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@Mr. Pumblechook
Its KH 1 Final Mix, 2 Final Mix, ReCoded (movie), 358/2 Days (movie), ReChain of Memories, and Birth By Sleep.

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Not gonna happen.

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Except I want to play decently powerful games on my TV and then take it with me?? I don't care if the 3DS is supported or not...

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Can't wait to lose them under the couch!

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That last sentence is stupid. We can't compare it to another stealth game this gen. Does it mean its great?

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Memorable characters and coherent story.

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Its 2.8 because Fragmentary Passage is 0.2. As much as I want a full collection, I don't think its coming.

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Never played the first one but this looks interesting.

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It is a 1TB console with the Deluxe edition of FF15 and Kingsglaive Bluray.

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WTF. Are we now allowing these shit bait articles that you usually see in the bottom of webpages?

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It sure got me interested in the FF15 world

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This game is a completionist's nightmare.

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I thought the story was great until they came up with that "All of us grew together in an orphanage" BS. But it had a lot of memorable moments. Transforming Balamb Garden into an airship was awesome.

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lol Sora was a heartless for all of 5 minutes. Such mastery of the darkness. The most exposure he had to it was in DDD and he almost lost himself which is why he failed the mark of mastery. He was going to be Xehanort's 13th vessel If he hadn't been saved.

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I thought it was great! After all, Riku is the original keyblade wielder and has mastered light and darkness while Sora succumbed to it in his ignorance.

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That is your opinion. Gen 5 - Black/White 1 and 2 had the best story in the series. And besides the graphical upgrade, including fully animated pokemon sprites and seasons changing every month. It also made TMs unlimited and introduced Triple battles, Rotation battles, and Hidden Abilities (a gamechanger for the battling community). Not even getting into XY and the repercussions of the Fairy type. Pokemon needs no reboot.

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Maybe a PS4 Slim?

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Bring back the fun of Smackdown vs Raw

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lol at that second to last question

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Its probably just Ground Zeroes added to it.

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