November 15th.
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Sony ABSOLUTELY needs to update the UI of the PS4. I was very disappointed in the UI for the Vita. Those bubble icons just didn't do it for me. Either way I'll snag a Vita up after watching GamesCom today, but I'm really, really hoping for an aesthetic overhaul of the UI.

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Spot on. Also, I'm getting a little sick of the indie hate lately as well.

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I know! Oh, how I love it!

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Honestly, there are so many games I want from those 33, that I have no idea how I'm going to afford/play all of them! I will figure something out though.

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Completely slanted article. To sum it up, Sony lost the conference due to the following:

Speakers/Presenters with high pitched/boring voices
FIFA Ultimate Team Legends
Too long of a Conference

On this note, I would like to ask the following questions to Mr.Steven Burns (the author)

Did Microsoft have a real conference?
Is FIFA's Legends enough to compete with 15 announced exclusives?
Did Microsoft alone, s...

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That is one helluva trailer! EPIC. This is one of the best surprises for the PS4 so far IMO.

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Oh, I didn't think they had the demo for MAC. Excellent.I'll give it a look. Thanks.

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Limbo-esque with a nice touch. The soundtrack seems pretty legit as well. I will definitely keep my ears and eyes open for more on this.

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Agreed. I was in the dark until right now about this game. After doing some research about it I'm really impressed! It has over 3mil players as it stands right now, so thats a great community to be playing with. I've also heard that they will expand it to ground and sea as well.

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I think so too. It looks very similar to the wake island DICE has created before, especially with the 3 objective points and their layout. It does look a little different with the Island seemingly looking more closed off instead of a horseshoe shape though. Who knows?! Either way we'll find out soon enough! Cant wait.

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Don't forget bridges if this is Wake Island. I loved destroying those bridges in 1942!

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I agree. I was happy Driveclub was announced, but really didn't care all that much at first. But after finding out more about the game and peeping those sexy whips, I'm left wanting more!

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I have a feeling GC is going to be just as good as E3 for Sony.

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MrTrololo: For me its not JUST about the graphics either, but when you have games like BF and KZ bringing far superior graphics and gameplay with each iteration of the franchise, its hard not to, "want your cake and eat it too." I've expected more from CoD since MW1 and I haven't really got it like I can with BF or KZ. The biggest thing for ME, is MP, and CoD hasn't brought much to the table lately. Is it fun? Sort of, but its just not enthralling and something I need to...

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The Vita news and potential just keep getting better with each passing day.

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Absolutely agree. I have been expecting and hoping for this for quite awhile now actually. I think the Vita is pretty cool and really has my interest piqued in how it can work hand in hand with the PS4, but I'm waiting to pull the trigger to make sure the Vita will get a spec bump and an OS update.

I really don't understand the "FU" from Sony comments either. Its technology, it evolves quickly and as long as the games still work on both I don't see a big...

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I keep reading comments from users who are "concerned" about Sony talking TV or "Sony is copying MS" all of a sudden it seems people forget that Sony has had streaming services/apps available since PS3 and have "connected/smart products" such as BRD players, televisions and in car head units. Why all of a sudden is everyone "concerned" about this for PS4? There focus is games, CLEARLY. Adding more apps/media to the system isn't a bad thing and isn&#...

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I'm excited to see the the full kits and the depth of customization one can load out. So far Dice has been showing and saying all the right things!

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This is great news. Devolver really has their shit together, and is a great partner for Sony.

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@ Prototype, Agreed. Also, if the kinect is better at navigating the UI than the controller, what does that say about the UI architecture of the system itself?! The PR dept. or whomever is in charge of answering questions regarding the xb1, has done nothing but a terrible job thus far.

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