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What texting does to our society. #1.2.1
I think that was just a molotov. #1.1.1
How many stories can they possibly make out of one livestream? #1.3
You can choose the original soundtrack instead of the remixed soundtrack. #1.2
Poor us. #2.1.2
Sign in with your Konami ID! :trollface: #3
Is this national tl;dr day? #1.1.13
You get a free month if you're a new player. #5.1.2
You must purchase the original (they will also come in a bundle). You must also beat the original story before trying the new stuff. #5.1
I've been wanting to replay Musashi since forever! #1.3.1
lol you don't think seeing how Big Boss finally turned into a bad guy is worth it? I'm super hyped for this. #1.2.2
Yeah it got really lame. Oh! Guess what! We were all raised together! Yay! #4.1.3
I had no problems with the maps except the one in a dessert at night with dwarven puzzles. That was one was TOO big. #1.2.5
I liked it when it was MGS:Rising and was to be about Raiden saving Olga's daughter before MGS4 #4.1.2
wat #7
*gasp* #1.1.2
Judging by the voice-over this is probably a VR game. Or maybe its a HOME-like MMO thing? #1.1.11
I assume he is talking about the time where The End is introduced in a wheelchair and you can actually kill him right after the cutscene and therefore skip that boss fight. #3.2.2
I want to play this and see how it connects to AC3 and AC4. #4
Story about Houses Bolton and Greyjoy? #3
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