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"November 15th."


Donny boy pushed for the XB1 to be the way it was when we saw and learned about it at E3. Then gamers united, gave Microsoft the thumbs down, then Jules and the board of directors came in and "realigned the companies internal structure." Whether or not the switch from Don to Julie was pre-planned, is besides the point. You would think Microsoft's Xbox division, being a corporate giant, would have the foresight to not "revise" their business strategy in the way they ar... #34.1
This is an interesting theory. Honestly after all of this backtracking by Microsoft, nothing would surprise me.

Let's for a moment say that this is the case, I still feel they have an uphill battle in North America regardless of the amount of consoles they can have at the ready. And this isn't a mole hill, more like a mountain. #30.1
I agree completely. The PS4 in conjunction with Vita gameplay, is just to much for me to pass up on. I will wait about 6-8 months to see if a second generation vita will be rumored/released, but it will give me time to get nicely acquainted with the PS4. #2.1
"If they "listened" to the customer, the restrictions would have NEVER happened in the first place. "

I would like to take an AD out on N4G, and put this in Arial Black, as big as pixels would allow, so everyone can soak it in!

Finally, someone can differentiate between listening to gamers, and listening to numbers. Thank you. #5.1.2
Crash Bandicoot. Cmon' He IS PlayStation. #11
Really cool to hear how they went to Chicago and got the "feel" for the city, it's citizens, and the voice talent. Can't wait. #1
Is it wrong to feel funny in the pants when watching that? Geez, I hope not. #21
Very close to my list. Also, I didnt realize I'll be able to upgrade my DriveClub to the full version! Sweet. #6.1
What bugs are you talking about? Also, waiting for all the exclusives to be fully released??? Obvious troll. #2.4.1
Black was one of those games that I would just play and play and play, not to accomplish anything, but to just get my FPS on. It was and will always be one of my favorite games. I'm in for a benji if it goes to crowd funding for sure! #8
But CounterStrike (for the most part) was good. CoD, not so much. #2.3.1
Oh Polygon, your so silly... No for real, Polygon you've clearly lost your mind. #45
Smooth, Very, Very Smooth. Guerilla putting in work. #9
I find it funny that anyone with any knowledge of tech could say the cloud that Xbox is using is some revolutionary and hardware enhancing feature! It's little more than suit speak being spewed by MS. I completely agree with sevir and those of you that have an elementary understanding of " the cloud". #3.1.6
2.5?! Derek is clearly going mental everyone. I'm going to put my Richter mask on and get to the bottom of this deplorable review. #3
The Levolution details are pretty interesting. Still waiting to see how "deep" the destruction will go. #1
Great move to just come out and make this a known fact. I was really interested in this game, but was hesitant because of Ubi being behind it, but after a few weeks of mulling over everything and hearing this latest news, its definitely going to be on my list. #2
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