November 15th.
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Was that a counter melee @ 00:52?!

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I'm glad to see KZ and GG getting some "just dos." This has been my franchise since day 1 and I've played them all extensively (except Mercenaries) and loved them all for what they were. Shadow Fall looks to be that title in the KZ franchise that really puts an exclamation on GG and the KZ franchise by saying "Our apprenticeship is over, here is Shadow Fall!" I can only hope, and I truly expect Shadow Fall to be the FPS of Next Gen or at least a top Nominee for Got...

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11.15.13 is so close... Shadow Fall is looking stellar.

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The TSDTF will agree with no one...NO ONE!!! mwhahaha. In all seriousness though, I remember the first time I saw Playstation 1. It was at a local supermarket, in the video rental section, and I would play Tekken, Crash and Ridge Racer demos non-stop while my parents shopped...It was the closest thing to grocery shopping I ever want to do again.

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Nicely put. But damn, thats an expensive coaster.

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I really enjoy BF, I played and purchased BF3 and will do the same for BF4, but I personally feel KZ is better. Graphics, Gameplay, Art Style, Story. Im just a KZ fan. Plus I feel that BF is slacking as of BF3. Im 110% a Bad Company Battlefield gamer. Not knocking BF3 or 4. They just aren't what I want when it comes to BF. If BF4 was BFBC3....then it wouldn't be a distant 2nd (as long as it stayed true to BFBC gameplay) But I would still choose KZSF over it. Also, I'm the kind of ...

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1st - Killzone.
Distant 2nd - BF4
Call of what now?

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I need that 4ft tall Sackboy immediately!

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There are some great games coming out for PS4 and I count this among my top 5. Very excited for this game. The PC version looks great, and the ability to play with PCers is going to be awesome.

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These people have the best jobs. So amped for this game!

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@kleptic. Well said. I agree totally about the BF3.5 label and couldn't have said it better myself about the "levelution"

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my thoughts exactly. It seems Sony cant make both retailers and customers entirely happy so they found some what of a middle ground. But I think Sony could do better with card prices and don't see why that wont be happening in the near future. I feel they're already doing this with the internal memory and eventually will lower prices even more or increase internal memory usage via firmware.

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@icicle I dont believe Sony is to blame as much for the memory prices as retailers. You have to understand that a large portion of ps vita games are digital, this takes away from a retailers profit. With that in mind, why would a retailer want to stock a system where the customer never returns to purchase anything else for it? Sony and retailers had to come to some agreement to benefit both businesses. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending high memory prices, but there is reasoning be...

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As an avid BF lover (aka fanboy), I agree completely with this article, sadly. Not in a negative manner as to trash the devs or the game itself. But i really do feel this game is an extension of BF3, and not in a bad way either. I understand almost every franchise game is just a better version of that before it, I was just hoping that BF4 would be a lot more like what they showed at the onset of E3 for consoles.I was so pumped to see dynamic destruction and weather, just to learn the full ext...

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I really want NBA live to be good. Not b/c I'm an EA fanboy (far from it) I just want 2k to be pushed more. I haven't bought any other NBA franchise game since NBA2k on the dreamcast, and continue to stick with 2k sports, and haven't really been enticed to do otherwise. However that doesn't mean that the 2k franchise cant improve. If Live can bring me something more than "awesome" micro-transactions and "Social" features, then I will honestly give it a go. ...

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Agreed. While I think most people would say they chose PS4 or will choose PS4 because of specs, price, graphics, etc; I for one throw Indie support and development into the conversation almost exclusively (almost) I know I may be in the minority, but for me, Sony's shown me that supporting indies will bring great games, affordability, great art styles, choice, and much needed competition into the console realm. Even large/r studios are trying to jump onto this by doing crowd funding (whic...

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I meant to agree with you, sorry for the random disagree. I'm sticking with PS4, but if I were to get 2 gaming machines, the SteamBox would for sure be the other.

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You dont have to buy the season pass to play. Did you even read the details? If you did, you must have trouble comprehending. Also, IF you can get ALL the free games on PC then why not stick with your rig? (There are games you cant get on PC, by the way) You don't have to buy anything. someone holding a gun to your head? Hold on I'll call for help.

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I like the fact that you cannot reload the gun, but I'd like to see more recoil. Its a .50cal for goodness sake. As far as everything else about the gun, it seems legit and balanced.

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The crop of games that will sprout from start to finish on PS4 will be bountiful. So sayeth Yoshida.

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