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In Japan, iirc, there's no difference. When he said "home consoles" it can be both a handheld or a console. He made clear it was not a smatphone game. You can find more info on this if you search (at Gaf too, I saw you there). I saw some posts about it. #2.3
They did. It was SaGa 2015 for the PS Vita. #2.2
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! !!!!!!!!!!! #3
No. Every mainline FF has a different story/world. Unless we are talking about sequels like FFX-2.(Type-0 may count as a spin off, but still has its own world, characters, etc.) #10.2
Square-Enix delivered! I'm speechless. #2
Devil May Cry Musou. #8
Not Type-0. It's a prequel. #2
Good luck. #3
A Kage Bunshin perhaps. #1.1.3
Yeah, I hope it's not an MMO.

However it will have some online features, considering previous comments. #1.1.1
Dear Square-Enix,

If you want money, than do it! #2
Possibly biased. #1.1.1
1st review... high praise.

Nothing to see here. #1
He's the reason that DmC was rebooted to appeal to west. Also, Lost Planet 3 is not developed in Japan this time.

Why do you ask? Try bringing the question to Inafune. He's the man behind it too. #6.1.3
No they weren't. For Inafune, every japanese game must "westernize" to sell.

Every week we have a new game that screams "F*CK YOU INAFUNE".

It happened with Ni No Kuni, with Fire Emblem, and the next one is Rising. #6.1.1
Noctis is set to return to the media spotlight too. In December 2025... #1
In 2018 we shall hear something about it...

" Please wait a little longer..." #1.1
Ok, I really think that DDD is an amazing experience. But where the hell is KH 3? #1
The game that never was. #4
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