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hybrid drive*

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But that GTX1070 will be cheaper when Scorpio arrives.

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Actually AC3 ended Desmond's story. His corpse just made a cameo in AC4.

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I use it a lot in FF14

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FFXII was not better than FFX!

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So many WW1 experts! 🙄

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The vast majority of consumers don't really care about power or console aesthetics. Just games.

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the only way it has helped me is when i'm playing local multiplayer and every controller has a different color for when we take a break and come back.

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The difference is MS announced their Scorpio with some specs in front of big crowds and media while Sony just acknowledged Neo's existence in an interview which will not be seen by the average consumer. It has not been officially revealed.

Anyways... Sony did not announce a PS4 Slim and Neo in the same conference, which is the analogous scenario to the comment you are replying to.

I plan to buy both the Xbox One S and t...

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Can someone explain why the kid looks like absolute trash graphically compared to the rest of the game??

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Kratos is too old for that kind of air hack and slash gameplay.

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How many articles about this trailer are we gonna get?

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Tidus dissapearing at the end of FFX

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No way!!! $78 hourly???

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For me, it has the best story of the series. Tidus disappearing at the end was too heartbreaking for me. The Suteki Da Ne song still makes me sad.

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It doesn't affect WiiU gamers. It affects everyone else. By being complacent with an underpowered and gimmicky console Nintendo is not forced to change, stiffling competition with the other two consoles and therefore not pressuring the industry to step their game up.

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My gues is that they will stop numbering games after this one and go with subtitles.

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Bruhh how can you let Naruto lose like that?

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