November 15th.
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It looks to be shaping up nicely. I'm excited to see more of the advanced AI and Real Touch in game.

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So sweet. Cant wait. PS4 wallpaper creation, here I come.

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My first impression: Boiiiiing! In all seriousness, this is looking to be on a completely different level from any racer Ive seen on console. Fantastic.

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Yes! This is huge. I loved creating wallpapers for the PS3. Now to continue that tradition with the PS4!

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I completely agree with Mr Bhatti. I just hope it plays as well as it looks.

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Looks stunning. No downgrades as far as I can tell from these screenies!

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I would say that personally, for me, the game mechanics and player interactions with one another (dribbling, shoulder-to-shoulder, pitch) look way better than in FIFA. The game does look extremely fast however and I would hope that slowing it down would make a difference in the realism. Another concern of mine is the players "floating" on the pitch. They don't seem to stick into the turf and just kind of glide around, or clip through. I'd love to see more in-depth analysis o...

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Please UBI, don't screw the pooch on this one. Im hoping that the Division will be "That" game for me. Ive been waiting since 2013, and have been nothing but patient. As long as they deliver a quality game, with deep multiplayer, I will be happy. Anything more from UBI and I will completely be surprised.

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Interesting. I contacted Ghostly about the quantity, and was told only 3000 will be pressed. Pre-Order? Check!

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Kevin is spot on about this game. Broken, and miserable. Hey, at least I've got Killzone, Blacklight, and Warframe. BF4 needs to be killed with hot, hot fire.

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Pretentious?! Possibly. True?! ABSOLUTELY! Yeah, its Polygon, but this Opinion piece is one of the truest and non-console biased written articles i've ever read on Polygon. Some people like to play the game their way, even if its at the expense of other players, but that isn't necessarily what this entire article is about.

I'd hate for BF4 to get a pass, just because Polygon was involved.

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Agreed. The game is absolutely stellar. Team chat is coming, and so are squads so no big deal there. Online Co-Op is part of the season pass. It will not be "added" for free. As far as SP co-op I highly doubt that will happen.


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I had a nightmare I was playing an NBA game that was endlessly grind or $ to improve my player, then all of a sudden...I realized I just dozed off during those boring ass cut scenes, and I was in fact playing NBA2K14. But hey, if you can't pay to make your pro better, and can't religiously grind, then f*ck it, #MicroTransactionsFTW, SMH, Tisk Tisk 2K.


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@jackanderson1985... I understand what your saying, and as a bare bones, general statement, Yes, I believe if they desired, they could implement a patch for SYSTEM WIDE DRM. But I truly believe this instance is a penny pinch scenario from 2K. (I have no inside info on this, so its just a gut feeling, take it as you may) I came to my previous conclusion because of the fact there was no PSN update before this DRM was initiated for 2K and it was an update just to 2K individually. I can't sp...

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This has nothing to do with a console locking out the features of a game. This is a Third Party developer, deciding to do this on their own.Microsoft and Sony, IMO, had NOTHING to do with this. Generally speaking, YES, DRM is just a patch away, but if your talking PS4, then its going to have to be on a game to game basis. XB1 system wide DRM can come back at any moment with 1 patch. PS4 would take a system wide patch, and a game by game patch.

This has nothing to do with an &...

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Well said. This is exactly why 2K14 lasted less than 1 week in my PS4. I traded it in long ago, before any of this DRM was talked about. I absolutely positively HATE MT / VC in games that is intrusive and the only real way to play the game to its full potential. Its very disappointing that 2K took this approach to a fantastic franchise. Graphics can't make up for the fact My Player, and My GM are absolutely lackluster and made intensely boring with all the GRINDING you have to do in order...

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Flawless Victory.

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Lets say that this is true...then can you please explain why someone should drop $500 for what a console can hypothetically do in the future, instead of $400 on a console that can do it now? I understand that consoles "get better" over time, but don't you think its a little foolish to purchase something on the premise of "It can't do it now, but it could do it in the future" ? If this is the first time that anyone apply's that logic to an electronic purchase, ...

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Haha. Oh my...don't give Capcom and M$ any ideas.

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