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Not falling for this again. #36
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Kool. Maybe we'll get to see it sometime this decade. #16
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Nine years and only 60% complete? Are you serious? #13
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(grabs popcorn, waits for feminists) #10
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Faith. People are buying the PS4 with the expectation that there will be great games in the future. Why? Great IPs that haven't disappointed in the past, and great features. Personally I haven't found much on the PS4 from the launch until now (first day buyer, by the way) but I'm not regretting my decision. I was able to play inFamous, and I'm looking forward to Uncharted, Batman, and half a dozen other games before 2015 is over with. Sony has a great rep, and they'r... #79
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There are multiple types of gamers out there, and the industry caters to all. There are your shooters, RPGs, fighters, puzzle games. There are simple, free mobile games and complex MMOs that require hundreds of hours of gameplay. Just because there are a growing number of female gamers in ANY category doesn't mean the industry has to change.

"Are there more females playing portable games? Great. Let's make more games in that corner of the market that will... #34
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PS4 is getting a port of Ultra SF IV in 2015. This is basically a budget game, the latest re-release of the SFIV series. SFV is rumored to launch in early 2016. #6.1
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You have to be looking really hard to notice it. Oh, by the way, boobs bounce. It's what they do. #24
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Why is common sense constantly under attack? #14
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The victim chose not to press charges. That's why Rice isn't in legal trouble. #8
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Ummmmm.......Zelda IS a girl.

(It needed to be said) #2
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"....his gender is never made obvious (bar Twilight Princess perhaps) nor does it play a part in the plot...."

"...There’s no ‘masculine’ traits given to Link, nor is there any feminine traits. The character’s gender is never focused on, nor does it have any part in the games plot or overall experience."

These statements make me believe the author has very little experience with the Zelda series.

His voice aside, which oth... #6
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I'd say the Wii U needs a wider variety of games. I visit N4G nearly every day and I see very little that appeals to me. There's your usual Mario-this and other family-centric games, which is fine, but there's no Batman, no Uncharted, no inFamous, nothing that makes me say "Wow, I wish I had a Wii U." #22
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Am I the only one wondering how a character's sexuality affects the game in any way? This article is trash. #35
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This is great, but I'm a little worried. They teased a lot of characters but haven't released any of them for console. And if their current speed is indication of how long it will take to release the remaining characters, we're looking at another year. Will anyone still be playing Skullgirls then? #1
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I can't even pretend to be surprised. Nintendo has always shunned online in their games. I'm starting to wonder if they have a bunch of older guys running things over there.

They say the goal is to get people in the house to come together and game, which is great...but even the densest person can see that not everyone has people in their household, and those people might like to play multiplayer as well. Including online multiplayer would in no way hinder local pla... #19
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Excuse the noobish question, but how can PS5 be next-gen without hardware upgrades? #3
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This implies that there should be some sort of live-action Phoenix Wright project. There shouldn't. #3
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I don't want one, either. #3.1
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I would say I'm disappointed, but my expectations for eastern game developers is already at an all-time low, particularly when it comes to action games.

But seriously, when I saw Oneechanbara I already knew what to expect..... #3
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