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There are people on this site who follow people like him and will think this is the only ridiculous thing he's said. This is how most people look at everything he says.

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Not buying any WWE material until CM punk comes back /whine

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I love playstation. I have a PS4 waiting for me back in America after the deployment and can't wait to play it. When I was younger, the game console was always the only thing in the house that I owned, so even as an adult I always need the new playstation. It's something I just need to do, I don't know why, even if I didn't play games anymore.

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As long as games that used to be multiplatform don't turn out to be exclusive or timed exclusive then all is well. E3 should be about what makes a console better, not about making another console worse.

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Does anyone here pirate movies, music, or TV? What's with the high horse here about games?

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black guy?

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Stop creating "luxery" versions of every thing. They want to create the "Mercedes" of everything, but that's apple's game now and Sony's losing name recognition. I say create "economy" priced things that have developer support, this includes: phones, tv's, music players (kind of a lost cause since the only mp3 player anyone buys is ipods, everyone else is on phones), cameras, etc. Apple overcharges for everything, so they have to just NOT do that...

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Rofl @ hackers ruining the press of a game about hackers

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Can we call a taxi? Can we ride a segway? Can we get a job as a supply clerk and do inventories?

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Vita games always get compared to consoles while 3ds games are looked at like handheld titles, and therefore rated higher.

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No, there was much more. You just notice it more for obvious reasons.

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It's become a counter culture of majority victimhood. Anything that gives others what they have is considered tyranny and anything that sustains inequality is just "the way it is".

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This gen sucks.

also, *looks down*

The other websites are giving this game 8/10 all the way up to 9.5/10

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The industry is in desperate need of new talent.

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Oh I see. Someone has your pic on that forum.

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yeah I agree

I have a sharp falchion+5 and a high dex character

on my last playthrough I had a falchion+10 regular and my sharp+5 is waaaaaay better

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Wait a sec I know that picture. MGL you're on the atlus forum aren't you? You have demon's souls

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Rofl bioware developed a ps3 game better than a 360 one.

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Freedom of speech only applies to people saying offensive things. You are not free to say you object to anything anyone says. People have really milked that "political correctness" thing to death. No matter what anyone says they just play that card and they're home free. Whatever happened to just not liking what someone said because it's disrespectful? Are we not allowed to not like something anymore? Is that not political correctness? Is it politically incorrect to say something bo...

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Seattle isn't exactly crime city though

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