November 15th.
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This interests me too. While this is cool, I want to have my OWN music collection playing in the background as well. I have a long list of dNb sets that I can just play and forget without having to skip through or play a bunch of individual songs, which makes it much more seamless and "integrated" within the games.

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Is there a way I can nominate this for comment of the year?

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The ability of Sony to create/release great games at a steady pace is really unmatched and I expect nothing less but a continuance of that strategy. Yoshida is an awesome dude for playing ball with Polygon and his demeanor and straight-forwardness is something I wish other execs in business would learn from.

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"5 years or so having no exclusives worth playing.." That's all I really needed to see.

@ZBlacktt, Well said.

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While I'm clearly a KZ fan above all, I agree. BF4 and KZ:SF are two different games and I'll play the hell out of both of them. Your points are spot on about the style of play as well.

When I prefer to have tank battles, or intense sporadic firefights with large scale action, it'll be BF4.
When I want grimy CQC, blindingly sick graphics, and future warfare, it'll be KZ:SF.

It's hard to compare the two, and it's almost unfair. ...

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PixelEnemy, I couldnt agree more with you about the haters whom have never picked up KZ for more than a few minutes whinging about weight or boring this or boring that. But thats fine with me b/c nothing is more satisfying than hearing that special headshot chirp.

Also, that video....Brings a slight tear to my eye when I remember those mech/jetpack battles! SICK!

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If you watch the video at the 5:23 mark, you'll notice a Spawn Beacon being placed. As far as achievement ribbons, I haven't found anything official regarding this.

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There won't be any operations. Kinda sucks,because I thought it was a great idea, but watching those cut-scenes over and over again kind of made if feel repetitive IMO.

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How awesome would it be to kick it or work with the people over at Guerrilla? Great looking game. I'm clearing my schedule for Nov15th weekend for sure!

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I noticed a Reduced Recoil "perk" which can be seen in the Combat Honor area of the HUD.

It can be seen at :03-:18sec in on the video.

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Wow. Just...WOW! Good Job Guerrilla. I'm liking what I see and hear.

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Agreed 1insomniac. It seems to me like a great combination of social features and online competitions that will increase the playability for me and many. One of the biggest things for me as well is the free PS+ version to really get a feel of the depth. Much more than a typical demo usually brings to the table.

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I'm on the fence about this (control issue comment) To me there are way to many factors to know how the steering reacts at this point. Just from the video I question the players experience, Was he using to much gas? To much brake? Not enough of either? Who knows. Plus, every experience I've ever had with a racing game is that it takes practice with each car and track. Something I think plenty of people will get, b/c this games looks to be one people (myself included) will play over an...

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Very, very smooth. The lighting is looking pretty damn fine as well.

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I never got an email either. I ordered on June 17th. However, if you go to your acct/your orders, it will let you know right above when its expected to ship. I'm thinking this may have something with individual email/order notifications.

EDIT:uploaded better screen cap

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Seems pretty logical to me. I know they will be getting some of my loot soon enough.

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Indies dont deserve hate just because they are indies making an indie game. Of course indie games will out number AAA titles at launch. They are cheaper to make, and have potential for higher profit margins. I'd rather have a mix of indie games and AAA titles, instead of a rush job by a AAA developer just to appease people. The natural progression it seems, is that some studios out there are in the correct time and place to release a AAA title at launch, and some are not. I never said in...

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KUV: Big Ups for finding this video. Bubbs for you kind soul.

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A fair critique of the remote play demo of AC in the IGN vid. I would've liked to see "HOW" they transitioned from the PS4 to the Vita as well. However, I cant imagine it would be that hard or tedious to do so after initial settings were input into the PS4/Vita. Either way I'm now officially on the Vita wagon.

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From what I understand, the Vita is receiving streamed gameplay from your PS4. So processing the game itself is done by the PS4 and the Vita processing is just for the streams fidelity/button commands. There is more info @: