November 15th.
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I agree. But remember, this is NOT a VR headset designed for playing video games like the OR is, it is only 3D and not really marketed towards normal gamers. If you do any research on the 2 previous versions, you will notice that this is marketed towards high-end audio/videophiles. It just so happens that this headset was released/announced 1 week after rumors that PlayStation is developing an OR type VR headset. Its pricey, but if I was made out of cash I would snag one up. I expect the Play...

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Wow, expensive, but I'm not sure this is the same headset that has been rumored. I could swear I read that this HMZ-T3W has been know for quite awhile. While the rumored headset is more of a VR headset, and not just a 3D display.

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Looking forward to this along with a slew of other "Indies" I'm a big fan of where indies are taking art direction in games, and this is just another example of why I'm pumped.

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Have you ever for one second, thought that not all games should play alike? I also can tell that you are promoting trolling with your choice of wording, not only in the article, but as well as your comments here. Not only do you go on to say "I have zero experience with Killzone multiplayer and I tried one of the PS3 Killzone games for about ten minutes once." But then you say, "This game has always tried to compete with the big boys and it doesn't hold up." Well that...

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DICE can fix a lot, but I don't think they can fix stupid.

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jr: Well, I don't know how it plays, b/c guess what, I haven't played it yet. But almost everything I've read and viewed on the inter webs strongly goes against what your saying. As far as looks, it looks way better than KZ3.

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The art style in this is downright nasty! I've been following the progress of this game for the last 2 months and I had no idea there was going to be a "story" Looks great. My thumbs are really unprepared for the onslaught the PS4 is going to unleash upon them.

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Split screen to me is a non factor, however I can understand a good number of people who enjoy it. I would've liked to see them include a game mode to work with the SimulView tech with some of Sony's 3D tv's but, its once again something that doesn't really make or break this game for me.

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NVM, now the link works again. My bad.

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Seems like nonsense to me as well. The Vita was $249.99 here in the US (at least in my area/online) and now its $199.99. However, I have been on the receiving end of GameStop's "malarkey" before, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were passing out this info as gospel.

EDIT: I also notice how the link no longer works for said article. So....yeah. Nonsense.

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Cool trailer. All out land, sea, & air huh?! Count me in.

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I think we must be discussing a different IGN.

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You know what disproves what IGN is reporting?... ...How about from the Horses mouth?

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I wonder what the memo line reads on the checks Scott Lowe cashes from MS?

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Count me as one of the few that don't care either way about TitanFall then. 3 Words...Killzone Shadow Fall. Not one bit interested in CoD with Mechs. Waaay too much hype for a game that will show up at least 6 months from launch on the PS4 is taking away from other solid exclusives that look much better to me.

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The news just keeps getting better. I was curious how the smartphone application would interact with the system itself, and I'm probably going to find myself zoning out on the PSN app downloading mad games.

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I'm so pumped this game is coming to the PS4. It looks fantastic, and is going to have a huge community. Congrats Gaijin.

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Warzone will be right up your alley my friend.

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Lowe is a CoD apologist and xb1 sympathizer. Nothing he says can be taken without a large dose of salt regarding any other FPS besides CoD, or any other console that doesn't start with the letter X.

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Sony makes several devices that allow the iPod/iPhone to dock into BRD players, and also stream via bluetooth/dlna/nfc to some of their tv's. I dont really see this being to far off of an idea.

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