subconscious is saying

Me horny. me wish that was my store. Me cover it up by shouting equality and derpity herp derp dee derp

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Honestly, I think it's dumb to make it blue because while games like destiny look cool (the colors in the art blend well)

Any boxart that doesn't have blue or go well with blue is going to look tacky no matter what...

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I'm not getting this. Wanna know why? I see the ad on TV with "started from the bottom now we're here". Assassins Creed as philosophic, deep, meaningful, unique, mysterious in it's ways is now DEAD. It's basically glorification of thug life and I NEVER want to hear rap and AC together. I like rap, and I like AC, but you don't mix fruit punch with eggs and try to serve it to me. Just doesn't work.

Basically, AC is just the step sister whore t...

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Exactly, or the WKTT. Hell, I laughed at everything on that radio even though it was mocking some of my views.

It's ridiculous. It's like even in movies with Jason and Freddie. They're murderers, but GASP of course they support homosexuality and are feminists! Questioning that is just impossible!

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Another crying liberal... If you want equality shouldn't you accept humor of feminism as you willingly accept it from mockery of religion? Or anything considered "conservative"? All I see is double standards. F this article, F the author, and F feminists. We went from blind obedience to preachers to blind obedience to professors.

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looks like infamous 1!

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@Admiralvic That's basically what he said... It's funny how people say one thing and then the other, or lump the two together. Instead of blaming harkins for doing it, it's exactly what he said and what you're doing. Confused? I almost am too.

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They need to make a playstation allstars 2.

Don't have two separate cole characters with basically the same moves, it's lame. New cole sucks, old cole all the way.

Lara Croft needs to be in it.
Gabe Logan as one gentlemen stated, needs to be in it.
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger should be in it (They even said they'd allow him to be used if Sony asked, but they didn't)

Big Daddy looks like a fool in the game, especiall...

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Bring back David Hayter Kojima, come on get real.

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Not a fan of the look, or the "two tone" material/look. I like the trapezoid type shape in the one picture and maybe they can do something with that. Although that's not the actual geometrical shape, it's more of a parallelogram... anyway...

Sony make it cool thx.

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