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*gasp* #1.1.2
Judging by the voice-over this is probably a VR game. Or maybe its a HOME-like MMO thing? #1.1.11
I assume he is talking about the time where The End is introduced in a wheelchair and you can actually kill him right after the cutscene and therefore skip that boss fight. #3.2.2
I want to play this and see how it connects to AC3 and AC4. #4
Story about Houses Bolton and Greyjoy? #3
Jenova ftw! #1.1.1
Nice essay #1.6.4
Terra cant come back since he split into Ansem and Xemnas. Unless they do something about that armor that holds his spirit. #4.2
If only those 3 games are bundled the story would make 0 sense. #1.1.2
You can't make guard patrols completely random. It may end up being unbeatable by chance. #4.2
Expect Pokemon X2 and Y2. Still waiting for Pokemon Gray... #3.6
I didn't disagree with you but I prefer the ps4 version because I can lie on my bed in total relaxation while playing. #3.1
Am I the only one that thinks this will get boring fast? #1.4
I sold my ps3 before TLoU came out and bought a ps4. I still want to play it. So yeah there is a point. #1.3
Looks alright.
OT: Title should say "First 14 minutes of menu and 16 minutes of gameplay" #1.1
what? #8.1
Zero probably used Solid Snake for the infiltration of Outer Heaven but we don't really know for sure. Maybe the Patriots AI is already in control by the end of MGS5. #2.1
"It could be argued that Ocelot is as much the hero of the Metal Gear franchise as Snake is." Agreed #2
Agreed. This is my favorite series and I HAVE to buy it even though I'm mad for the cashgrab. #8.1
I want! #188
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