November 15th.
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"Suck It NERDS!" Mwhahaha. Gotta' Love Francis.

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"No, I don't want to, YOU DO IT!" Hahaha. Awesome.

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@MasterCornholio Haha. I re-watched the video, and did notice that. Good eyes.

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Idk if anyone really has said this, but the most surprising thing to me, is the fan. It looks to be a custom made fan. I have not seen a fan that looks like it or has its "blades" in that type of position/angle. As far as the machine goes, it to me is a testament to proper design on all fronts. It is aesthetically pleasing, and looks to be a well thought out design,from aesthetics to the placement and use of space.

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Cant wait. Dog Fights. Tanks Battles. Naval Warfare. EPIC.

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Wrong. There IS an issue with not being able to have GAMING function on your gaming console without a patch on the XB1. Just b/c I have high speed internet, doesn't mean I don't sympathize with those that have no internet or low speed internet in different parts of the world, and won't be able to get this patch in a timely manner. Also, I have absolutely NO intentions of buying the xbone, but that doesn't mean it won't suck for the people that get it and have no/poor inter...

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I'm so glad the XMB is still there, I like the fact they are adding to the XMB in almost a stack type GUI. Im really liking what I see. Now to only update the PSVita's UI

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SO....where are all the people screaming INDIE-STATION now?!?!

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Shhh.. To much sense is being made around here.

Back to the matter at hand. I absolutely agree with you. They have made it pretty clear 60fps is their goal and all of their comments have lead us to believe nothing out of the ordinary is taking place contrary to that.

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According to Twitter and Facebook (official pages) It will be sometime next week.

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Apparently facts = disagrees. Dent and this whole Sessler, Gieles, and Penello tweet party they had is very suspicious and timed a little to perfectly in my opinion.

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You know, I really think Albert probably knew as well. There has been a lot of conjecture amongst N4Gers and Gaffers about if its Panello's fault, and I tend to agree that he should've said something or knew something, but I feel like its not just AP that was being secretive it was and IS a complete cover up by the XB propaganda machine. I've waited to say anything like this because I cherish my small amount of bubbles, but it's come to the point that its already out there, so...

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Haha. I'm digging that one a great deal. I think this is very fitting to the topic at hand as well.

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This is very telling and is also something a great number of people adamantly denied. This really shows me that MS doesn't care about gaming, they just want to be in your living room. If XBOX fails, MS could care less. They would shrug it off as lost change and move on. Well...I guess its safe to say..."Grab the Popcorn Everyone!"

EDIT: added a little more topical commentary.

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@Enemy: Agreed, but proving it to certain members will be fruitless.

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I never once said it wasn't truthful. Thats whats wrong with the statement, it IS truthful (as far as Yerli is concerned) The gimping of games b/c a developer doesn't see enough $ and thus not creating the best possible game they can for said system is a problem. If you read and understand the blurb, and can't see that it is a problem for ALL gamers, than you are as blind as a bat. I would also argue that it is not "logical" in a creative sense. In a business mindset, t...

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"But, in essence, both of them are going to run next-generation games in more or less the same quality due to the diminishing returns of optimising for these little differences."

That little blurb speaks volumes about how Yerli develops games and probably many other devs. While this bothers me as a gamer, I really, really hope 3rd party's would start to just say "F*** it, this system can handle more, so we're going to give it more, and going to develop ...

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Absolutely gorgeous. My LCD Bravia may need replaced after seeing all these awesome LEDs Sony is showcasing gameplay on. Nov 15 is right around the corner now. I can smell ISA blood!

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@Delta: Nice Try but you should open your eyes instead of commenting blindly (as you have on several other occasions when talking about KZSF.) In THIS VIDEO ALONE you will see the following game modes, all of which are clearly labeled on the HUD:

Search and Destroy
Capture and Hold
Beacon Theft

In the first MP video reveal they showed off different variations of game modes consisting of:

Team Deathmatch
Customs Warzone...

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The guns in this game sound and look absolutely terrifying! (in a good way) Personally, its looking like the StA598 is going to be my weapon of choice. Looks and Sounds filthy.

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